Saturday, March 30, 2019

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Hamas TV: “Scatter” Israeli body parts, “make skulls fly in the sky”
By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch


Hamas TV: “Scatter” Israeli body parts, “make skulls fly in the sky”
Hamas lies habitually. It initially stated that “the rocket launched from Gaza that leveled a private home in central Israel on Monday was a mistake and that Hamas had ‘no interest’ in firing projectiles at Israel.” Meanwhile, while Hamas was busy “launching missiles at Israel’s civilian population….Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV was broadcasting calls to murder Israelis.” […]

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Highest Percentage Of Households Reporting Income Gains Since 1966

Highest Percentage Of Households Reporting Income Gains Since 1966People's Pundit Daily reports that March is shaping up to be a stellar economic month and that most households since 1966 are reporting income gains.

"Middle and lower income households more frequently reported income gains than last month, although income gains were still widespread among upper income households,” Richard Curtain, chief economist for the Survey of Consumers told PPD staff. “Indeed, the last time a larger proportion of households reported income gains was in 1966.”

Likewise, "consumer confidence rebounded in March to 98.4 from last month’s 93.8, slightly above the average of 97.2 recorded in the past 26 months."
Obama to genocidal Jew-hater Rashida Tlaib: “I’m proud of you”
Jihadi Rep. Tlaib posts a photo of her with Obama.” “I’m proud of you,” says Obama to Tlaib. The woman s a genocidal Jew-hater. Imagine if President Trump was photographed with David Duke?

The reaction from the media would have been violent. However, the mainstream media has consistently given Obama a pass for embracing some of the most vicious and vile of racists and demagogues from the left.

“The best part was when he looked straight at me and said, “I’m proud of you,” says Tlaib of Obama. What is Obama proud of? Is it that Tlaib is an open anti-Semite? Is it Tlaib’s hatred of Israel and her support of the BDS Movement? Is it Tlaib’s support for Hezbollah and Hamas?

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