Monday, September 12, 2022

Calling For Unity While Spreading Hate
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

"His speech was a very cynical attempt to fill our heads with stupid." - Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R)

As I write this article it's a week after Joe Biden uttered the most divisive, hateful, and anti-American words since Barack HUSSEIN Obama, back in March 2012,.deliberately and with malice intended reignited the flames of racial hated with his infamous words, “If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin.”

Playing to both the uninformed and misinformed masses...those who blindly vote the Democrat party line as it requires no conscientious effort to do so, hence Sen. Kennedy's “stupid” reference...Biden stated, in what was a true campaign style speech, that millions of we Americans were trying to destroy both “equality and our democracy.” Ignoring the fact that we are not a democracy but a “Constitutional Republic,” what Biden did was take Hillary Clinton's “basket of deplorables” and lump together 74 million of we Trump/“America First” voters...voters he derogatorily referred to as “MAGA Forces and MAGA Republicans who embrace anger and thrive on chaos”...voters who are “behind growing popular support for political violence,” and place us into said basket as he tried to make a case for big government not just being in control of every aspect of “We the People's” lives, but that said control would not be partisan in nature.

Simply, Joe Biden remains as he's always been...a liar who under the pretense of giving a “unity” speech actually issued a declaration of war on all of those who do not tow his and the socialist left's party line. And in Biden's now turning half of we Americans...American's he referred to as “extremists”...into what he called “enemies of the state,” Biden has further dividing an already divided America with words spoken that clearly stepped over the line into what's known as “criminality”... “criminality” via his showing total disrespect for both Constitutional law and “We the People,” in a misguided attempt to not only undermine our two-party system, but to circumnavigate what are and have always been America's societal norms and values. And Biden did so to give desperate Democrat candidates another means by which to try to hang onto power via the midterm election thankfully not leaning in their favor.

And with Democrats having no tangible pro-American platform to run on, what with their still ignoring critical issues...issues like but not limited to t
he border fiasco, rising inflation, escalating crime, and of course Russia and Red China...Biden in a grasping at straws attempt to aid in their cause not only tried to make villains out of we on the right who oppose him, but foolishly chose to light up the front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall in a demonically dark blood red color...the very color that has become synonymous with both communism and Red China. Biden's giving a not so veiled wink and nod to his and Hunter's buddies in Red China I'd say.

And while this farce continued on Joe Biden...the man who on the heels of his recent albeit disastrous House victories fancies himself a political demigod of sorts... also made a mockery of our military by having the two U.S. Marine guards present not only being flooded in blood red...the color that, sadly, also alludes to military blood shed...but by having them salute him...the man who not only disrespects those who wear our nation's uniform as witnessed by his inexcusable actions regarding Afghanistan and who surely is the second worst commander-in-chief in all of U.S. history (Obama still holds onto the top spot in my opinion)...and having them do so with all the fanfare and accolades afforded to a U.S, president before the first words of a given speech are even spoken.

A blood red color overpowering all on stage coupled with vile and angry words spewed more in line with those set down in Mein Kempf, were together the antithesis of what our beloved red, white, and blue America stands for I'd say. And yet Joe Biden used both to play to his base as what was once the American dream for many has now spiraled down into a dollar and cents nightmare of this man's doing.

And so now a truly sad state of affairs has indeed taken place courtesy of a declaration of war being issued by an American president on America citizens, something I never thought I'd bear witness to in my lifetime. Yet here on national television it was for all the nation and the world to see, hear, digest, and process both separately and collectively...process what was but Biden spewing Obama's and the radical left's ever hateful progressive agenda. And it's an agenda being driven ever forward by willingly unchecked media indoctrination that sees the most gullible amongst us accepting as our new norm politically based and many times racially motivated (and as per liberals must be excused) violence...dictatorship unleashed via both fear and political attrition in no uncertain terms.

Covering up for his administration's corruption as well as his party's abject abuse of power...hallmarks of the Biden presidency...were indeed what drove Biden to issue what he called a“warning” to we “MAGA Republicans.” A“warning”...actually a threat...that would, in reality, see the words “America First” being stripped from our country's lexicon to be replaced, of course, by “America Last”...with the ultimate price paid being that free and fair elections would become but a thing of the past if the upcoming midterm election were dare to be a referendum on his presidency alone. But a referendum it really must be as it's Biden's grievous policies alone as to why there’s so much opposition to him not just from we on the right, but from some in the Democrat party who are decidedly against his running again in 2024.

