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BREAKING NEWS! Two objects bearing colors of missing Malaysia Airlines flight found floating in the sea by Chinese military plane

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A Chinese military plane scanning part of a search zone for signs of debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 spotted several objects floating in the sea on Saturday, including two bearing colors of the missing jet. The three objects spotted by the Chinese plane were white, red and orange in color. The missing Boeing 777′s exterior was red, white, blue and gray.

Excuse me? Anyone see any orange on this plane?



WASHINGTON - The news media was ecstatic when the government said in January that the economy grew by 3.2 percent in the last three months of 2013. It was convincing proof, they said on the nightly news, that the economy had finally recovered from its chronic lethargy.

But according to a revised estimate released Thursday by the U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis, that 3.2 percent figure was a wild exaggeration.

The U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), the broadest measure of our country's entire economic output, grew no more than 2.6 percent in the fourth quarter -- a pitifully low growth rate for the largest economy in the world.

"Averaged across the four quarters of last year, real GDP added 1.9 percent in 2013 from 2012," said Forbes web site reported.

You didn't hear about this on the nightly network news on Thursday? I'm not surprised. More often than not, the network news tends to ignore poor economic data, while exaggerating the significance of occasional numbers that they say proves the Obama economy is turning around.

But 1.9 percent growth for all of last year is dreadful by any comparison, and economists aren't expecting anything much better than somewhere around 2 percent in the first quarter and maybe beyond.

By any relevant comparison, this is another sign that the U.S. economy continues to stumble along at a weak, sub-par pace in the sixth year of Barack Obama's economically unfulfilled presidency.

It's "hardly the 4 to 5 percent [growth rate] needed to provide enough jobs and restore housing prices to pre-recession levels," says Peter Morici, an economist at the University of Maryland's School of Business.

That's the kind of robust economic growth rate we need to produce 350,000 jobs a month to boost employment to pre-recession levels.

Instead, the economy is producing up to, and often far less than, 200,000 jobs a month -- nowhere near what is needed to put Americans back to work.

Obama's underperforming economy created a little over 100,000 jobs in January, and a disappointing 175,000 in February, with little expectations of significantly larger job numbers in the months to come. Indeed, the jobless rate inched up last month to 6.7 percent because of the weak jobs numbers and a growing number of discouraged long term job seekers who have quit looking for work.

If all of these uncounted discouraged workers began looking for a job again, the real unemployment rate would be 9.6 percent, Morici says.

With the fourth quarter economic growth rate running in the anemic 2 percent range, economists aren't expecting GDP to improve much in the first half of this year, either.

"We've had a significant fall off," global economist Euler Hermes told Forbes.

A chief reason economic growth has slowed, he says, can be found in a separate Bureau of Economic Analysis report which shows that personal income "hasn't grown in several months, making it unlikely consumer demand will pick up in the months ahead."

While some economists are forecasting GDP growth may reach 3 percent later this year, even that would be sub-par for our economy. "The U.S. is not on the verge of a boom. GDP growth of 3 percent would be the fastest rate since 2005, [but] it is still well below the average of 4 percent in the 1990s," Hermes said.

That was in President Clinton's second term after he had cut the capital gains tax rate, triggering a wave of new venture capital investment that led to stronger economic growth and a job boom, especially in the high tech sector.

Under Obama, on the other hand, the capital gains tax has risen for high income investors, reducing risk taking and shrinking job growth. That's why investors have grown more pessimistic about the direction of our economy and why the stock market has been in decline.

"As it stands right now, the first quarter 2014 growth rate is likely to be slower than" the fourth quarter in 2013, says Steve Blitz, the chief economist at ITG Investment Research.

Why was 2013 such a lackluster year for the economy? Business economist Peter Morici, in an analysis last week, spelled out what happened during the course of the year. And in a nutshell, he says, government tax increases were largely to blame.

"Throughout 2013, higher taxes on all income classes -- President Obama's levies on the wealthy, higher local taxes on the middle class, and reinstatement of Social Security taxes on lower income workers -- depressed consumer spending."

The remaining three years in Obama's economy are unlikely to get much better, if the latest economic figures and studies are any forecast of the future.

In a Washington Post article headlined "Future bleak for long-term jobless," a study presented last week to the liberal Brookings Institution told why millions of jobless Americans can't expect to find work anytime soon.

Former White House economic adviser Alan Krueger, the author of the study, calls "people who have been out of a job for six months or more an 'unlucky subset of the unemployed' who exist on the margins of the economy -- with faint hope of returning to productivity," the Post said.

