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Saving 2020
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

You’re going to see the right to life people very harshly criticizing Justice Kavanaugh because this is the second time he disappointed them by presumably agreeing not to interfere with a decision that is perceived as being pro-abortion. They [anti-abortion advocates] were expecting him to be more, let’s say, decidedly pro-life.” - Judge Andrew Napolitano, on Justice Kavanaugh's decision to overturn an appeal to reinstate Indiana's abortion law

As the 2020 election draws near not only is the political discourse heating up but the animosity is heating up as well...discourse and animosity even within ones own party. You're leaning way too far to the're leaning way too far to the're too're not conservative enough...I hear it every day. Keep it up folks and the wedge will be driven so deep that the party fractures to such a degree that it cannot be fixed...and here I'm talking about the Republican Party v. those within it who lean decidedly a bit too far to the right regarding certain issues.

First lets get some things straight...there are two main political parties in this country...the Democrat and the Republican party...two parties alone who determine the presidential election. All other political parties including the Independent Party, the Libertarian Party, the Conservative Party, the Constitutional Party, the Green Party, as well as the truly obscure political parties who constitute the “fringe element”...sees that when push comes to shove it's their party's candidate who goes down in flames as the two major parties, for the most part, are the ones to not only get out the vote but get it out in numbers that the other parties can never come close to matching.

That is simple reality folks...reality whether some want to hear it or not.

And another reality...a reality causing a great deal of friction between those who identify as Republicans and those who identify as conservatives but register and vote Republican. These folks are wise enough to know that the Conservative Party itself is not strong enough to win a general election let alone the presidency, and so they register as Republicans as the Democrat Party...the new Democrat-Socialist Party not an option...and rightly so.

However, while the Republican Party...the political party of Lincoln and Reagan...does share many conservative leanings that does not mean one has to be a die-hard conservative to be a Republican as there are some key differences between the two. Generally, Republicans do favor small government; states rights; high tariffs on foreign goods (which helps push the “Made in America” scenario); “sound money” tied to the value of gold and tangible "treasure;" reduced taxes as a means of stimulating the economy thus encouraging individual economic stability; are pro-second amendment, pro-military, and want a strong national defense; say NO to ILLEGAL immigration and YES to LEGAL immigration; know the “social issues” belong to the states; the list goes on and on.

Conservatives...or should I say those who embrace the “philosophy of conservatism” for conservatism is but a philosophy...generally favor most things Republicans favor policy wise, but do tend to bring religion and the Holy Bible into most (but not all) of the political discourse, especially discourse regarding the social issues...especially the discourse regarding abortion. That is the main difference between the two entities...that and the fact that while most Republicans honor “separation of church and state” most die-hard conservatives actually want to meld the two together...something our Founding Fathers would never want to see happen.

Then there's a new, while not quite a party but a political movement, by the name of Republican-Conservatives (as opposed to Conservative-Republicans) who take the best policies of the Republican Party and mix it with a healthy but not all consuming dose of the moral compass that now defines the “conservative philosophy.” And by using simple logic and the law as laid down in the Constitution as their legal guideline, Republican-Conservatives strive to present a new option to help bring the two factions together into one cohesive Republican voting block.

And I freely admit I am one of those just named folks for where I differ with die-hard conservatives is that under no circumstances do I want America to become a theocracy...which is what many die-hard conservatives want without actually saying it.

Want an about conservatives recent actions or should I say reactions regarding our newest Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

How so? Many conservatives are now voicing their disappointment in Justice Kavanaugh, the man they counted on being their anti-abortion savior on the High Court. But when a case that could have challenged the constitutional right to abortion recently reached the High Court, Kavanaugh, instead of taking the high moral anti-abortion ground, chose to join with his fellow justices in “sidestepping” a key component of that case. Choosing to overturn an appeal to reinstate Indiana's strict 2016 abortion law...a law banning all abortions at any time during a pregnancy no matter the circumstances...a law which had been signed by then Governor Mike Pence...the justices chose to uphold only part of said law...the part regarding the disposal of “fetal remains.” 
In other words, this “without dissent” ruling tried to placate both sides of the abortion issue which can in the end backfire. Placate make those on the left happy the ruling did not violate a woman's right to choose abortion or put an “undue burden” on those who choose to abort. How so...because the justices left in place lower court rulings that blocked Indiana's law from making it illegal for a woman to end her pregnancy because of the race or gender of the fetus or if she received a diagnosis of Down syndrome. And to make those on the right somewhat happy the justice's decision treats aborted babies with dignity and respect in regards to body in no selling of aborted babies or their body parts allowed...these babies are to be buried or cremated...period.

