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“Palestinians”: No Jews will be allowed to stay in “Palestinian” state

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When Pamela Geller devised the ad above and we tried to run it in Seattle (in response to bogus “Palestinian” ads claiming that “Palestinians” don’t have equal rights in Israel), Seattle transit balked, saying that the statement wasn’t true. We then provided proof from statements by Mahmoud Abbas and other “Palestinians,” and the ads ran — whereupon local news reports prominently featured a “Palestinian” activist saying that the claim was false. But since then Abbas has said it again, and as has Sheikh Hammam Saeed, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. And now it has been affirmed yet again by someone in the prime minister’s office.

“Palestinians: No Settlers Allowed to Stay in Our State,” from the Washington Free Beacon, January 27, 2014 10:54 am
Palestinians dismissed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that Judea and Samaria settlers should be able to remain in their homes even if they fall within a possible future Palestinian state, Israel Hayom reports.
On Sunday, a Prime Minister’s Office official was quoted as saying that Netanyahu believes all settlers should have the right to remain in their homes in a future Palestinian state.
“The prime minister believes that in peace, just as Israel has an Arab minority, there is no logical reason why the Palestinian state could not contain a Jewish minority and that Jews living in Judea and Samaria would be given the option to stay,” the official said. “It should not be accepted a priori that in peace the Palestinian state must be ethnically cleansed.” [...]
High-ranking officials in the Palestinian Authority outright rejected the idea.
“Anyone who says he wants to keep settlers in the Palestinian state is actually saying that he doesn’t want a Palestinian state,” chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Sunday.
“No settler will be allowed to stay in the Palestinian state, not even a single one, because settlements are illegal and the presence of the settlers on the occupied lands is illegal.”

President Obama's policies continue to produce results that are the opposite of what he promises, yet he brazenly cites the abysmal state of his economy to announce -- indignantly -- that he will double down on his failures.

Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven -- notorious leftist professors who devised a sinister plot to overburden the American economy to the point of collapse and then replace it with a socialist system -- would be quite proud of their understudy.

Obama's policies are drowning America in debt, unemployment, dependency and despair, yet he blames us for his failures -- as if he's been an innocent bystander -- and says he's going to ride to the rescue on his unconstitutional horse of unilateral executive orders to restore "equality" by fiat.

Even if Obama could get Congress to go along with his scheme to further burden success, opportunity, small businesses and major producers in this country and even if it were a desirable state of affairs for the tyrannical hand of government to decide how assets and income are divided among citizens, history conclusively shows that such socialist and communist ideas lead to increased poverty.

Obama is probably going to cite a recent Pew Research Center poll that supposedly indicates that most Americans want the government to take action to reduce income disparities among Americans.

Even if we can take this poll at face value, it doesn't necessarily mean Americans want government just to confiscate wealth from some and transfer it to others. But it wouldn't be that surprising if they did favor action along those lines, given the left's 75-year systematic assault on capitalism, the free market and our founding American principles.

But David Harsanyi, a senior editor of The Federalist, points out that Obama is omitting a significant factor in the equation. Most Americans, says Harsanyi, still believe in upward mobility, and empirical evidence shows that upward mobility still exists as much as it did decades ago. Though Obama and his fellow socialists want us to believe that the American economy is a finite pie -- a zero-sum game -- the reality is that people move up and down the income ladder all the time. Many of yesterday's poor are today's middle class, and a significant number of them are wealthy.

In fact, Obama's oppressive spending, taxing and regulation exacerbate income inequality and impede upward mobility. The way out of our economy malaise is to reduce the federal government's chokehold on the private sector and producers, expand opportunity, increase the pie and unleash the possibility of growth across the board.

Do people think America is invincible just because it is named America or because of its unique constitutional guarantees of liberty through limited government? Do they think that socialists can continue to overburden the private sector, ignore our founding principles and destroy our liberties without tragic economic consequences?

America has never been about guaranteeing equality of income; it's about equality of opportunity.

That's because human beings are born with God-given rights of liberty and because unleashing such liberties invariably produces the most economic good for the most people.

These dangerous ideas that Obama keeps pounding to forcibly redistribute income are anathema to the American dream, incompatible with liberty and devastating to prosperity, no matter what Cloward, Piven and Obama propagandize to the contrary. They are part of Obama's big lie, and they have to be beaten back, with vigor.

It's time that Obama be held to account for his miserable failures. We can't let him pretend he is not the primary causal agent in the ongoing economic disaster we are experiencing in this country.

This is Obama's economy, and he's sapping the economic lifeblood from this country, its businesses and its entrepreneurs. He has presided over -- and caused -- the worst recovery in a half-century.

