Monday, February 13, 2023

The Taiwan Test Or Something Else 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

On Saturday February 4, 2023 at about 2:39 EST, the U.S. military shot down the Chinese spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean eight miles off the South Carolina coast, well within the 12-mile limit. This was a full eight days after said balloon entered Alaska airspace near the Aluetian Islands on January 28th, flew over Alaska and Canada to reemerge over Idaho when on Thursday, February 2nd, the U.S. Northern Command and NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) first detected a Chinese “high altitude surveillance balloon” over the continental United States. And it took our military, on Biden's orders, a full three days to bring it down after its having entered the continental U.S..

Back in 1965 the novel “White Lotus” was published, it's author a man by the name of John Hersey. I happened to come across this book four decades later when in a bookstore something drove me to purchase it, and its story line stayed in my mind all these years for even then I could see its stated plot unfolding as we entered the 21st century. This novel told of a “Great War” where the United States had been conquered by the Chinese, and where Americans were kidnapped and brought to China to be slaves of the Chinese government. And as the story progressed...seen through the eyes of a captured young girl now a slave...we witnessed her transformation from slave into a revolutionary who started a movement of non-violent protests that terrified her slave masters to the point where they eventually became shamed and ultimately were defeated.

And why this book's specific analogy in regards to the happenings going on today? Because what began in the novel with seemingly petty grievances between China and the U.S...grievances our country ignored just as we're doing now...escalated into the very war we tried to convince ourselves would never happen. And sadly, that's what seems to be happening here as many in our government made light of the Chinese surveillance balloon's leisurely gliding across our country. Drifting over key military air bases and nuclear weapons sites, this anything but a weather balloon or claimed “civilian reconnaissance airship,” was able to maneuver itself over sites that should have raised the ire of not only our president but the Pentagon as well...something that most decidedly did not happen on either account as per the timeline that unfolded, which leaves me to wonder why.

And as “red flags” were being ignored at first, a second such balloon was discovered drifting its way across Latin America, while just this past Friday our military took down an object” located in U.S. sovereign airspace over Alaskan territorial water. And then on Saturday not only did one of our F-22 fighter jets shoot down an unidentified “cylindrical object” over Canada...Biden approved and asked for by PM Trudeau...but a “radar anomaly” led to a temporary closure of our airspace over Montana.* Possible forebodings of war to come not unlike those in the aforementioned novel.

Remember, true harbingers of war are not always overt and deadly like Hitler's invading of Austria and Poland, and yet such harbingers are happening today and are basically being ignored. Here I present three possibilities for the stated recent events...focusing on the surveillance balloon...and it's all about timing and our response or lack thereof to it.

Possibility number one: While concerns regarding this balloon's unexpected appearance remains of the upmost matter its final destruction...what mustn't be overlooked is the timing of said appearance in relation to China's largest military buildup in decades as they eye the takeover of Taiwan. Now considered to be a fully independent island nation by some...(on paper that is as Taiwan is not recognized as such by the UN)...Taiwan, while not officially recognized as being fully independent by the U.S., is nevertheless an ally of ours. Officially known as the “Republic of China,” Taiwan lies about 100 miles (161 kilometers) east of the Chinese communist mainland directly across the Strait of Taiwan...with it's out islands even Chinese leaders continue to deem Taiwan as but a rogue province that must be brought back into mainland China's fold.

Why so? Back in 2005, China passed a law “authorizing the use of military force” if Taiwan formally tried to secede and officially become recognized as independent, as the communist government of the “People's Republic of China” saw Taiwan as being a threat to their “One China” policy claim that they alone are the sole heir to the “China title,” thus seeing Taiwan independence as allowing another country to claim to be the “true China.” Simply, the brouhaha over Taiwan is not solely about China's flexing muscle, hence control while standing up to U.S., but is also about “saving face” to the nth degree.

How so? The mere possibility of Taiwan's being formally recognized on the world stage as a truly independent nation...especially a nation with ties to and influenced by the U.S...has again led Chinese President Xi Jinping to remunerate that Taiwan must be absorbed back into the “People's Republic.” Saying that he “will not renounce the use of force or give up the option to use all necessary measures,” to accomplish that goal, should make it clear to all that Xi Jinping will invade Taiwan but it will be at the time of his choosing, even if he must militarily go up against the U.S. and her allies.

A true harbinger of war sounded, albeit with a variable timeline of sorts in place. However, before any invasion were to take place China would surely want and need to know America's response to said invasion, meaning could the recent balloon flyover of our country be a test of sorts to gauge Biden's promised response...a response made back in May 2022 when Biden stated that we would defend Taiwan militarily if China were to invade as per the Taiwan Relations act requiring us to provide Taiwan with the military means to defend itself. So with that promise never being taken off the table, both response time and means of response becomes even more critical.

And know that Joe Biden has failed China's test for taking a full eight days to bring down a “surveillance balloon” initiated from what is an enemy nation shows that Biden is not willing to defend his own country in a much needed timely manner, let alone keep his promise to defend another country in what is the critical time frame involved. How the time it would take us to get military assistance to Taiwan, the Chinese military would already have made it there, probably in less than an hour.

A harbinger of war to come. Balloon test number one was basically ignored, thus being a complete U.S. failure...sadly score one for the enemy's side.

