Sunday, January 31, 2016

Super Bowl 50 “High Tech” Terror Threat: F-16 Fighter Jets, FBI, K-9 Units, Helicopters, “Drones with Chemical Weapons”

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

More talk from Muslim operatives about a Super Bowl 50 attack. If you recall, the jihadis who attacked our free speech conference in Garland were planning to attack the Super Bowl as well.

This screenshot is from the San Francisco Chronicle. A  leaked memo mentions possible dispersion of a harmful substance — a “chemical attack” from a drone.

Super Bowl 50 Terrorism Threat? F-16 Fighter Jets, FBI, K-9 Units, Helicopters Ready For Football Game  By Jess McHugh, IBT, January 28, 2016 (thanks to Tom):
The FBI and local authorities have stepped up security surrounding Super Bowl 50, including F-16 fighter jets, helicopters and K-9 teams, CBS Local reported Wednesday. Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California, where the...
For a man who is running to “make America great again,” Donald Trump’s tax plan is exceedingly expensive.

According to an analysis by the Tax Foundation, Trump’s plan would add trillions to the national debt, more than the current sum added after seven years of President Obama’s policies (via Weekly Standard):
When Barack Obama took office, America’s national debt was $10.6 trillion. It's now $19.0 trillion—an increase of $8.4 trillion in just seven years, or $1.2 trillion per year. 
One of the key reasons the Tea Party movement was founded was out of frustration with this skyrocketing debt. Yet Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposed tax plan would increase the national debt by $10.1 trillion, according to scoring by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. And that's after taking into account the increased economic growth that Trump's plan would generate. (Without such growth—and liberal scorekeepers would say the Tax Foundation's model is overly generous in projecting growth—Trump's tax plan would increase deficits by $12.0 trillion.)
It's pretty incredible that just one Trump policy proposal would generate more debt than seven years of Obama.
The Standard added that Sen. Ted Cruz’s plan would increase deficits by $768 billion, but would have a more robust level of economic growth. Yet, the Tax Foundation did say that Trump’s plan would create a better job creating and investing climate:
Our analysis finds that the plan would reduce federal revenues by $11.98 trillion over the next decade. However, it also would improve incentives to work and invest, which could increase gross domestic product (GDP) by 11 percent over the long term. This increase in GDP would translate into 6.5 percent higher wages and 5.3 million new full-time equivalent jobs. […]

Bombshell: Obama Admin Confirms Clinton Emails Contained “Top Secret” Info

The State Department made a bombshell confirmation on Friday that emails found on Hillary Clinton’s unprotected home email server contained some of the most heavily guarded government secrets – including some that are so secretive, the State Department refuses to release them!

Friday the State Department released 37 pages of emails that related to “special access programs,” which often relate to highly sensitive info pertaining to things like drone strikes or overseas eavesdropping.

There are still additional emails that fall into a similar category that are still being investigated, including 22 that are so secretive they can’t be released! Making things tough legally is the fact that none of the emails were stamped as “Top Secret,” “Classified,” or the like, meaning Clinton could claim she didn’t realize the sensitive nature of the emails.

In recent days, rumors have begun to accelerate that the FBI’s case against Clinton is far more advanced than the public thinks.

This could not come at a worse time for the Democratic frontrunner for President as the Iowa caucuses are in three days and she is in a dead heat with Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT)
From the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured home server contained some of the U.S. government’s most closely guarded secrets, censoring 22 emails with material demanding one of the highest levels of classification. The revelation comes just three days before the Iowa presidential nominating caucuses in which Clinton is a candidate.

The State Department will release its next batch of emails from Clinton’s time as secretary of state later Friday. But The Associated Press has learned seven email chains are being withheld in full because they contain information deemed to be “top secret.”

The 37 pages include messages recently described by a key intelligence official as concerning so-called “special access programs” — a highly restricted subset of classified material that could point to confidential sources or clandestine programs like drone strikes or government eavesdropping.

Read more at the Associated Press
The late Libyan leader Moammar GadhafiWASHINGTON – As Washington prepares to take “decisive military action” in Libya against the alarming growth of ISIS, retired generals have told G2 Bulletin they are concerned that the United States may go it alone, according to a new report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

They ask which allies, if any, will join a coalition and attempt to work with a Libyan government that barely exists.

At a news conference last week, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. said the U.S. is “looking to take decisive military action” against ISIS in Libya and that a decision would be coming “in weeks” but “not hours.”

“It’s fair to say that we’re looking to take decisive military action against ISIS in conjunction with the political process” in Libya, Dunford said. “The president has made clear that we have the authority to use military force.”

ISIS is thought to have more than 3,000 fighters, with more flowing into Libya from Syria and Iraq, where the U.S., Russia and other countries have been carrying out intense airstrikes against the jihadist fighters.

Another ‘trillion-dollar failure’?

In October 2011, the U.S., France and Britain launched attacks that led to the overthrow of the government of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi. Since then, the country has not had a functional government. Warring factions of local jihadist groups are preoccupied fighting among themselves for dominance rather than taking on ISIS or coming together to form a government of national accord.