Actual unemployment is frighteningly, horrifyingly high -- because of his policies, with minorities being the hardest hit. He is destroying America's health care system, driving people against their will out of the private insurance system, severing people's ties to their doctors, reducing their access to care, reducing their choices of care and greatly increasing the individual cost of care and the cost to government of health care. Everything about Obamacare has been a premeditated Obama lie.

Before anyone listens to Obama about any major new policy initiatives, he must be held to account for his homicide of the American health care system and the critical injuries he's inflicted on the economy, as well as a host of other failed policies he's engineered and false promises he's made.

Sen. Ted Cruz is hardly being facetious with his suggestions that Obama apologize in the State of the Union address for his Obamacare lies and answer questions about Benghazi, the political targeting of conservative groups by his Internal Revenue Service, and other abominations.

This time, the Republican establishment should not leave Cruz hanging out by himself but join him in demanding accountability from President Obama.
America, we have a bullying epidemic. No, not the school bullying issues that get constant attention from Hollywood, the White House and the media. No, not the "fat-shaming" and "body-shaming" outbreaks on Facebook. The problem is wealth-shaming. Class-shaming. Success-shaming.
The State of the Job Creator is under siege.

Last week, a prominent self-made tech mogul dared to diagnose the problem publicly. His passionate letter to The Wall Street Journal decried the "progressive war on the American 1 percent." He called on the left to stop demonizing "the rich," and he condemned the Occupy movement's "rising tide of hatred."

The mini-manifesto was newsworthy because this truth-teller is not a GOP politician or conservative activist or Fox News personality. As he points out, he lives in the "epicenter of progressive thought, San Francisco." No matter. The mob is shooting the messenger anyway. But maybe, just maybe, his critical message in defense of our nation's achievers will transcend, inspire, embolden and prevail.

The letter-writer is Tom Perkins, a Silicon Valley pioneer with an MIT degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a Harvard MBA. He started out at the bottom at Hewlett-Packard, founded his own separate laser company on the side and then teamed up with fellow entrepreneur Eugene Kleiner to establish one of the nation's oldest and most important venture capital firms, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

A hands-on dynamo, Perkins immersed himself in the science and technology of the companies in his portfolio. He even accompanied them on sales calls. He poured his heart and soul into the business of business. Perkins achieved great wealth for himself, his partners and his clients -- and the world is a better place for it. Kleiner Perkins' groundbreaking investment in Genentech planted the seeds of the biotech revolution. An MIT profile notes that in its first three decades, the firm "made more than 475 investments, generating $90 billion in revenue and creating 275,000 jobs" and "funded 167 companies that later went public, including Amazon, AOL, Genentech, Google and Netscape."

Because he dared to compare the seething resentment of modern progressives to Kristallnacht and Nazi Germany, the grievance industry attacked Perkins and dismissed his message. His former colleagues at the venture capital firm he founded threw him under the bus. Left-wing punk journalists immediately branded him "nuts" and a "rich idiot."

Please note: Not one of those sanctimonious grievance-mongers had anything to say about the Molotov cocktail-fueled riots and fires set by the Occupy mobs at banks, car dealerships and restaurants in Oakland that provoked Perkins' comparison in the first place.

While he regrets invoking Kristallnacht specifically, Perkins unequivocally refused to back down from his message defending the "creative 1 percent." He reiterated his fundamental point in a TV interview on Monday: "Anytime the majority starts to demonize a minority, no matter what it is, it's wrong. And dangerous. And no good ever comes from it."

Perkins also chastised those who bemoan "income inequality," including his erstwhile "friends" Al Gore, Jerry Brown and Barack Obama: "The 1 percent are not causing the inequality. They are the job creators. ... I think Kleiner Perkins itself over the years has created pretty close to a million jobs, and we're still doing it. It's absurd to demonize the rich for being rich and for doing what the rich do, which is get richer by creating opportunity for others."

Amen, amen and amen. Perkins barely scratched the surface of the War on Wealth that has spread under the Obama regime. Anti-capitalism saboteurs have organized wealth-shaming protests at corporate CEOs' private homes in New York and in private neighborhoods in Connecticut. Hypocrite wealth-basher and former paid Enron adviser Paul Krugman at The New York Times whipped up hatred against the "plutocrats" in solidarity with the Occupy mob. New York state lawmakers received threatening mail saying it was "time to kill the wealthy" if they didn't renew the state's tax surcharge on millionaires.

"If you don't, I'm going to pay a visit with my carbine to one of those tech companies you are so proud of and shoot every spoiled Ivy League (expletive) I can find," the death threat read. In Perkins' own backyard, Bay Area celebrity rapper Boots Riley infamously penned "5 Million Ways To Kill a CEO" ("Toss a dollar in the river, and when he jump in/If you find he can swim, put lead boots on him and do it again.") before making cameo appearances at vandal-infested Occupy Oakland marches over the past few years.

But the most dangerous threats to the nation's job creators don't come from Oakland rappers or social justice guerillas or San Francisco neighbors griping about tech workers' private buses and big homes.

