Friday, February 24, 2017

Robert Spencer: Champagne Time! It’s a “Bloodbath” at the State Department
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

At least one swamp appears to be being drained. My latest over at The Geller Report: “It’s a bloodbath at the State Department,” the New York Post hyperventilated last Friday: “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is cleaning house at the State Department, according to a report.” In Donald Trump’s America, so much has happened so […]
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Seattle Mayor Gives State of City Address at MOSQUE, Promises NEW TAX FOR HOMELESSNESS, will SUE TRUMP

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray delivered his State of the City address at Idris Mosque in North Seattle instead of at City Hall. In a statement when the speech was announced, Murray’s office said it was a sign he was “standing with Seattle’s Muslim community in their house of worship as we fight state sanctioned discrimination by the Trump Administration.”

Mayor Ed Murray spoke about leading the nation, as a “progressive modern Sanctuary City,” an example for others to follow.

Ostensibly this city policy speech was also an event for Murray’s 2017 reelection campaign. That a demagogue like Murray could actually win with this destructive platform speaks volumes about the intellectual bankruptcy of the Seattle voter.

True to form, the liberals have taken a once beautiful city and turn it into a sh*thole.

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Just a Thought...
Not So Sure About This Pick
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Trump's new National Security Advisor Lt. General McMasters in his speeches keeps referring to ISIS as ISIL...the name Obama and crew called and still call ISIS. However, ISIL means the 'Islamic State of the Levant' and in the Levant the Jewish State of Israel NO longer exists. The general needs to change his calling the enemy ISIL to who they really are as in ISIS...the islamic state...poste-haste for NOT doing so is a slap in our friend and ally Israel's face. 

Also, General McMasters keeps saying that ISIL has perverted the religion of islam forgetting that the qur'an commands all infidels be killed if they do NOT submit. In my opinion I think Ambassador John Bolton should have been Trump's National security Advisor and General McMasters, as a military man, should have been the head of the National Security team.
Today, Friday, February 24th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the dueling ideologies that is 'fake news,' Flynn's firing gets the snark treatment, and major events of the week.

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Fake News...Liberals Go-To Source for News
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Fake News...the bane of us all if for no other reason that in today's America the purveyors of ‘fake news’ have become public enemy #1. So who exactly are the guilty parties...none other than the alphabet media...CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN with even a smattering by certain FOX News token liberal contributors...along with what used to be respected newspapers now being but spreaders of stories made-up solely to increase their circulation what with advertising revenue being way down. And lest we forget the many internet sites trying to pass themselves off as legitimate news sources but who are actually the biggest and nastiest proponents of ‘so-called’ yellow journalism.

And it's the sum of the collective media who 'invents' the news and/or manipulates the news to fit their liberal puppet master’s in to fabricate as truth what is being fed to them by a shadow government that much to some folks disbelief really does exist...just ask President Trump’s now former National Security Advisor General Michael T. Flynn, the first casualty in the ‘fake news’ war of dueling ideologies.

Dueling ideologies...simply the left vs. the right in a battle pushed ever forward by the spreaders of left wing media bias...bias that now and forever will be rightfully known as ‘fake news.’

But know that ‘fake news’ itself is not a new has been around since the spoken word was first put down in the form of writing...facts twisted, facts changed, done to fit the transcriber’s personal point of view or take on an event. And when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439, ‘fake news’ came along with it for verification of anything put to print was almost impossible to do as news sources at that time consisted mostly of publications from political and/or religious authorities, both of which slanted the telling of events to suit their or the Church’s particular agenda at any given time. And while eyewitness accounts to news worthy events were reported on just like they are today, contradiction of occurrences were the norm with the giving of a piece of silver or gold.

And so ‘fake news’ has always been and always will be with us, yet nothing has contributed to the ‘life of its own’ scenario that ‘fake news’ has taken on, especially in our country, more than politics itself. Gaining momentum with the candidacy of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and reaching a crescendo with the election just past, ‘fake news’ stories were fabricated to appear as ‘real news’ solely to do harm to a particular candidate, then sent out over the internet via algorithms that created news feeds and compilations that were meant to reach the most people in the least amount of time, and to do so whether what was sent out was accurate, truthful, or not.

So with the election not going the way some hoped and thought it would, ‘fake news’ has multiplied ten-fold with misleading articles, leftist propaganda, and out-and-out lies trying to pass itself off as truth. So as if to placate the sensibilities of those who are in full anxiety meltdown mode over the fact that Donald Trump is president and not Hillary Clinton, ‘fake news’ has overtaken ‘real news’ as true journalism takes a back seat to simple logic...logic which dictates that the fearful will buy into anything they are told or ‘spoon fed’ if it soothes their jangled nerves while at the same time helps to polarize the left’s quest for revenge.

And revenge trumps all when emotions rule the day, and when one’s personal beliefs and wants overrides any semblance of what is true or not true. Now add that while 'fake news' is 'the' news right now, remember that 'fake news' is also the omission of news for if the truth is kept from us...if the truth is NOT told...we are left with nothing but lies, innuendos, and suppositions to wade through in order to get to even some modicum of truth.

And such is the case regarding one critical issue flooding the media as both ‘fake news’ and as documented ‘real news’ issue that should have all the pieces of the puzzle that is ‘fake news’ fitting into one cohesive but totally fabricated whole...with that issue being a two-fold in is the purported refugee crisis really the vanguard of an islamic invasion or is it an overreaction by those on the right to muslim ‘so-called’ refugees coming into our country.

