Saturday, September 18, 2021

Amid COVID surge, states that cut benefits still see no hiring boost

The August slowdown in U.S. job creation hit harder in states that pulled the plug early on enhanced federal unemployment benefits, places where an intense summertime surge of coronavirus cases may have held back the hoped-for job growth.

New state-level data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the group of mostly Republican led states that dropped a $300 weekly unemployment benefit over the summer added jobs in August at less than half the pace of states that retained the benefits.

Elected leaders in those states argued the payments, in place since spring of 2020 to help families through the pandemic, were discouraging people from work and holding back an economic recovery that seemed to be gathering steam earlier this year when the impact of vaccines was taking hold and coronavirus cases were falling.

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Adam Schiff Calls For Investigation Into Strike That Killed Afghan Civilians  
Carmine Sabia / Conservative Brief

Joe Biden’s administration is taking fire now from its own side after conducting a strike that killed an innocent Afghan aid work and nine others, including seven children.

California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has called for a full investigation into how such a tragic mistake could happen in a press release from the House Intelligence Committee.

“We must take every precaution when it comes to protecting civilian lives, and hold ourselves accountable when we fail. While there is no overstating the chaotic and dangerous situation in Kabul following the fall of the Afghan government and the attack on our forces by ISIS-K, it is clear that the August 29 strike was a mistake with horrific consequences,” he said.

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