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The Key that Fits the Lock
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

The key to locking Hillary away lies buried in plain sight in both her personal and Clinton Foundation bank records.

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Liberalism v. Conservatism...and the Ever-Increasing Gray Area in Between
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Lately on facebook there seems to be a pushing of a doctrine of sorts but not from by what I call the 'facebook gods' or from the left but from those 'supposedly' on the right...from those 'supposedly' on the conservative side yet those who cannot accept a difference of opinion even from those they claim they are aligned with. In subjects ranging the gamut from future presidential preferences to constitutional interpretation to things of an everyday political nature, with that of course including what they deem should be our county's religious nature...these folks are dividing conservatives even more so than the liberals do.

And these uber far-right sorts are not just of the libertarian kind pretending to be either Conservatives or Republicans nor are they solely of the 'holier than thou' sort...what I call the 'God police'...but are those who simply make things up or who make it their divine mission to read words into statements said that are simply not there thus twisting another's beliefs in such a way as to either fit into what they deem is the right belief or else to publicly chastise the poster for not believing as they do.

Calling themselves conservatives, these folks are anything but, for while they love to wear the clothes of conservatism, they truly do push forward a liberal progressive agenda of sorts...progressivism as in it is their way of viewing conservatism with no other way either tolerated yet alone allowed. To them it is not just Republican v. Democrat but them v. all who disagree with their way of thinking as they willingly choose to forget that not all Republicans are hard core conservatives per se, just as not all Democrats are far-left liberal loons.

Now choosing to ignore the growing in numbers more moderate branch of conservatives... as in those who remain far-right on the critical and all-important issues of the economy, health care, immigration, national defense, our military, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution as the rule of law above above all else...this growing number includes people like me who are indeed more moderate on the 'so-called' social issues for we know and understand that the social issues...that all the social issues...belong solely to the states.

Holding nationalism hyphenated Americans for us nor nationalism based upon race...those in the 'gray area' of moderate conservatism do not fall in lock-step with the rhetoric of the far-right for we value our freedom of speech and engaging in debate for we know well that these and other rights and other liberties afforded us are guaranteed to us by the Constitution itself...and may not be infringed upon except by due process of the law. In other words, nothing the far-right says will stop us from voicing our opinions. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of religion for we in the moderate-right understand well our Founders and Framers intent and implementation of 'separation of church and state' while at the same time we keep God in our hearts while we consciously choose not to wear Him on our in-public sleeves...something that remains a hallmark of the uber far-right.

Remember, nationalism's tenets must always continue to encompass what is known as a 'free and just society' and a 'free and just nation'...with both setting their individual futures and their individual destinies without the burdens of both foreign interference or of a single religion's dogma dictating how we as Americans must live our lives. And while we moderate conservatives accept and honor the truth that our nation's foundations might well lie within the Holy Bible of the Christians and the Jews, we also know that no one religion alone must ever become our nation's religion for if so we then we become a theocracy...the very thing out Founders and Framers never wanted or intended this nation...this be.

And even when religion is not part of any given dialogue...remember the liberals would like to see God permanently removed from the public discourse...the fact remains that far-right conservatives and far-left liberals approach both God and almost every other issue facing us with a completely different set of ideologies, values, methods, and goals, while more moderate conservatives and their counterpart moderate liberals...liberals of the 'blue dog' kind who value fiscal conservative polices over Democratic party partisanship and politics...can see and engage in shared commonalities once party labels are cast aside.

And those party labels encompass the difference between how the liberal Democrats and the conservative Republicans view both the past in relation to the present and in how each should or should not be preserved for future generations. And while those of us who embrace conservative values...whether we be of the far-right conservative sort or of the moderate kind...we together know that liberals...that Democrats...are for the most part believers in the concept that 'anything goes' which goes hand-in-hand with their looking forward to and embracing change via a well-funded united front that helps them increase their voting base even if it means that they have to buy party loyalty via 'free stuff.'

Yet we conservatives...we Republicans...we moderates...on the other hand honor and relish the past, yet for some reason we as a whole fear change whether it be on a personal or on a national level. And while we rightly accept the concept of personal responsibility for one's different from the liberals who relish in social responsibility...the 'it takes a village' philosophy that society as a whole has some innate responsibility to care for the individual...a philosophy that simply has proven time and time again not to work...we understand that the kind of responsibility liberals want is one that shows immediate yet short-lived results instead of taking the time needed to accomplish true lasting and beneficial results.

And here is where we more moderate conservatives...or more moderate Republicans if you will...come into play for while we strongly adhere to the core values of staunch in God, country, guns, and family...we also see the inevitable need for positive change...change which would allow us to move on from the antiquated ideas and concepts that the far-right conservatives continue to try to force down our throats. We moderates do not fear change as the far-right so often does as long as said change is productive, beneficial, and above all else follows the Constitution while at the same time limits, if not outright decreases, government interference in our personal lives, for as per Henry David Thoreau's dictum states, "That government is best which governs least."
And while our far-right conservative brothers and sisters love to call we moderates RINOs, nothing could be further from the truth for the RINOs are complicit with the Democrats in helping to make situations go from bad to worse, while true moderate Republicans...true moderate conservatives...speak more for what the majority of what 'We the People' want than do those of the far-right or RINO kind. And while RINOs pander to Democrats in the name of bi-partisanship, all said pandering does is help push forward the left's liberal agenda while moderate Republicans...moderate conservatives...will never sellout on God, country, guns, or family even as we accept as fact that social change is inevitable... inevitable as long as it is Constitutionally sound that is. In other words, RINOs will sellout the Constitution if need be while true me...will not.

And dare we forget that both the RINOs and Democrats embrace the doctrine of a New World Order while we who are social moderates...for what constitutes societal norms is at the crux of moderate conservatism...will not now or ever go to the side of those who both believe in and who desire a one world government totally devoid of all individuality, religion, and nationalism. Our far-right brethren have nothing to fear from us but if they would be willing to open their eyes while shutting their mouths they might learn a lesson or two for the answer to solving problems never lies in the extremes but always lies in the middle where commonalities of wants requires solutions gleamed from intelligent well thought out ideas...ideas instead of from emotions run amok which seems to be the guiding force of both the far-right and the far-left.

So while it has become apparent to me that my battle against both the far-right and the far-left will sadly continue on...and know that I never run from a fight...I will stand by both my Republican and moderate conservative values, principals, and ideals for the Constitution is and will forever remain the law which I choose to live by. And if you do not like my words 'defriend' me as facebook says for those who are unwilling to see beyond their far-right political indoctrination...for indoctrination is truly what it is...or who are unwilling to even entertain an idea not of their own...are not worth my energy or time for it is constructive debate that closes ideological gaps...close mindedness only turns gaps into insurmountable chasms that will never be crossed.

And by the way, President Donald Trump is in that gray area...a true moderate conservative like I know I am in pretty good company...just saying.

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Today, Friday October 27th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss the gray area of moderate conservatism; Craig issues a blizzard warning; and important news of the day.

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