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Sunday Show Blackout: Team Biden Fully Embraces 'Basement Strategy'
As Bronson noted, "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace expressed his astonishment at the Biden campaign's media avoidance strategy on my radio show this past Friday. Not only has the presumptive Democratic nominee declined Wallace's persistent invitations to appear on his show for a rigorous interview (President Trump gave Wallace a full hour, in spite of his public criticisms of Wallace), Biden's running mate has taken zero questions from anyone since her selection -- and the campaign itself decided against participating on any Sunday show on convention eve. Wallace, a veteran journalist who moderated the final general election presidential debate of the last cycle, was astounded:

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Radical Hate-Rep. Ayanna Pressley Calls for Unrest in the Streets, Targeting Republicans 
By Geller Report Staff 

The only way these haters get attention is to incite and destroy. Never does anything positive or good come from their quarters. Never.

The evidence is overwhelming. The Democrat Party is dangerous. They must go down hard in November. No party that is this radical should have any kind of political power. By the way, if Joe Biden wins in November it is folks such as Pressley, Omar, Tlaib, AOC and others who will be in charge of the country. Biden needs their support, so he will always appease them as POTUS.

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Kamala Harris...The Great Pretender 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

"Yes I'm the great pretender, Just laughin' and gay like a clown, I seem to be what I'm not..." so go the lyrics of the song 'The Great Pretender' by the Platters. And if ever those words fit someone to a tee, Kamala Devi Harris is that tee. 

Kamala Harris...Joe Biden's pick for his vice-presidential running mate...picked not for her accomplishments (if she really has any) but for the fact that she's a woman and most notably a supposed "woman of color." But notice I do not say that Kamala Harris is black...and Joe Biden originally did promise that his VP pick would be an Africa-American woman...because she is not black nor is she African American. Kamala Harris is of Indian descent on her mother's side (FYI...India-Indians are scientifically classified as Caucasian), and British Jamaican mixed-race on her father's side, thus making her "mocha in color" at best. In fact, I like to call her, "Barack Hussein Obama in a dress"...if you know what I mean. 

The daughter of divorced immigrant parents, Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California in 1955, her mother was born in India and her father in Jamaica. Shyamala Gopalan, Harris' mother, was an Indian breast cancer researcher who died in 2009. Her father, Donald Harris...whose ancestral family were slave a retired Stanford economics professor from Jamaica who spent his career here in the U.S. studying topical issues like income inequality, with both parents being civil rights activists. But the reason I bring up Harris' parents is because at the time of her birth neither parent was a U.S. citizens although both were here legally on student visas. And like with Obama, the pesky little issue regarding Harris being or not being a "natural born citizen" is again coming into play. And with some saying that Kamala Harris is ineligible to run for vice-president let alone to become president if something were to happen to a then President Joe Biden, as per both the Cornell Legal Information Institute and the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment, "Anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship."

Does this mean the eligibility issue is put to rest...probably not...but it's an issue best left to legal scholars and experts to decide while we instead focus on the type of person Kamala Harris is going into the in an immoral, money hungry, laser-focused quest for power type of individual. Kamela Harris is no lover of red, white, and blue America as her record and actions speak volumes. 

And it's immorality in action that helped in launching this woman's political career, and apparently it's something her entertainment lawyer, white husband of six years, Douglas Emhoff, seems not to care about. And while there's no problem with his not caring as that's truly a personal issue between a husband and his wife, there is a problem with a "woman of color" now claiming that it's her "blackness" that helped to define who she is. But I guess no black man was worthy of her marrying nor it seems did any find her "black enough" so as to help define who she supposedly was as a black woman. Oh wait...there was one for dare we forget disgraced former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, a married black man three decades Harris' senior, with whom she had an affair, and the very man who later admitted he may have "boosted the presidential hopeful's career."

May have "boosted" puts it mildly for Willie Brown admitted in a commentary in the San Francisco Chronicle back in January 2019 that, "Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was [California] Assembly speaker. And I certainly helped with her first race for district attorney in San Francisco"...helped her after she spread her legs that is. And so Kamala Harris entered the world of politics with both eyes...I mean legs...wide open. And said help started with then Mayor Brown appointing Harris to both the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and to the Medical Assistance Commission...positions that paid her more than $400,000 over five years with Brown adding in a special perk of his expensive BMW...most probably for "services rendered," wink, wink. 

But being an ungrateful self-serving political whore, Kamala Harris eventually turned on Willie Brown, whose mayoral administration had now become riddled with corruption allegations, even after he supported her in her successful 2003 run for San Francisco district attorney. Calling her now former lover "an albatross hanging around my neck," Harris, as per Willie Brown, let it be known to all that if he so much as jaywalked while she was D.A. that he would be indicted. And Brown's response, "That’s politics for ya."

Politics indeed, for politics does make for strange bedfellows. And while in 2010, Harris was elected California’s state attorney general, an office she held until she was elected to the Senate in November 2016, how strange is it that 20+ years after having parted ways that it was Willie Brown himself who called Harris' then main Democrat primary opponent Antonio Villaraigosa to ask him to stay out of the Senate race, thus clearing the candidate field for Kamala Harris' win. And now this woman, but two and a half years into her tenure as California's junior senator, could be but a heartbeat away from becoming President of these United States if something were to happen to Uncle Joe...if he somehow pulled off a win that is. But with Democrat initiated voter fraud always a given in any election, unfortunately that scenario cannot be ruled out. 

