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Protecting Schools the Israeli Way
Protecting Schools the Israeli WayThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of
To follow up on my explosively popular article, “Israel Figured Out How to Prevent School Shootings 40 years Ago” (thank you, readers), it’s time to get specific about protecting the schools in this country. While everyone else argues over the impossible, that is, impossible prevention of any kind of violence by rolling back Constitutional rights, we can look to the way Israel protects its schools, and its most treasured possession, its children.

Ben Goldstein, an American who made aliyah to Israel, and now serves as volunteer security, and is co-founder of AKRAV Global Security Solutions, described the Israeli method, and how easy it would be for America to follow Israel’s example.

Goldstein describes security as being a set of concentric circles, beginning in the classroom and extending outward, each circle providing a layer of security.

The widest circles belong to law enforcement and society, doing their best to track and forestall potential threats, and more effectively treat mental illness.  We’ve now learned of multiple catastrophic failures at every level of social and political prevention in the Parkland shooting.

Surprise, Surprise: March For Our Lives Once Again Shows Why The Left Can’t Be Trusted On Gun Control
There are areas where gun control activists and the pro-Second Amendment camp can meet. There are gun violence protective orders; keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and the mentally ill. But we’ll never get there. It’s all a trap. Even bills that strengthen the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) are a dangerous game because if you give the Left an inch, they’ll take a mile. They admitted it yesterday. Deleney Tarr, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, gave an impassioned speech about how they’re going to do exactly that concerning gun control legislation, which is why Republicans, conservatives, pro-Second Amendment supporters, an any American who supports the Bill of Rights and the Constitution needs to start packing more sandbags and make sure our base turns out in 2018. The Huffington Post had a transcript of her speech from yesterday’s March To Take Away Our Rights…I mean—March For Our Lives rally [emphasis mine]

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Atheist Richard Dawkins warns against celebrating demise of ‘relatively benign’ Christianity in Europe
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Everyone who is not willfully blind can see what is coming. That leaves out, of course, the Pope and the Catholic bishops. “Atheist Richard Dawkins Warns Against Celebrating Demise of ‘Relatively Benign’ Christianity in Europe,” by Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post, March 22, 2018: Atheist author and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has warned against celebrating […]
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American Thinker: @CNN Defames Geller to Embarrass John Bolton #libel #antiJew
CNN Defames Geller to Embarrass John Bolton
By Pamela Geller, American Thinker
Is there no limit to how low CNN will sink? CNN’s Don Lemon hosted a panel Thursday night featuring leftist turncoat Peter Beinart and “conservative” commentator Ben Ferguson, to discuss incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton’s supposed “anti-Muslim ties.” Beinart was on the warpath, attempting to smear Bolton by association with me, because he wrote the foreword to my 2010 book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, (written with Robert Spencer) and spoke at several of my rallies.

Beinart couldn’t tell the truth, which is that in The Post-American Presidency I accurately exposed Obama’s hatred for Israel, post-American internationalism, opposition to the freedom of speech, and much more — long before they became obvious to the world. So instead, Beinart, calling me “the most notorious anti-Muslim bigot,” lied repeatedly, claiming that in the book I said that Barack Obama was trying to impose Sharia law in the United States, and that Obama was a Muslim.

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