Possibility number two: This possibility concerns what I first believed to be a nefarious purpose for the balloon...nefarious on both China's and our part...nefarious in that could the balloon's presence have been a Chinese “seeding operation” of sorts, a “seeding operation” that Biden willfully ignored. However, while some continue to suspect this possibly there are certain scientific facts that need to be in place to successfully “seed” anything from the air. First, one needs to be closer to the ground than 66,000 feet for the wind currents themselves would take the “seeds” away from their intended targets.

Also needed for successful “seeding is a way to garner precise matter what some social media and news media this particular balloon only had a rudimentary ability to alter its course even with it having a rudder, as a rudder alone does not give a balloon the ability to override wind currents. You can release ballast...meaning go higher, and you can release gas to go lower but not close enough, in this case, to release an aerosol toxin. This means that while the balloon did indeed saunter across our country at an extreme height, it did so only as the wind currents directed it to do. Also, remember that if its purpose was to “seed” the clouds, cloud “seeding” is dependent on actual cloud height which obviously varies across the country. Simply, the Chinese balloon's rudder alone would not have allowed the balloon to adjust to needed cloud height accordingly.

Could a bag of covid, anthrax, or other assorted dropped via the release of ballast from the balloon? Technically, yes it could be done, but said bag would have had to receive a “drop” signal via the seen communication device on the balloon in order to release the bag over a specifically intended target, something the wind currents alone might dictate impossible to do.

And yet to be on the safe it's always better to err on the side of caution than be sorry later on...government officials both on the state and federal levels should watch for, monitor, and keep track of any suspicious uptick in “certain diseases” over the areas in which the Chinese balloon traversed. We learned a lesson from Covid...or at least we should have...a lesson that due diligence can for some indeed make the difference between life and death.

Possibility number three: Was this Chinese balloon on yet another spy mission no matter that China has been spying on us and we on them for years?  Obviously it some degree that is...leading the House of Representatives to unanimously pass a resolution last Thursday condemned China for its “brazen violation of U.S. sovereignty and its efforts to “deceive the international community through false claims about its intelligence collection campaigns. And it's now upon recovered remnant examination been determined that the balloon was operating with electronic surveillance technology capable of monitoring U.S. communications as the balloon had “multiple antennas to include an array likely capable of gathering and geo-locating communications,” along with solar panels large enough to produce the requisite power to operate multiple active intelligence collection sensors.

So why do I say a spy mission to “some degree”...because what the Chinese government could have garnered with this balloon would not be anything different or new than what they have already garnered via spy satellites and such. And besides, the Chinese government probably has already sewn up any information gaps remaining courtesy of Rep. Eric Swalwell and his relationship with Chinese secret agent Christine Fang...aka Fang Fang; Rep. Dianne Feinstein's 20-year “Driving Miss Daisy” relationship with her chauffeur/gofer/liaison to the local Asian-American community; as well as any business deals China made with the infamous Hunter Biden and his “Big Guy” dad...a possible reason, in my opinion, for the eight day, shoot-down lag.

And dare we forget that during Donald Trump's years as president, in October 2020, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “woke” Gen. Mark Milley, publicly admitted that he would gladly call his Chinese counterpart, one Gen. Li Zuocheng, to warn him of any impending attack by the U.S. if he and he alone believed that as president, Trump was unstable. And while he later tried hard to “walk back” his statement the truth was already out there,thus forcing Milley to resign. And besides, one cannot keep garnering the same information one already has courtesy of still operational high tech spy satellites.

No, spying was not this balloon's primary purpose for in my opinion China was testing the waters for its invasion of Taiwan by sending a political message to see Joe Biden's response to one of its balloons slowly meandering across our country...a response almost akin to Barack HUSSEIN Obama's appeasement to his muslim brethern when he allowed Osama bin-Laden's body to be buried at sea so as not to be transferred to the U.S. what with islamic law forbidding what would surely be a forensic autopsy being performed on it.

Our military's shooting down the spy balloon after eight long days...downed while still in U.S. has China demanding that any remnants found be returned to China, something unlikely to happen unless Biden bows to their wishes that is, which is what China is hoping for. But know that for all intents and purposes Taiwan has already lost the war for the Chinese attack on them will surely come while the weak and appeasing Joe Biden is still in office, especially with his now making allegations that U.S. intelligence told Trump that Chinese government surveillance balloons have “transited the continental United States several times before” but went “undetected” while he was in office...a claim President Trump said “never happened.”

Remember, Joe Biden is trying to “save face” and protect his legacy for he knows both China and Russia (never discount some form of Chinese/Russian partnership here) dare not risk going up against a strong Republican president, whether it be Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, as both men would have taken that balloon down upon its entering Alaskan airspace...and both would not only hold China accountable, but there would be a heavy price for China to pay.

And unlike the happenings in the previously mentioned novel, the sure to come Great War” over Taiwan would, under a Republican president, see China the loser with the U.S. it's final and rightful conqueror as this time grievances and occurrences would not be made light of nor ignored. Case closed.


*As my article was getting ready for publication on Sunday afternoon, February 12th, it was announced that our U.S. military shot down over Lake Huron in Michigan, its fourth “unidentified object” in eight days after said “object” violated North American airspace and posed a hazard to civil aviation. Sadly, the harbingers of war might truly be upon us...I can only hope that our leaders see this as truth.

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