So let's look at but a few of Kamala Harris' now "flip-flops" regarding her record as San Francisco's district attorney and California's attorney general. Simply, Harris' record as both prosecutor and attorney general does not fit the current uber progressive agenda today's Democrats have embraced. In fact, during the Democrat's presidential debates one topic that arose was criminal justice reform, to which Tulsi Gabbard questioned Harris' record as both were running for the nomination. And Harris' response to Tulsi Gabbard was that she "did the work of significantly reforming the criminal justice system of a state of 40 million people" and that she is proud of making a decision to not just give fancy speeches or be in a legislative body but "actually doing the work of being in the position to use the power that I had to reform a system that is badly in need of reform."
But what Harris actually did while serving in those positions was something contrary to what she now professes to believe regarding said criminal justice system. In fact, critics within her own party accused her then and still accuse her now of not doing enough to empty California’s overly packed prisons, nor were they happy with the way she touted her prosecution and conviction rates.  

And those accusations can be summed up quite easily when in an interview on 'Fox Business,' former prosecutor and "America's Mayor" Rudi Giuliani stated that in some cases Harris was "overly lenient," in other cases she was "ridiculously strict," while in still other cases she looked "completely corrupt," spending her time "prosecuting 1,500 marijuana cases just to impress the police." And Giuliani added that when, "I was a U.S. attorney for 13 years and I never prosecuted a marijuana user case. She’s one of the reasons President Trump had to pass the prison reform act because she flooded the prisons which were called in the articles in the California newspapers, mass incarceration."

Trying to act tough by prosecuting 1,500 people for simple possession of grass...what a waste of time and taxpayer dollars, especially coming from a woman who claims she was a "progressive prosecutor." And with "progressive" being the operative word, Kamala Harris knowingly and willingly upheld wrongful convictions gotten through "official misconduct," including through evidence tampering, false testimony, and the suppression of crucial information by fellow prosecutors. Also, Kamala Harris turned away from investigating police shootings...whether they be justified or not...which while some might deem a good thing in reality it's anything but as it allowed the "court of public opinion" to decide an officers fate...a page right out of today's liberal agenda done while calling herself a "progressive prosecutor."  But the reality is that Harris was talking out of both sides of her political aspirations mouth. 

In other words, Harris' record at times matched her party's mindset while at other times it did not..and so as most Democrats do when running for office, she "flip-flopped" to make herself more palatable to not only the uber left wing of her party but to the majority of ill-informed and uninformed media-controlled Democrat masses. 

Remember, back in the day Kamala Harris also tried to portray herself as being tough on crime...a supposedly moderate Democrat cast adrift in a sea of California liberalism. In fact, Harris, acting as California’s attorney general, did appeal a judge’s decision that found the death penalty unconstitutional, thus making the party's liberal elite quite unhappy. But as the Democrat's VP contender, Kamala Harris has picked up the party's socialist/progressive torch and run with it for now she's not only against the death penalty...something she said that if ever becoming president she would call for a federal moratorium on...but is pro-abortion right up until the time of birth; supports the call for open borders and the tearing down of walls; wants to do away with private health insurance and replace it with "Medicare for All" including for illegals; is against fracking; desperately wants to take our guns away; wants reparations for black folks who never were slaves given to them by white folks who never owned slaves; not only supports but want's to expand California’s climate change initiatives; is gung-ho for a pathway to citizenship for illegals; is a proponent of "social unity" as a means to counteract Republican so-called "elitism;" and she of course heralds the protection of marriage equality and LGBTQ rights. 

A true social issues driven Democrat's dream come true...but where does Kamala Harris... whose legislative voting record shows her to be one of the most reliable partisan driven stand on the all-important economic and foreign policy issues? 

Briefly, Kamala Harris wants to do away with Trump’s trillion-dollar tax cuts for big corporations and the top one percent...the very thing that not only helped drive our economy forward but brought companies back to America...and she wants to funnel those cuts into a refundable tax credit that would become part of the 'Earned Income Tax Credit.' Harris also favors a large tax increase on Wall Street trades forgetting that this would flatten financial activity and force American companies to again seek offshore tax havens; she wants a $2,000 monthly stimulus check to become "pandemic policy" never mind the "treasure" needed to bankroll such a policy simply isn't there; and Harris also supports a national $15-an-hour minimum wage which would force many "mom and pop" business to close. 

As for foreign policy, again briefly, Kamala Harris is an "internationalist"...a "globalist" if you will...a woman who while viewing America as crucial in helping to solve global problems also views America as the cause of many of those problems. Believing that only by easing "social tensions" here at home will we be able to present a stronger more united front abroad, Kamala Harris still supports keeping our commitments to our allies intact and is a staunch supporter of Israel and Bibi Netanyahu...something the anti-Israel faction of the Democrat party remains unhappy about. But returning to true liberal Democrat form, Harris not only wants to cut America's defense budget and "redirect those monies" to communities "in need"...I wonder just who decides what "in need" means...she also wants to cut defense spending overall with Middle East cuts a top priority. 

And so the woman who started in politics by spreading her legs...the woman whose political career allowed her to amass a six million dollar fortune...the woman who with her husband owns three very pricey homes in very pricey now Uncle Joe's pick for vice president... or should I say the party hierarchy's pick. And while this woman has changed what were her one time more moderate colors into colors that coordinate well with the progressive arm of the Democrat party...a party who deems color and gender more important than qualifications...Kamala Harris will be remembered as the woman who tried passing her mixed-race self off as African-American...something she is not. 

But above all else...if Joe Biden did somehow pull off the impossible, he best sleep with not one eye but with both eyes open for Kamala Harris truly wants to become president...her ambition knows no bounds. And with Democrats being forced by circumstances to run Uncle Joe instead of a woman for president, coupled with Biden's being the poster boy for those with dementia...unfortunate "accidents" do tend to happen.  

Simply, the "great pretender" that is Kamala Harris...the "great pretender" the media still tries to pass off as a moderate...could become president. Not a pretty picture as Obama would then be the one pulling her strings.  

Bottom Trump/ ifs, ands or buts...our country's future depends on it.

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