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Biden's America...Where Infants Now Go Hungry 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

We are not expecting a food shortage here at home."   - Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki's words right before the shortage of infant formula was officially announced

Food shortages, gas prices going through the roof, on top of inflation at an all time high, all courtesy of the Biden administration's failed economic policies that are now affecting each and every one of us. And while skyrocketing gas prices and corresponding short supplies echo back to the gas lines of the 1970s, it's food shortages which are most critical for we all need to eat. So as supermarket and big box store shelves become empty more times than not, it's the shortages of much needed infant formula that dominates the news as desperate parents are being forced to drive hours in search of said formula, often times returning home empty handed.

A true domestic crisis that is hurting America's most vulnerable, as infant formula once easily found at one's local grocery store now sees what few cans are left sometimes selling for 40% higher than usual...making them cost prohibited for many lower income parents. Both upset and frustrated at the same time, these parents rightfully see this scarcity of what is a true necessity as putting the health and the life of their infants in jeopardy. And while this administration continues spewing the rhetoric that said shortages are due to a recall at a major infant formula company, the real reason for these shortages should have each and every American furious whether one needs to buy infant formula or not. Why so...because once again the media is covering for Biden and crew while giving “We the People” the proverbial finger so as to protect and let thrive the now incoming illegal, next generation, Democrat voting block.

And while a number of politicians on both sides of the political aisle say they are angry because infant formula is being shipped to Ukraine instead of to stores here in our in its part of the humanitarian aide we send to Ukraine to help now displaced families with young children...the fact is that what formula we send to Ukraine pales in comparison to where our infant formula supplies are really going.

So where is this infant formula really going but to our southern border to help feed the illegal offspring either brought here or “birthed” here by their illegal parents. 

Want proof? About two weeks ago Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) posted images on her Facebook and Twitter pages...images sent to her by a 30-year border patrol agent...images of “pallets” of infant formula that had just recently arrived at the Ursula Migrant Processing Center in McAllen, Texas. And accompanying the photos were Cammack's words,“The first photo is from this morning at the Ursula Processing Center at the U.S. border. Shelves and pallets packed with baby formula,” while “the second is from a shelf right here at home. Formula is scarce. This is what America last looks like.” And to make matters worse the pallets...which equates to hundreds if not thousand of cans of infant formula...were clearly marked with a “DO NOT TAKE” sign. And Rep. Cammack was also told by the same agent that not only had other tractors full of pallets arrived before these, but that at least three more pallets were scheduled to arrive shortly. 

Nothing like allowing America's infants to go hungry as long as illegal baby bellies are full...what a sad commentary on life in America today. 

But in what is Biden's and the Democrats twisted way of thinking I guess they just might consider the plight of America's hungry infants being payback of sorts for the hopefully soon to be repealed Roe v. Wade decision. Translation: what liberals can't kill by abortion they'll kill by starving our infants and call it “after birth abortion.” Sick I know, but what other justification can there really be for infant formula to be missing from America's store shelves while readily showing up at southern border detention centers.

And while Jen Psaki spewed on national television that shipping said infant formula to the border was “morally the right thing to do...we certainly support the implementation of it,” here are Biden's excuses as to why said shortage is happening now.

First, Biden continues to blame the current nationwide shortage and product rationing of both name brand and specialized infant formulas on a late February recall by Abbott Nutrition Laboratories main plant in Sturgis, Michigan. And why the recall...because a number of complaints were levied against Abbott...our nation's largest baby formula regards to six infants who had been fed their powdered “Similac” formula (which parents must carefully mix with water at home), and came down with serious Cronobacter sakazakii infections, resulting in two deaths and four illnesses. And even though Abbott stated after an FDA investigation that “no evidence was found to link our formulas to these infant illnesses”...meaning the contamination could actually have happened at the infants homes while the formula was being prepared and not at the Abbott plant...Abbott still had to initiate a recall and shut down its plant, as per a government request, both to err on the side of caution and to meet new government regulations...whatever those regulations might be.

But here's some news for Joe Biden...there are four corporations* that manufacture and/or distribute the majority, but not all of the infant formula used in our country, meaning there's more than just Abbott making and selling highly specialized infant formula. In fact, Mead Johnson is the maker “Enfamil” which is second only to Abbott's “Similac” in sales, so Biden's blaming Abbott for formula unavailability is an excuse that simply does not fly. And here please note that infant formula from China should never be used as it's not only illegal to sell it here in the U.S., but that it does not even come close to meeting U.S. infant nutritional and safety standards.