Interest rates are headed up, driven higher by the Fed's grossly mistaken belief that the economy is improving, and thus it can take its foot off its stimulus pedal. That will likely wreak havoc with the housing industry, shrinking home sales and the availability of construction jobs.

The average rate for the 30-year mortgage rose to 4.40 percent recently, according to government mortgage buyer Freddie Mac. And it's likely to go higher.

The number of Americans who signed contracts to buy existing homes fell for the eighth month in February. That's the lowest level since 2012, says the National Association of Realtors.

This economy stinks. And even though it's not getting reported on the evening news, the American know that our country has been moving in the wrong direction ever since 2009.
Racism used to mean hating someone because of his race.

No more.

Today, 99 times out of 100 in politics, the word “racist” is used purely for political reasons without any regard to whether something bigoted was actually said.

That doesn't mean that racism doesn't exist. It CERTAINLY DOES and sometimes it's right out in the open, like the Left's "Black Americans are way too stupid and incompetent to get voter ID like all the other races" canard. But, if we were to define "racism" as offensive statements about someone of another race that wouldn't be automatically excused if Joe Biden, Harry Reid, or Bill Clinton said them, then there's so little "racism" in politics that it's barely worth mentioning.

Yet, the accusations of "racism" never seem to stop. Why? Because when liberals cry "racism," they don't really mean racism. They mean....

1) You disagree with me: "The Republican Party is racist." "Sarah Palin is racist." There's a famous Tea Party sign that reads, "It doesn't matter what this sign says. You'll call it racism anyway!" Why are these people and groups racist? They JUST ARE. "Everybody" knows it. In other words, liberals believe they can't be racist by virtue of being liberal; so people or groups that oppose them must be "racist" by default. It's about as intellectual as a five year old calling someone a "poopy head," but it's how they think.

2) I need more attention and/or money: There are an awful lot of people in the Democrat Party who make a living calling people "racist." Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Toure, Joy Reid, Eric Dyson, the NAACP, Tavis Smiley, Cornell West and Ben Jealous rely on finding new and intriguing ways to accuse people of bigotry to fill their pockets and get in front of cameras. If they couldn't find enough things to call "racist," they'd be nobodies and worse yet, some of them might have to get real jobs instead of pretending to be offended for a living.

3) Let’s take a choice away from black Americans: No group in Congress does less to make the lives of its constituents better than the Congressional Black Caucus. Furthermore, no ethnic group in America has been more loyal to a political party with less to show for it than black Americans. So how can it be that the Democrat Party has been an absolute disaster for black Americans, yet it can count on 90% of the black vote every election? Simple; liberals have falsely convinced black Americans that Republicans hate them. That means no matter how bad it gets, Republicans can't even be considered as an option. This is how Democrats have managed to utterly destroy cities like Detroit without the populace even considering the Republican Party as an option.

4) You are disagreeing with a minority: The last thing any liberal wants is to argue an issue on its merits. Is it logical? Does it work? Is the benefit worth the cost? These things have NOTHING to do with why liberals support a position. So, one of the many ways they try to get people off track is to accuse any white person arguing with a minority of being racist. This is a neat trick, given that roughly 70% of Hispanic Americans and 90% of black Americans vote Democrat. Maybe Republicans should adopt this one and start accusing liberals who disagree with Allen West, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz of being racists.

5) Your attack is damaging us: When Republicans hit Democrats with any kind of damaging attack, it is inevitably called "racist." For example, this is how former MSNBC host Martin Bashir could say something as crazy as, "Republicans are using [the IRS scandal] as their latest weapon in the war against the black man in the White House. ‘IRS’ is the new ‘N****r.’” It's an attempt to shut Republicans up.

6) You won't do what I want!: When you reward and encourage people who claim to be offended by trivia instead of laughing at them for being such pansies, it only encourages them to lash out more at people who hurt their precious feelings. Liberals who get their feelings hurt tend to respond by classifying the people who've egregiously offended them – by say, wearing a Redskins jersey, supporting lower taxes, or not voting for Obama -- as horrible human beings. Maybe they're part of the "patriarchy," "sexists," "homophobes" or "racists." In all fairness, if Hillary Clinton were running for President, liberals would be screaming about sexism all the time. However, since Obama is ruining the country at the moment, calling someone a "racist" is their preferred way of whining that people won't do what they want.