Now in Biden's urging all Americans to vote instead of on how it's we “MAGA Republicans” who are the ultimate threat to our nation's (erroneously stated) democracy, Biden's speech was outright vulgar and vicious, as he willingly and with malice intended made a mockery of both “We the People”as well as our Constitution being America's true rule of law. 


And so with his declaring war on half of America's voting population...Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents alike...we see President Trump's recent words that, “In reality they're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way.”...being the tangible proof needed that the time has come for we on the right to push back. Push back indeed with both truth and overwhelming might at the voting booth...after all, we're not nor will we ever be the rioters, looters nor arsonists as certain ever vocal, ever vile, segments of the Democrats are...push back hard if our beloved America is to remain as our Founders and Framers intended her to be...a republic and not a democracy... especially a democracy not knowing right from wrong...a democracy where wrong itself is heralded as being the politically correct order of the day.

Democracy at its very worst was on full display that Thursday night courtesy of Joe Biden...democracy that our Founders and Framers wanted no part of.

So what do we “MAGA Republicans” do next now that we have officially and publicly been accused of being America's enemy? First, we must now digest not only Biden's actual words spoken, but the words that were hidden between the lines...words unsaid yet ever so present...words to the effect that the midterm election, if Biden has his way, just might not happen on schedule if we who he declares the enemy are not dealt with...politically neutralized and silenced if you a timely manner.

And as Biden continued spewing hate, I kept thinking about his “warning” issued and I sensed a possible last minute scenario silently lurking in the shadows...a scenario reeking of desperation...for what if Joe Biden...on Obama's orders of course...dared to declare “martial law” to stop or at least postpone the upcoming mid-term election. Remember, without said election the Democrats...for a time being anyway...would keep control of both the House and the Senate, thus tightening their grip on power as well as stopping Biden from being rendered politically impotent for the next two years and having his legacy becoming but fodder thrown onto history's political trash heap.

But could Biden actually have his Obama manipulated strings pulled so tight as to actually declare “martial law”? I believe that if possible he would for the political arena the Democrats are now playing in is indeed the epitome of desperation personified. And with “martial law” being simply a change in power executed during a time of war or during a national in a “widespread” national disaster (read Biden's so-called Covid emergency being given as the reason)...the military would replace what is our duly elected civilian government. But with our military sadly having been “woke,” the implementing of “martial law” just might cause enough fear in the population to sway the mid-term election in the Democrats favor.

And again, with Biden having publicly declared we “MAGA Republicans” an enemy of our falsely claimed “democracy” that does not give him...or any president...the legal right to declare war on its own citizens no matter the excuse given. Only Congress has the right to authorize and implement a declaration of “martial law” as well as to override the Posse Comitatus Act in a given situation. But, with the Democrats still having control of both Houses of Congress coupled with the fact that they fancy themselves above the law, Biden's declaring “martial law” remains not out of the whelm of possibility. And with Obama continuing to pull Biden's strings, besides his having run out of patience waiting for his “fundamental transformation” to reach possibility must be overlooked for doing so could herald a repeat of 2020...and we all know how that turned out now don't we.

So as Biden continues spewing both divisiveness and hate mongering on the mid-term campaign trial...his calls for unity being but a sham...the sides have now been drawn for what will be a contentious next two months. And with Biden recently stating that, “I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence, fails to condemn violence when it is used, refuses to acknowledge when an election has been won, insists upon changing the way in which they can count votes, that person is a threat to democracy,” one can see that Joe Biden is but a man “calling the kettle black” as they say for not being mentioned or called to task are those who are the true “enemies” of these United States...domestic terrorists like those in BLM and Antifa, as well as those in the Democrat party who help finance, support, and herald their violent actions, and not we “MAGA Republicans.” 

And in regards to the acronym “MAGA itself I leave you, dear reader, with this compound question to ponder. With “MAGAsimply meaning Making America Great Again why has that solely become the property of we Republicans and Conservatives...aren't there any Democrats out there who want America to be great or do all Democrats hate this country so much that they want to see her fail? Or has fear of retaliation against the individual person so dominated the political discourse that for Democrats fear alone is enough to keep them silent? Just something to think about... enough closed.

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