And Biden should also know that the specific issue regarding powdered “Similac” and its unfortunate resulting ramifications are so limited in scope, numbers wise, compared to the millions of said formula safely being consumed daily that there was no reason... except even suggest that this plant be shut down as it continues to interrupt the formula resupply chain for many more months to come.

So why this delay...because Abbott first needed FDA approval to restart operations...which as of last Monday seems to have been gotten after Abbott agreed to fix safety issues at its Sturgis plant. However, it will still take at least six to eight or possibly more weeks to get up to normal production speed so that infant formula is again readily available in stores.

That's a long time for America's infants to go hungry all while pallets of infant formula still arrive at the southern border almost daily. So what is Abbott, a private company, doing to help the situation while they await the restart of their Michigan operation? To help ease the nightmare that the Biden administration alone has created, Abbott has not only begun "air shipping millions of cans of infant formula powder into the U.S." from its U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered plant in Cootehill, Ireland, but it has also “prioritized infant formula production at our Columbus,Ohio facility, converting other liquid manufacturing lines into manufacturing Similac liquid ready-to-feed."

At least something positive is being done by Abbott to get their powdered Similac infant formula back onto empty store shelves. But this should never have been needed to be done in the first place, most especially if America's infants had been given priority over those infants coming into our country illegally. 
So while the FDA did approve the sale of foreign made infant formula here in the U.S. while also permitting formula that was manufactured here but was intended for export only (as quality might or might not be up to our stringent standards) to instead be sold domestically, Biden finally caved to pressure from both parents and lawmakers alike, when last Wednesday he finally invoked the Defense Production Act almost three months after what has become a nationwide infant formula crisis. Announcing what he called Operation Fly Formula,” a program that would direct the Department of Defense to use its contracts with commercial air cargo lines to pick up and deliver overseas formula that do meet U.S. health standards, the problem is that Biden did not announce exactly which and only which countries the formula would be gotten from. Questionable to say the least especially since foreign manufacturers will first have to apply with the FDA to be able to ship said formula to the U.S. and then wait until the agency conducts a review to assure both formula quality and safety, and who knows just how long that will take.
And while the first shipment of formula from Europe, bound for Indianapolis Indiana, left Ramstein Air Base in Germany at 5am Sunday, May 22nd, on a C-17 cargo plane instead of on a commercial cargo plane, Biden still has not given us even a vague idea as to when this crisis might end. Not good, especially when formula manufacturers here in the U.S. predict that shortages will possibly continue through the end of this year. And while the House Appropriations Committee did introduce an emergency measure that would provide $28 million to the FDA to deal with both this current crisis and prevent any future ones, nothing Biden and his administration have done, to date, will get our store shelves stocked any faster.
Now as for the administration's second excuse for the formula shortages, Biden claims that by their sending supplies of infant formula to the border means they're following the letter of the law. How so? Back in 1985 two illegal supporting advocacy groups filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of “immigrant children” “illegals” here...being detained by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) by challenging already in place procedures regarding the detention, treatment, and release of minor children. And while years of litigation failed to settle this issue, including an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, an agreement acceptable to all parties involved was reached in 1997. 

The “Flores Settlement Agreement, amongst other things, set limits on both the length of time and the conditions under which minor children can be “incarcerated” in immigration detention centers. And while President Trump proposed regulations seeking to terminate said agreement...which included but was not limited to how border facilities must meet the basic needs of “detained” illegal minors including providing “age-appropriate” food and drink...Trump did so because our border was being overrun by the sheer number of those coming here illegally, with most, as expected, with their hands out for the Democrats promised “free stuff”...”free stuff” given at we the taxpayers expense. And now with serious shortages of infant formula across the U.S., what Trump wanted to do back then becomes even more imperative to do now.

Simply, America's children must always come ifs, ands, or buts. And with the number of currently detained minor children of infant age being in but the thousands, why then are we sending pallet after pallet of infant formula to the border...which infants normally do not need after turning one year old...when those very pallets are desperately needed here to help feed America's millions of infants? Why...because bleeding heart liberals care more about illegals than they do America's own while Democrat leaders look at said infant children as future Democrat votes. And that leads me to wonder what would happen if American moms and/or dads decided to secretly cross into Mexico and then come back posing as illegals, would they then be able to get some of the formula readily available at the border? A possible option said “tongue-in-cheek,” but who knows for in Biden's America stranger things have indeed happened. Case closed.


* Abbott Nutrition Laboratories; Mead Johnson Nutrition; Gerber, and Perrigo Nutritionals

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