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Space Force...Separate But Equal
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space...we must have American dominance in space."
- President Donald J. Trump, June 18, 2018

This past June 18th President Trump announced during a nationally televised press conference held at a meeting of the National Space Council, that he is directing the Pentagon to establish and have operational by 2020 a sixth branch of our armed forces. Calling it Space Force, this branch would be dedicated to protecting American interests in space starting with the directing of commercial space traffic and the monitoring of space in the junk left over from both man's journeys into space and no longer used satellites and other communications equipment orbiting the Earth.

And the issue of space debris...or space garbage as some call it...should not be something to laugh at for according to NASA there are roughly 20,000 pieces of space debris larger than a softball orbiting the Earth, about 500,000 pieces of debris the size of a marble or larger, along with millions of pieces that are too small to register, yet all are a danger to both commercial and military space equipment. And while right now the Air Force Space Command deals as best they can with this specific issue as well as their overseeing Department of Defense satellites...with other space related activities divvied out to the Navy, Army, and intelligence agencies...President Trump rightfully feels that a separate military branch would better serve not only the specific issue of space debris, but would help to consolidate all our space interests into one specific branch of our armed forces...a branch whose job would be to focus on space and only space one hundred percent of the time.

But as always Democrats don't see the logic in this...or in anything else President Trump proposes for that matter... leading the usual cast of Democrat characters and Rino naysayers to jump into the fray to help put a damper on America's future in space. And why have they done so besides it being Trump's a word 'money.' Money as in current allocated budget monies that would need to be shifting away from the Democrats guaranteed votes garnering welfare and such programs, and be shifted into the defense budget. And while the likes of Daryl G. Kimball, Executive Director of the Arms Control Association, claims instead that, “At best this is simply the creation of an additional D.O.D. Bureaucracy,” and that, “At worst, it is the first step in an accelerated competition between the U.S., China and Russia in the space realm that is going to be more difficult to avert without direct talks about responsible rules of the road,” know that nothing could be further from the truth as it remains all about money, votes, and stopping the Trump agenda.

Maybe, just maybe, we should make sure our people are not dying because they lack health insurance before we start spending billions to militarize outer space,” so said socialist loon Bernie Sanders, who also said Trump is anti-science. Guess he doesn't know that anything space involves science.

And the naysayers also willfully ignore the fact that with this new branch of the military would come both the much needed compartmentalizing and restructuring of all the responsibilities of who does what in regards to our U.S. presence in space...while still remaining separate from NASA albeit with NASA's support...and thus would save monies in the long run. And then there's the sad fact that these folks could care less that Space Force would become yet another step in helping to reestablish American dominance in space for he who controls space controls really is that simple.

And that is something Russia gets and we best get it too.

But not so surprisingly it's this very dominance issue that has left open the policy debate about the actual importance of space during a time of war. “At a time when we are trying to integrate the department’s joint warfighting functions, I do not wish to add a separate service that would likely present a narrower and even parochial approach to space operations,” were the words of none other than Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis, a man supposedly on Trump's side.

And Gen. Mattis wrote those words just a short year ago when President Trump first proposed a Space Force to our military leaders. And while some were decidedly onboard with Trump's plan, Gen. Mattis instead chose to write a letter to Rep. Michael R. Turner (R-Oh), the chairman of the House Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee and the very man he knew vehemently opposed any legislative effort by the House Armed Services Committee to create a space division of the military. And why did Turner oppose Space Force...because he said it needed congressional authorization and approval as per the Constitution's words that Congress has the authority “to raise and support armies,” forgetting that Space Force is not an army per se.

And Gen. Mattis, who sent that letter even while knowing that Space Force would be a key adjunct to all-important U.S. intelligence gathering operations, has now suddenly flipped-flopped on his written opinion which he also has publicly stated. Now saying just a few days ago, while with VP Mike Pence, that he is satisfied that creating Space Force as a separate military service is the right way to reorganize the Pentagon’s approach to space, Mattis is claiming that what he meant before was that, “What I was against was rushing to do that (create Space Force) before we could define the problem.”