7) Stop trying to do outreach to black Americans: Democrats believe they own black Americans. That’s why they hate black Americans who don't buy into that or white Republicans who want to do outreach. So, if a black Republican challenges the idea that black Americans are all helpless victims of racism who need crumbs from Democrats to survive, he'll be racially insulted. If a white Republican like Paul Ryan starts doing some outreach that could conceivably appeal to black Americans, he will immediately be attacked as a racist. The Democrats are absolutely committed to keeping black Americans under their thumbs and anyone who challenges that will be treated as a threat.

Obama to Saudis: We will not accept a bad Iran deal

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Obama-US-Saudi-Arabia_Horo-1-e1396027024834-635x357While they chant “Death to America!” in Tehran, the mullahs must laugh at Obama’s audacity in trying to get howlers like this past Abdullah, who wasn’t born yesterday. As Iran’s President Rouhani put it: “In Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will.” And the whole world knows it.

“Obama to Saudis: We will not accept a bad Iran deal,” from the Times of Israel, March 28 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
US President Barack Obama reportedly reassured his wary ally King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Friday that the US would not accept a bad nuclear deal with Iran.
During a visit to the king’s desert oasis, the two leaders discussed “tactical differences” in their respective approach to certain issues, but agreed that their countries remained strategically aligned, Reuters quoted a senior US official as saying.
Obama’s Marine One helicopter kicked up clouds of sand in his arrival at the king’s desert camp outside the capital of Riyadh for a meeting and dinner with Abdullah. The president walked through a row of military guards to an ornate room featuring a massive crystal chandelier and took a seat next to the 89-year-old king, who was breathing with the help of an oxygen tank. 
Secretary of State John Kerry sat at Obama’s side for the visit that is the president’s third official meeting with the king in six years.
Despite its decades-long alliance with the United States, Saudi’s royal family has become increasingly anxious in recent years over Obama’s nuclear talks with Iran and his tepid involvement in the Syrian civil war. During his evening meetings with the king, Obama’s task was to reassure Saudi Arabia that the US is not abandoning Arab interests despite troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, greater energy independence back home and nuclear talks with predominantly Persian Iran.
White House officials and Mideast experts say the Saudi royal family’s main concern is Iran. They fear Iran’s nuclear program, object to Iran’s backing of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria and see the government of Tehran as having designs on oil fields in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters aboard Air Force One on the flight to Saudi Arabia that the issues at the heart of Obama’s meetings with Abdullah include Gulf security, Middle East peace, Syria, Iran and Egypt.
On Syria, Rhodes said Obama did not plan to make any specific announcements about additional assistance to opposition forces. He said the US and Saudi Arabia have been working together closely to coordinate their assistance to the rebels.
Rhodes said that coordination has helped put the US relationship with Saudi Arabia “in a stronger place today than it was in the fall when we had some tactical differences about our Syria policy.”
“We are in a better place today than we were seven months ago,” Rhodes said.
Obama angered Saudi officials by scrapping plans to launch a military strike against Syria, choosing instead to back a plan to strip Syrian President Bashar Assad of his chemical weapons.
Rhodes said Obama would update the king on the nuclear talks with Iran. He said Obama would also make the point that those negotiations do not mean US concerns about other Iranian activities have lessened, including its support for Assad and Hezbollah, as well as its destabilizing activity in Yemen and the Gulf.
“Those concerns remain constant and we’re not in any way negotiating those issues in the nuclear talks,” he said.
Rhodes said human rights, including women’s rights, would be on the agenda for Obama’s meetings. But he said the US has a broad range of security interests with Saudi Arabia that would be most prominent on the agenda.
“We’ve raised concerns around human rights issues, issues related to women’s rights,” Rhodes said, adding that the U.S. has to maintain “the ability to cooperate” with the Saudis on other issues.
The Saudi anxieties have been building over time, according to Simon Henderson, a fellow at The Washington Institute, a think tank focused on Middle East policy.
“Ever since Washington withdrew support for President (Hosni) Mubarak of Egypt in 2011, Abdullah and other Gulf leaders have worried about the reliability of Washington’s posture toward even longstanding allies,” Henderson wrote this week. “President Obama’s U-turn on military action against Syria over its use of chemical weapons last summer only added to the concern, which has likely morphed into exasperation after recent events in Crimea, where the Saudis judge that President Obama was outmaneuvered by Vladimir Putin.”
America lost amongst a dream NOT remembered
By: Diane Sori 

"Diplomacy over action could cost America dearly."  
- Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post reporter and FOX News commentator

Our fearless leader in action...Muslim Brotherhood supporting and probably card carrying member Barack HUSSEIN Obama has now threatened “serious consequences” if Egypt dares...dares mind carry out the death penalty verdict handed down to 529 convicted Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and thugs. And John 'Swiftboat' Kerry has now stuck his nose in and added that he has also ordered Egyptian officials to cancel the death penalty verdict for those 529 Muslim Brotherhood members...or else.