Those on the left and their go-to ‘fake news’ media sources have them convinced that an invasion is the last thing on these people’s minds as they ignore or downplay the reality that is Europe today, while ‘real news’ that we on the right tune into or read gives tangible facts and documentation to back up what they are reporting...not all the time but more times than not.

And the answer to that two-fold question is that it is indeed an invasion when you think of it this way...armies invade and armies destroy when their goal is conquest. The Nazi's tried for world domination and conquest but failed when they could not even bring Europe to her knees, but an invasion by hundreds of thousands of young muslim men pretending to be refugees is doing what the Nazi’s could not. And they are doing so by taking away their host countries all-important national identities...the very stuff that makes each European country unique unto itself...and replacing it with an identity that is own. Assimilation was never their goal...submission, subjugation, domination, and conquest was. And for the most part, Germany has fallen to the invaders and so has Sweden with France not too far behind. Great Britain tries to fight back but they too are losing via stealth jihad to the likes of a radical muslim London mayor they themselves elected. 

But is this all-important truth being reported in full or being reported on at to those who write and deliver ‘fake news’ as fact these people...these predominately young muslim men...are being reported as coming into Europe as refugees seeking asylum and acceptance from the very countries that actually invited them in but countries who have now discovered the truth, yet to their horror find there is no way to turn them back.

And know that each country in Europe these young muslim men have invaded has their own nightmare story to tell...a story quite different from the ‘fake news’ stories the leftist media is trying to sell us as truth, for truth has facts and numbers to back it up, ‘fake news’ has nothing but flowery yet empty words and blame-game innuendos.
As an example of such let’s briefly touch upon the ever escalating crime of rape if only because liberal women here in our country...the biggest demographic ‘fake news’ plays to...seem to be totally ignorant of this ultimate act of denigration committed against European women. And it's liberal women who deem these sorts 'refugees' ignoring the fact that these sorts actually view women as property they are entitled to use at will. The rape of European woman...a subject ‘fake news’ outlets dare not speak the truth of, or if they do speak of it at all they downgrade both the very act itself and those who committed it. And they do so in their quest to keep American woman in the dark as to what will be their future...their future unless we say ‘no’ to muslim immigration into our country and phony refugees be damned. Immigration allowed that is nothing but Democrats ensuring that their party gets the muslim 'victim’ vote for years to come.

In Sweden for example...a country now in the forefront of ‘fake news’ thanks to one of President Trump's recent comments...that country has taken in 650,000 of what they call ‘asylum seekers’ during the past 15 years, including 163,000 in 2015 alone...’so-called’ asylum-seekers who for the most part are young muslim men. Sweden...a country who has seen their overall crime rate increase 11% from 2013 to 2014 with it continuing to increase to a staggering 1.5 million crimes (rape, assault, robbery, and murder) committed in 2016...and now a country having the dubious distinction of being known as the rape capital of Europe as rapes in Sweden have risen by 13% in this young year alone....all courtesy of the influx of the afore mentioned young muslim men.

In fact, Norway and Denmark are also showing a major increase in rapes committed by the new muslim residents in their respective countries. In Oslo, Norway alone 100% of violent street-rapes were committed by new to their country young muslim men. And in Denmark the majority of all rapes are committed by what they call ‘immigrant’ muslim men.

And the rapes and sexual assaults all too common within the many muslim refugee camps are now spilling out into the countryside of islamic-condoning Angela Merkel’s Germany...and you can read those alarming statistics and see numerous case histories by clicking this link: for only by seeing the numbers and history for yourself will you truly understand the disservice ‘fake news’ outlets are doing to our country and to we American women by their deliberately keeping this information from us. 

Also, ‘fake news’ either distorts the figures or outright refuses to report as fact that three million refugees have already been resettled here in the U.S. since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980...three million refugees that prove that today's America is not America now being anti-immigration is the other calling card that ‘fake news’ loves to write stories about. And part of the ‘fake news’ agenda is to ignore the fact that in fiscal year 2016, 39,000 muslim ‘so-called’ refugees entered the U.S., with this being the highest number on well as their completely ignoring the fact that in 2015, 46,630,000 people living in our country were born in foreign countries. 
America being do not think so.

And keeping these facts from us they must what with President Trump's still unannounced, as I write this, new temporary travel ban being placed not only on those from seven terrorist supporting countries...the same seven terrorist supporting countries still invading Europe with an army of young muslim men who view the rape of Europe's women as their just due spoils of war...but also reportedly now to be placed upon numerous countries worldwide as well.

So with the left now using ‘fake news’...either through what is omission of the truth or through their dissemination of pure fabricated nonsense...and using it as their weapon of choice against the very president who is trying to stop this invasion from reaching our shores...the very president who is trying to stop Europe’s destiny from becoming our kind of makes one wonder who really signs the ‘fake news’ media's  Arab...or islamic jihadists who their reporting seems to favor over red, white, and blue American citizens...citizens either by birth or by naturalization...’fake news’ seems to hate both equally.

And it’s all so very very sad.


Today, Friday, February 24th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the dueling ideologies that is 'fake news,' Flynn's firing gets the snark treatment, and major events of the week.

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