The deadliest threats come from the men in power in Washington who stoke bottomless hatred against "millionaires and billionaires" through class-bashing rhetoric and entrepreneur-crushing policies -- while they pocket the hard-earned money of the achievers trying to buy immunity. It's high time to shame the wealth-shamers and their cowed enablers. Silence is complicity.
Hillary now 'regrets' Benghazi...we've always regretted Hillary
By: Diane Sori

"My biggest regret is what happened in Benghazi.” - Hillary Clinton 1/27/14

Oh dear...Hillary 'What Does It Matter' Clinton now suddenly has had a change of heart...mind you a year and a half later that is...and 'regrets' the happenings in Benghazi.

Sorry, but what Hillary 'regrets' is that Benghazi is the albatross hanging around the neck of her 2016 oh-so-wanted presidential run and NOTHING more.

“It was a terrible tragedy losing four Americans — two diplomats and now it is public so I can say two C.I.A. operatives...You make these choices based on imperfect information.”
So said Hillary during a Q&A session after her Monday address at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention.

NO...Hillary made NO choices based on imperfect information or on any information because Hillary made NO choices at all as she and her buddy Obama deliberately and with malice left them there to die. Hillary ignored Ambassador Stevens' desperate pleas for help, and then she NOT only LIED about the cause of the attack but she spewed that LIE all over television and in print as well.

And know that Benghazi is liability number one...and will remain so if Hillary does indeed decide to run in 2016, and there will be NO allowing for this issue to go away. 'We the People' must NOT and will NOT allow the deaths of these four brave Americans to be swept under the rug like so many other issues of importance that seem to just vanish from the public consciousness...and do so with the alphabet media's help I might add...a help that comes in the guise of them simply NOT reporting on a story. If it's NOT reported on it either never happened or it was NOTHING but just another little mere 'bump in the road.'

Yet being just a mere 'bump in the road' is what Hillary hopes all this brouhaha over Benghazi will become as she tries to play the masses with her anything but a true regret. Never mind that while Hillary's supporters extol her supposed "expertise" and supposed “smart power,” the truth remains that her tenure as Secretary of State was riddled with NOTHING but fundamental incompetency and failure.

Benghazi is and will always remain Hillary Clinton's flash point...her defining moment as Secretary of State and NOTHING any of her supporters do or say...including claiming that it was on her recommendation that Obama ordered U.S. commandos (the Navy SEALS) to go into Pakistan to takeout Osama bin Laden...will stop her critics from calling her to task and rightly so for this vile woman has as much blood on her hands as has Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the most miserable of presidents who reveled in watching them die in real time and then jetted off for a fundraiser early the next morning.

And Hillary's failures in her capacity as Secretary of State...are just a harbinger of what would be her failures as president for Hillary is plain and simply a liar and I think...NO I know...that 'We the People' have had quite enough of liars being in the office of president. And besides her outright lies revolving around everything Benghazi, Hillary has a zero record of accomplishment on anything...and her racking up the most 'sky miles' in her jaunts around the world do NOT count.

Since becoming Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary has done NOTHING to change or improve the lives of every day Americans, and simply knowing how to maneuver, play, and 'schmooze' the power brokers via her stints as First Lady, New York carpetbagger Senator, unsuccessful presidential candidate, and Secretary of State does NOT an accomplishment make...for can you name one...I sure can't.

Failures though I can name...her so-wanted HillaryCare be resurrected as the even worse (if that's possible) monstrosity known as ObamaCare, and as Senator her legislative proposals were below even being minor at best. Her bargaining and people skills were...and still bad that she could NOT find co-sponsors for even the most innocuous of bills...her liberal cohorts even poo-pooed her wanting to increase benefits for members of the Coast Guard.

And on the world stage in her role as Secretary as State her lack of actions mirrored her Senatorial failures...where she should have been a determining factor. And as such Hillary did next to NOTHING when it came to Iraq and even less when it came to Afghanistan. Hillary was NO driving force in smoothing over our differences with Pakistan and I can NOT remember any mention of her hand when tougher sanctions on Iran were first being proposed. And Hillary did unequivocally NOTHING to either broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord or to stand behind our ally and friend Israel with NO questions asked.

So what the hell did she do as Secretary of State or as Senator to justify her being capable to be president...NOT a damn thing...NOT one damn thing...except as Secretary of State to be as low and vile a human being as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is in his capacity as president.

So as the 'ghosts of Benghazi' hover over her head and hopefully forever invade her soul...if she has a soul that is...let it be known that she and Obama built Benghazi and will forever own Benghazi complete with all the ramifications that come with it. And NO phony regrets on her part will be enough to help put this woman in the White House...NOT if we Republicans and TEA Partiers have anything to say about it...and hopefully come November we will have a hell of a lot to say.