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State Department Ramps Up Investigation Into Hillary's Emails

State Department Ramps Up Investigation Into Hillary's EmailsThe State Department has reportedly ramped up its investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server, an issue that took center stage during the 2016 presidential election.

According to the Washington Postthe State Department has called in 130 officials who had access to Clinton's email inbox. The officials ranged from low-level employees to senior officials who reported directly to Clinton. Former aides were sent letters letting them know that their emails were retroactively deemed "classified" and sharing that information could be deemed a security violation.

The investigation began 18 months ago, fizzled out and then was picked back up in August. Senior officials at the Department say they have followed standard protocol. Because the investigation began in the later days of the Obama administration, it is just now coming to an end.
Whistleblower's Complaint Declassified - Coup Attempt Exposed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio
"I fear we're witnessing nothing less than a coup attempt against a lawfully elected government."
- Dinesh D'Souza, conservative political commentator back in 2017...words still true today
Let's cut to the chase...impeaching President Donald J. Trump is a threefold endeavor. First, it's about the fact that none of the Democrat candidates running today can beat him. Second, Democrats see impeachment as “payback” for Hillary's loss...something they have yet and probably never will accept. And third and most importantly, it's about stopping President Trump from securing yet another Supreme Court nomination...a nomination that if passed would turn the High Court decidedly to the right for decades to come. So what do the Democrats do...they make things up in an attempt to ultimately level the most serious charge of treason against this duly-elected sitting president.
A charge of treason...not for actions that in no way reach the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” nor for any actions they deem “quid pro quo” in I'll do this for that... and surely not for actions never taken (hear that Adam Schiff), but simply because the Democrats most desperately need to keep Roe v. Wade in place in order to “save face” with their uber liberal party members and voters. And it's also because they dare not risk losing any more seats on the Supreme Court. Remember, earlier this year the Democrats even tried to have seats added to the High Court, but thankfully failed.
But the question is why are we Republicans and we Conservatives allowing the Democrats to call their maliciously orchestrated "witch hunt" against President Trump an “impeachment” instead of calling it what it is now and has always in a tried for “political coup”...albeit it's a “political coup” thankfully without rogue military least for now anyway.
Want proof it's a hoped for “political coup”...let's start with the simple fact that Nancy Pelosi knows well that President Trump will not be least not in the all important Senate...making this call for impeachment all for nought and a further waste of our taxpayer dollars. In fact, Ms. Pelosi has known this all along and that's why up until last week she never called for a congressional vote on impeachment, and still in the end might not. And with 45 Democrat Congressional seats now in jeopardy the "formal impeachment inquiry" she recently announced is but her selling out to the far left socialist contingency who have taken over today's Democrat party. Besides, ever since Billy-Boy Clinton was impeached at the hands of Republicans, the Democrat party has been salivating for the chance to impeach a Republican president...any Republican president would do.
George W. Bush would have been their sacrificial lamb if they could have pulled it off, but President Trump actually now better suits their purposes as it allows them to laser focus in on a controversial president...a president who is not a politician...a president they cannot reign in...all of which the Democrats are trying to use to their advantage while simply not understanding that it's President Trump who actually has both the advantage and the upper hand.
How so? Let's start by saying that from now until November 6, 2020, the Democrat's bought and paid for liberal propaganda machine, commonly known as the mainstream media, will keep the call for impeachment ongoing 24/7...ongoing in an attempt to divert us away from all things important. But President Trump knows this means the Democrats will not do the job they were elected to in the “people's business”...choosing instead to bide their time...and getting paid for said bided time...for basically conducted yet another "witch hunt" that will go nowhere. And their taking money for services tasked but not rendered...a chargeable offense in and of sees most Americans rightfully being opposed to impeachment.
And this opposition...once but a seed planted but now so rapidly growing...will not only help bolster the obvious fact that Democrats are beyond incapable of “responsible” governing...but will result not only in a Trump landslide in 2020, but see Republicans most probably taking back the House while keeping the Senate, as well as President Trump getting at least one, if not more, Supreme Court nominations.
So if one knows all the Democrats do...if one knows impeachment at most will be Billy-Boy style, as in name only, while Trump remains president...something the Democrats cannot allow Supreme Court wise...what then are all their actions but a coup...a “political coup.” And it's a coup trying to wrap itself in legalities that when it fails will see Democrats having no easy way believable way to “save face.”
And what exactly is a “political coup” but partisan passions run amok...passions that have taken on a sudden, yet always decisive exercise of political in the trying to seize power away from one's political opponent...exactly what the Democrats have been doing to President Trump since even before he placed his hand on the Holy Bible and swore allegiance to defend and protect the Constitution of these United States.

And the Democrats attempted “political coup” has gained momentum...courtesy of the media of course...based upon second hand allegations derived from information garnered from a whistleblower's “urgent concerns” over what President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky discussed in what was thought to be a private July 25th phone conversion...a 9:03 to 9:33 a.m. EDT conversation.

And this still unnamed whistleblower...who first shared information about possible abuse of power and a White House cover-up with the C.I.A.’s top attorney through an "anonymous process" in order to protect him or herself against yet another coward afraid to stand by their convictions hiding behind anonymity. And the whistleblower's attorney in turn, following policy, shared the officer’s "urgent concerns" with White House and Justice Department officials, while at the same time, the whistleblower separately filed their formal complaint...and yet another Trump "witch hunt" began.

