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The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed... Addendum
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

A political circus of a dark and dank nature continues to draw an audience when that circus should really just pack up its tents and go home...and I'm speaking of the political circus known as Kavanaugh v. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford...a woman who I believe is nothing but a Democrat bought and paid for political whore.

In his article The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed, my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner and friend Craig Andresen laid out why there actually is no case against Judge Kavanaugh by pulling apart his accuser's own words...words that give no tangible evidence whatsoever of a crime ever having been committed...a crime of attempted rape that supposedly happened 36 years ago.

Briefly, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, sent a letter back in July to Rep. Dianne Feinstein (Ca-D) accusing now Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back in high school. For 36 years not a peep out of this woman...for 36 years in all the background checks run on Brett Kavanaugh as he worked his way up the judicial ladder not one accusation of any such kind surfaced...but now as a vote was set to be taken on Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court a letter sent by Dr. Ford to Rep. Dianne Feinstein back in July is suddenly made public. And so the circus begins...send in the Democrat clowns.

And a circus it remains even though Dianne Feinstein herself recently stated in regards to Dr. Ford's accusations that, “I can't say that everything is truthful. I don't know." And if the woman who sat on this letter for months because she questioned its validity now is stating just that, one has to wonder what is really going on.

Well I can tell you what's going on...all the Trump-hating Democrats...and sadly some Republicans too...will say and do anything to stop the appointment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the High Court just because he's Trump's nominee...and a conservative nominee at that. And while this eleventh hour accusation against the good judge is grandstanding at its very worst, in this country even a liar has the right to be heard but no one has the right to stall a Senate vote based upon their political agenda alone.

And such is the case with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, an uber liberal, pink pussy hat wearing professor at one of California's bastions of higher indoctrination. And with her retaining known Democrat operative Debra Katz as her attorney and doing so even before all this became an unabashed three-ring circus...the left's cause and effect becomes perfectly clear...either stop Brett Kavanaugh's appointment in full now or if said appointment can't be stopped at least put off the vote until after the midterm elections.

Believing that such a delay would give Democrats time to “power-up” their base to get out and vote this November against both the party and a president who thinks that someone who (allegedly) assaults women should sit on the High Court is but part one of their so very convoluted thought process. And the second part...if they could stop Kavanaugh from being seated now the Democrat's figure they could then stop or at least stonewall any other Trump Supreme Court nominee until 2020 when hopefully one of their own would become president, thus turning the High Court back to the left.

Convoluted thinking indeed along with the fact that the Democrat hierarchy still believes that even if somehow Brett Kavanaugh was conformed that he would be rendered judicially impotent if seated... impotent enough to where all his oral and written arguments would be questioned thus tying up the High Court's decisions for months or maybe even for years, and that they would then get to blame President Trump for the now already right-leaning Supreme Court not doing its job in a timely manner. Just goes to show that for the Democrats even a loss can be twisted into a their minds alone that is.

So while the Democrats are now using the “rape card” in a last ditch desperate attempt to block the Kavanaugh nomination...especially since the “race card” seems not to be usable in Kavanaugh's case...let me bring up but a few other scenarios the Democrats had hoped would work against Kavanaugh but didn't, and why in the end the Republicans will prevail with Brett Kavanaugh becoming the next Supreme Court justice.

When these allegations of a sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh first surfaced and while the accuser still remained nameless, the Democrats had hoped that with Brett Kavanaugh being a good decent family man, a faithful husband, a father of two young girls, and a church going man as well, that he would withdraw his name from nomination if for no other reason than to spare his family the heartache and embarrassment of not just the accusation itself, but of the sure to come three-ring circus the media would have it become. 

But the Democrats never even entertained the possibility that Brett Kavanaugh was a man of true inner strength and conviction...a man who boldly stated on day one and has not wavered since that said accusation never happened and that he would fight this until both his integrity was restored and the allegation was exposed as the lie that it is.

And by his standing strong against such a grievous accusation, Brett Kavanaugh actually forced his accusers name into being made public whether it be by the Democrat's themselves or by a leaker. Just getting Christine Blasey Ford's name out in the public domain not only put a name and face to Kavanaugh's accuser, but it actually now gave Republicans the upper hand for one can successfully fight against a real person, one cannot successfully fight against someone who cowardly hides behind anonymity.