To that I say Mattis is fooling no one as political expediency trumps all in cesspool that is D.C., and while I believe Gen. James Mattis is a great military tactician, he is not now nor was he ever truly in President Trump's corner. Shades of Trump detractor former National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster I'd say, and it's been rumored in D.C. that Mattis will be to the next one to go. But either way, if he stays or if he goes, I do not believe Gen. Mattis should have any part in something as important as Space Force.

We have the Air Force, and we’re going to have the space force...separate but equal,” said President Trump.

But thankfully President Trump is moving forward with his plans to create Space Force for those opposing such a move do not really understand the serious ramifications involved if we do not do so, including the fact that both Russia and China are currently working to develop weapons to jam, blind and/or destroy satellites that are crucial to our communications systems. And remember, Space Force is the next logical next step in making sure that America's military remains number one no matter that certain Air Force hierarchy are currently against this idea, and not for monetary reasons but for the usual inane bureaucratic reasons alone.

The Pentagon is complicated enough,” so said Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson adding that, “This will make it more complex, add more boxes to the organization chart.” No it will not...and bureaucracy be damned...for what it will do is help create a separate but equal armed forces department that is desperately needed if for no other reason than because we have a lot of money invested in space and we need to have a single-focused department overseeing this investment.

And then there's the inescapable fact that conflicts here on Earth could someday...and maybe in the not so distant future...actually end up being fought in space. And while some love to imagine a star-wars type battle being fought between the U.S. and Russia or even between the U.S. and China, while such a battle would never be on a scale like that, a battle itself is not an impossibility as Russia decidedly wants to gain more power in space. And with us still needing Russia to take our astronauts into space...score one for Russia...Russia firmly believes that by becoming number one in space would then afford them victory in any future battles they might need to fight here on Earth.

And China, while not currently involved in actual space endeavors per se, a few years ago created what they call the Strategic Support Force, a department meant to both “streamline and improve its space, cyber, and electronic warfare missions.” Preparing for future battles it seems... battles that logic itself dictates will someday be fought... and if China is fighting said battles it won't be battles over simple satellite interruptions caused by hackers messing with signals. And how do we know this...remember back to 2007 when China deliberately destroyed one of its own satellites in a test of a weapon that could be used to target and destroy other nations satellites...satellites that are crucial to both military and civilian communications systems. In other words, China has bigger fish to fry. And not to be forgotten is that Russia has also tested such a missile that could be used to track and destroy satellites...not good folks...not good at all.

And don't think for a minute that this is not a concern of President Trump because it is, and to that affect know that the Pentagon is already rumored to be working on technology designed to fight a war in space...a computer v. computer war that is with a few specially designed fighter jets thrown in for good measure. And also know that such efforts already have amounted to billions of dollars in government spending each year, much of it buried within...shh...“classified military programs.”  

Gotta do what we gotta do when it comes to keeping 'We the People' safe.

In fact, just a few weeks ago Vice President Mike Pence said during a speech at the Pentagon that, "As President Trump has said, in his words, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space — we must have American dominance in space. And so we is, in his words, a war-fighting domain just like land and air and sea.” 
And both President Trump and VP Mike Pence are right, but with one important caveat not said...that being that for decades or more likely centuries to come...American dominance in space...American military dominance in space to be more specific...will not see us playing games like cowboys v. aliens for the survival of Earth...but will see us fighting space battles from right here on Earth... most times involving the rendering useless of an enemy's communications and global positioning satellites. And this will be done, as I hinted above, by well-trained U.S. military computer experts and hackers along with civilian computer geeks and hackers (albeit ones on our government payroll) v. the same on the enemy's side. 
So while we are already number one in space exploration in terms of spending, number of assets, and technology advancements it would be a logical assumption to say that U.S. military advancements would not be far behind. But not to forgotten is that in today's world it's all about computers, and with the age of computers having begun with NASA's reaching for the stars, it would seem quite apropos that whichever country has the best computer technology will be the one who controls space...and needless to say I sure hope it is us.

Just something to think about because it really is that simple.

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Today, Friday, August 24th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'Space Force... Separate But Equal'; 'Omarosa...Unhinged, Unglued and Un-American'; and important news of the day.

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