Some wonder many conservatives are not happy with Justice Kavanaugh right now...but...what they don't understand is that Kavanaugh based his decision not on the moral and religious righteousness of the “philosophy of conservatism” regarding abortion, but solely upon the words of the Constitution...the very document he swore to uphold...which was absolutely the right thing to do.

Putting aside his own personal beliefs regarding abortion, Justice Kavanaugh chose not to play the role of an “activist justice”...a favorite role for liberal Obama-appointed justices and judges...but to rule as the Constitutionalist he always said he would be. And Brett Kavanaugh did so by following the precedent set in Roe v. Wade “faithfully and fully”...his regards to this ruling. Knowing that he could never make all conservatives happy all the time, especially concerning the legalities of abortion, the truth is that nothing will make some die-hard conservatives happy unless the words of the Holy Bible trumps the Constitution as law of our land...a, an observation...yes.

But this is not the first time some conservatives have been “irked” by Justice Kavanaugh's decisions, Now seeing him as a “sellout,” these conservatives claim that not only has Kavanaugh sided more with the court's liberal justices than with the other conservative justices, but that he has partnered, if you will, with Chief Justice John Roberts, the very justice regarded by many as not just the current court's swing vote, but as a true sell-out to the Republican Party itself due to his ObamaCare deciding vote.

But this thinking is in error for being more moderate and flexible in certain decisions accomplishes more in the end than being so far to the right in a given situation that one can actually shake hands with the left...emotionally, stubbornly, and ever so misinformed-wise that is.

Misinformed or just simply blinded by their passions has some conservatives forgetting that in regards to the issue of abortion...the number one issue for conservatives... has the justices rightfully moving slowly as they are not yet ready to address abortion head on...not yet ready to revisit let alone 'overturn' Roe v. least not during the upcoming presidential election year. A wise move on the conservative justice's part because had the High Court heard the Indiana case, said case would have been “argued” this fall and decided by June 2020...a mere four months before the presidential election.

Now just imagine the Democrat turnout if the Indiana case had led not just to Roe v. Wade being overturned but with it being replaced with a decidedly more stringent anti-abortion ruling. Imagine that turnout while conservatives stayed home reveling in their anti-abortion “mission accomplished” scenario now blind to the fact that whomever the Democrat candidate is could actually win due to sheer Democrat voter turnout alone. Remember, it's always all about votes and by creating an issue that draws voters to the polls, and abortion is such an issue, it is best not to make it the key issue heading into 2020, especially with the Democrat Party being this country's majority party.

And when the majority party is as vile as today's Democrat Party is, the problem is that conservatives tend not to look at the political puzzle fully assembled, but choose instead to look at each individual puzzle piece that suits their specific agenda, in this case their anti-abortion agenda. Dangerous indeed for their Republican counterparts do tend to look more at the puzzle fully assembled even if it means certain pieces are still missing...revisiting Roe v. Wade now is one such missing piece that needs to remain missing until President Trump is reelected. Kavanaugh knew this and acted accordingly.

I hope die-hard conservatives understand that here is where the divide between Republicans and conservatives comes into play with Justice Kavanaugh being but one puzzle piece of the bigger puzzle picture...a picture that has Democrats waiting in the wings to help fracture an already fractured party. The party that booed God and seemingly shuns morality is using God and immorality to divide us even more, and they're getting help from the Rinos who remain the Republicans main Achilles heel.

So how can the Republican Party fully embrace conservatives so as to assure President Trump his second term in office?

Simply, the divisive hot-button issue of abortion must be toned down if not tabled for awhile as now we see states going too far to the right which is as bad as going too far to the left. Republicans know well that the right to have an abortion will remain albeit with stricter guidelines in place, and conservatives must accept this as fact and move on to other more pressing matters...more pressing matters like the economy, illegal immigration, and foreign affairs (including Iran and the Middle East) to name but a order to help order to help Donald Trump...solidify an unbeatable 2020 voting block.

So while die-hard conservatives will always remain staunch proponents of “social conservatism”...Republicans in turn must accept that for those folks their faith will remain a key component of the political discourse with total “separation of church and state” not an option for them. Thankfully, that number does not make up the majority of conservatives... conservatives who understand that while one's faith can be strong they can separate faith from the political discourse. 2020 here come we Republican-Conservatives to save the day.

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