And with Kavanaugh's accuser being named, it is she who is now rightfully under the microscope so to speak, and what is seen of her life and her comings and goings should make people think twice about the motive behind sexual allegations being used to push forward a political agenda. Again, you can read about some of that in Craig's article The Attempt to Smear Kavanaugh Exposed, but here I will add to what he has written for new information has come forth about Christine Blesey Ford's possible motive in making such an unfounded untruthful accusation and it ain't pretty at all.

Besides Dr. Ford being an avowed liberal Democrat and vehemently anti-Trump, her apparent hatred for Brett Kavanaugh might have nothing to do with an attempted rape that never happened, but might have to do with a twisted revenge of sorts against his mother for putting her parents through what she perceived as monetary hell so to speak.

Briefly, Brett Kavanaugh's mother, then Maryland State Circuit Court Judge Martha Kavanaugh, was the judge in a 1996 property foreclosure case involving Ralph and Paula Blasey, Christine Blasey Ford's parents. And even though this foreclosure case occurred many years after the alleged incident with Brett Kavanaugh took place, and while other judges presided earlier in the foreclosure process, it was Kavanaugh's mother who issued the rulings that while allowing the Blasey's to keep their home did so via a very costly settlement/refinancing deal with the lender, United Mortgage & Loan Investment Corp. And while Judge Martha Kavanaugh did grant a voluntary motion to dismiss the case in January 1997, foreclosure proceedings are something that follows one regarding any future home or property purchases. The Blaseys sold their home in 2011 with some saying at a loss due to lawyers fees and refinancing costs of the foreclosure case.

And guess who first started making sexual accusations against Brett Kavanaugh to her therapist in 2012... Christine Blasey Ford. A wee bit too coincidental time wise if you ask me.

But the timeline itself could be somewhat telling for 2012 heralded in Obama's last term in office and assurances of a Democrat line of succession became paramount on the Democrats “to do” list. And so people were lined up, lists were made, background investigations were done, and stories were concocted to ruin any Republicans chance of regaining the White House in 2016. Never thinking that someone like Donald Trump would ever win the presidency, the Democrats were in meltdown mode until Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death when they saw a possibility of at least sidetracking the Trump presidency. And what better way to do so than to deny him the ability to turn the High Court to the right for possibly generations to come.

However, after having failed to stop Neil Gorsuch from being appointing to the bench, the Democrats turned their sights on now nominee Brett Kavanaugh, did their homework, went back through their files of sorts, and came up with Democrat activist Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who they discovered had made sexual accusations against the newest nominee to a therapist. Building on the unprovability of a decades old accusation...knowing well that “he said-she said” sexual allegations in today's “#MeToo” environment could possibly work in their favor leads us to where we are now.

He attacked me”...”he tried to rape me”...”I thought he was going to kill me”...all words out of the mouth of Christine Blasey Ford against a man who says he was not even there. A true “he said-she said” scenario but one whose purpose is to both ruin a good man's career and stonewall a president they feel stole an election from the woman whose presidency was to be Barack HUSSEIN Obama's third term in office.

What a mess this has turned out to be.

And so the woman who said that she was more than willing to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about the alleged attack has now changed her mind and says that the F.B.I. should investigate the “incident” before senators even hold a hearing on the allegations...a hearing which was scheduled for this upcoming Monday. Besides the fact that the F.B.I. does not do investigations of this nature, there's nothing like in-our-face stonewalling to delay the Kavanaugh vote until after the midterm election.

The once three ring circus has morphed into the circus of the absurd for now Christine Blasey Ford claims she is being threatened by the far-right and fears for her safety. But I say the only thing this woman is being threatened by is the fact that she will be proven to be a liar for the only witness to the supposed attack...Mark Judge..a witness Ford herself claims was there...says Brett Kavanaugh was not even in the house at the time the attack supposedly took place.

So where does this leave the political circus of the absurd now...Sen. Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee said that After learning of the allegation, Chairman @ChuckGrassley took immediate action to ensure both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh have the opportunity to be heard, in public or private. Republicans extended a hand in good faith. If we don’t hear from both sides on Monday, let’s vote.”

And how right Sen. Corker is for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford never intended to appear anywhere...this was always made-up nonsense to push forward the Democrats anti-Trump agenda and nothing more with Brett Kavanaugh being but collateral damage in a war the Democrats will not win.

Remember the words “Let's Roll”...well here are two more words to remember “Let's Vote.”

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

For more political commentary please visit my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner Craig Andresen's blog The National Patriot to read his latest article Vetting the Credibility of Kavanaugh's Accuser.


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