Or else what...useless sanctions will be slapped on them...General Sisi must be laughing his head off as much as Vladimir Putin is laughing his.

Obama and Kerry oh so conveniently forget...or better yet choose to ignore...that Egypt is an independent and sovereign country ruled by the Egyptian constitution and by the power of an 'independent judiciary authority of law' and are NOT ruled by Obama. Therefore, they do NOT have to abide by Obama's or Kerry's wants or demands regarding their internal affairs, especially after Obama actually had the nerve to condemned Egypt for even bringing terrorists, thugs, and criminals to justice.

But hey...the man who professes to be a Christian could NOT care less about his supposed 'fellow' Christians being slaughtered in Egypt while he works to protect his Muslim Brotherhood brethren at all costs...good little muslim that he really is...after all he welcomed them into our government fold with open arms. And he knows allah might start rumbling if he didn't protect and stand behind the brethren every time they are brought to justice anywhere in the world.

So as Egypt is now joining other nations in laughing at Obama's diplomatic failures, Vladimir Putin continues to move his chess pieces into position to checkmate Obama on all fronts. And with Putin making NO secret that next in his scope will be Kharkiv, Donetsk, and the rest of southeastern Ukraine, Obama still continues on with his diplomatic kumbaya nonsense as Putin works to rebuild an empire.

And in the process of empire building Putin is NOT only making a mockery of the U.S., but he has actually negated America’s superpower status to almost nil. Making our great country a bit player on the world's stage, Putin has caused our allies in Japan and South Korea to wonder what will happen to them as both Russia and China flex their muscle. And those in the Middle East...especially in Israel... see our country under Obama's watch as playing games with selling them out in regards to Iran moving forward with their nuclear ambitions. 

And as Obama continues to draw 'red lines' in the sand in regards to our enemies, once crossed his retort is NOT military it should be...but economic sanctions that just mean our enemies will pull out their credit cards and charge whatever they need as those in Europe will allow this out of fear of going up against the suppliers of their much needed gas and oil.

Oh what a NOT so happy web Barack HUSSEIN Obama has weaved.

And with Vladimir Putin now amassing over 80,000 troops along Ukraine's southeastern border what does Obama do...he again bloviates in his best 'leading from behind' nails on a blackboard voice that Russia needs “to move back those troops and to begin negotiations directly with the Ukrainian government, as well as the international community.”

Even I'm laughing at that one for Obama has to realize that his being a Community Organizer is NO match for Putin's 'Russian Bear' persona. Even Obama has to realize that as Putin rebuilds an empire he is doing so while he...Barack HUSSEIN Obama...dismantles our great nation one Constitutional amendment at a time.

And Vladimir Putin knows Obama is weak...General Sisi of Egypt knows Obama is weak...Hassan Rouhani of Iran knows Obama is weak...Benjamin Netanyahu knows Obama is weak...and most importantly 'We the People' know Obama is weak and yet we allow him to remain in power as he destroys our he destroys our he destroys our health care he placates our enemies...all equating to one traitorous action after another being the hallmarks of his presidency and the harbinger of America's demise.

Dealing from a position of appeasement, weakness, and total dysfunction regarding foreign policy and NOT from a much needed position of strength...of military strength...when you think about... really think it makes you realize that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has actually already surrendered the Middle East to Iran, and now by his lack of actual action has surrendered Ukraine to Russia in addition to dictating to the sovereign nation of Egypt how they are to punish his terrorist and thug buddies. And within that realm of the new reality of Obama's social engineering, the man who would be King has been made into a court jester by the bully Putin, by the crazed Iranian regime as he does a diplomatic dance with Tehran, and by a general out to restore order, sanity, and freedom to his country...a country set ablaze by the very man who thinks his words and wants trump all.

And all this, as Charles Krauthammer said, "...could cost America dearly" for while nation building is NOT our prime objective, nation saving must always be for if we lose 'face' within the world community our enemies will have easy pickings of those wanting freedom...of those whose very freedom is now but a dream NOT remembered.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama in five short years has built it, owns it, and now must pay dearly for it with our beloved America the very thing that has been lost in the process...and that my friends is the saddest thing of all.