So who is this whistleblower? The whistleblower is believed to be a "C.I.A. officer" who was at one point "detailed to work" at the White House...most probably, in my opinion, placed there during the Obama to Trump transition period by none other than former C.I.A. Director John Brennan on Obama's likely orders. Placed there early on to blend in over time thus being able to "police" both Trump and his administration's goings on without raising suspicion...placed there to gather information to be used as revenge for Hillary's loss which in turn denied Obama his highly coveted, but Constitutionally illegal, third term in office. And let's not forget with a little John Brennan "payback" thrown in for good in payback for Trump not keeping him on as C.I.A. director...and dare I say Obama operative.

And so this individual, I also believe, will in time be proven to be but another partisan hack pursuing a political agenda...or should I say a failed he or she was not a direct witness to the phone conversation in question and admitted said "urgent complaint" was based upon a compilation of numerous conversations had with at least a half-dozen government officials...including some claimed to work for the White House...individuals he or she thought were trustworthy, as well as from information garnered from general media other words, second or even third hand unproven hearsay. And dare we forget that President Trump's personal attorney Jay Sekulow alleges that the complaint itself was written by a "law firm." And why does Sekulow think this...because the phraseology, the end notes, and the footnotes are written in “legalize,” which is not something an individual unfamiliar with the law would least not without an attorney's help.
So one can safely say that this entire assorted mess reeks not only of yet another Trump “witch hunt” but as added fuel to help feed the ongoing  “political coup.”
But what exactly is so damning in the whistleblower's now declassified criminal complaint...a complaint claimed to have been garnered in the course of conducting official inter-agency business? You can read the entire complaint here: see for yourself how this nonsense is being fueled on via nothing but hearsay and the Democrats being out for Trump blood...a “political coup” if ever there was one...a “political coup” egged on via the whistleblower's very own lying words that, “Everyday Trump is in office our democracy is at stake.”
Basically, the criminal complaint states that President Trump was "using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country" in the upcoming 2020 election, including words to the effect that Trump pressured a foreign government (Ukraine) to investigate one of his main domestic political rivals (Joe Biden), and that the White House was so concerned about the conversation that they moved the word-for-word phone transcript to "lock down" as well as removing it from a computer system typically used to store such call records, adding that said actions showed that those involved “understood the gravity of what had transpired.”
Also in said complaint was that U.S. officials told the whistleblower that Ukrainian leadership believed that a phone call or meeting between Zelensky and Trump was contingent upon the Ukrainian president's willingness to "play ball" on issues that could possibly prove politically beneficial to Trump, something Ukraine's President Zelensky himself said were not true during his televised meeting with President Trump while last week both were in New York for a meeting of the U.N. General Assembly. And not to be forgotten is that the whistleblower goes on to say that the president’s personal lawyer, Rudolph (Rudy) W. Giuliani, is “a central figure in this effort,” and that Attorney General William P. Barr “appears to be involved as well, ” yet there "appears" to be  no corroborating evidence to back up that claim.
So upon last Thursday's complaint release Nancy Pelosi rushed to accuse the White House of covering up the Ukraine matter adding that the Ukraine phone call would be the “focus” of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry moving forward. And Adam Schiff, who wants the whistleblower to testify before Congress, also said that Trump's actions posed great  "risks" to national security, undermined efforts to counter foreign interference, and constituted a "serious or flagrant problem, abuse, or violation of law or Executive Order,” while White House officials dismissed the significance and importance of the transcript. In fact, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham stated that, “Nothing has changed with the release of this complaint, which is nothing more than a collection of third hand accounts of events and cobbled-together press clippings — all of which shows nothing improper,” and that, “The White House will continue to push back on the hysteria and false narratives being peddled by Democrats and many in the mainstream media.”
And what did President Trump himself have to say about the complaint's release...“I want to know who’s the person, who’s the person who gave the whistleblower the information? Because that’s close to a spy. You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.” A good and ever so truthful response I'd say.
Also, remember that Joe Biden is most assuredly tied into this brouhaha as he's named in the complaint as well, thus seeing Kate Bedingfield, "Uncle" Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager, releasing a statement to the affect that Trump’s actions have surely threatened U.S. national security. “Donald Trump’s abuse of power makes him one of the most divisive, unfit individuals to occupy the Oval Office in our nation’s history. His willingness to sell out our national interest for his personal gain endangers our security and his attempts to cover it up put the stability of our democracy at risk,” were Bedingfield's very words.
But then what can you expect from those on Biden's campaign...what can you expect from Joe Biden himself...the very man now under scrutiny for who when as Vice President threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid unless Ukraine officials fired a prosecutor who was investigating his son. And it's this man who refuses to see that not only is a “political coup” being perpetrated on President Trump, but that his very own Democrat party will use the transcript and its fallout as a conduit by which to also bring down his presidential candidacy as well. After all, with Biden gone Democrats could nominate one of their favored far left socialist candidates to go up against President Trump. Moderate Joe Biden, replete with all his misspeaks and gaffes, is but an albatross around their political necks so why not allow him to become collateral damage courtesy of the Trump fallout. Talk about a hoped for twofer “political coup.”
So what happens now what with Congress going on a two-week vacation leaving all this impeachment talk to simmer and hopefully not boil over. But know that behind closed doors maneuvers will be made by both sides... maneuvers by our side that hopefully will see the Democrats with "egg on their face" for there is nothing in this hearsay complaint that reaches the much needed impeachment level of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And with what is really an attempt at a “political coup” will see Democrats as the recipient of said coup not President Trump...who by the way will get at least one more Supreme Court nomination...with the Democrats ever so stealthily and happily throwing "Uncle Joe" into the “political coup” mix. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy I so ever sarcastically say.
But not to be forgotten is that ground zero of this, still for now, ongoing “political coup"...a coup wrapped in the guise of impeachment...remains the infamous July 25th phone call, and my Right Side Patriots partner Craig Andresen will address that in detail in his article, Trump’sCall Declassified – Coup Attempt Exposed.
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