Saturday, December 30, 2017

UN Official Confirms Israel's Withdrawal from UNESCO Over Anti-Israel Bias, Expresses Regret

UN Official Confirms Israel's Withdrawal from UNESCO Over Anti-Israel Bias, Expresses Regret
Israel announced in October that it was following the U.S.’s lead and withdrawing from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) over its anti-Israel bias. UNESCO confirmed Friday that Israel will be withdrawing effective December 2018 and expressed its regret over the decision.

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay confirmed that she had received official withdrawal notice from Israel’s government and expressed regret over the decision saying she felt that it “is inside UNESCO and not outside it” that States can best seek to overcome differences.

“A Member of UNESCO since 1949, Israel has a rightful place inside the United Nations agency that is dedicated to education, culture and science,” she said. “Inside an institution committed to the defence of freedom of expression, the prevention of all forms of antisemitism and racism, which has developed a unique programme of education about the Holocaust and the prevention of genocide.

Iran: Hundreds of thousands of protesters shout “We don’t want an Islamic Republic”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

#IranProtests: Hundreds of thousands across #Iran chant "We don't want Islamic Republic!" & "Clerics shame on you, let go of our country!" Woman in video took off her #Hijab to protest Islamic dress code imposed on Iranian women since 1979. #IStandWithHer — Mark Vallen (@mark_vallen) December 29, 2017 This is extraordinary, and could presage […]
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Jailed pervert Anthony Weiner had CLASSIFIED emails belonging to wife Huma Abedin on his laptop


It bears noting that since the Hillary election debacle, Huma has become extremely reckless in her associations. Huma Abedin has been raising a lot of eyebrows this month. The wife of the  Sinaloa cartel’s El Chapo Guzman has been a frequent guest at her home.

And her ‘closest’ cousin was just convicted of fraud.

Interesting that this is coming out now and not under the corrupt James Comey and Trump-hater Andrew McCabe’s  investigation.

The endless lying and contempt for rule of law by this traitorous criminal gang cannot go unpunished.

They broke the law. They are not above it.

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Savages Begetting Savages
By: Diane Sori /The Patriot Factor

This is serious stuff folks...hey you dolts at the U(seless) N(ations) and your liberal anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian cohorts know...those of you who recently condemned President Trump, the U.S. and Israel. News flash...the Palestinians have just published an online guide for their children on the "proper way" to throw rocks for throw rocks at Israeli's and that maim, injure, and sometimes kill. (See the proof of what I'm saying in the pics and links below

These savages and their not so innocent offspring are the people you condone...and you are just too stupid to see that when they are done with the Jews they will be coming for you next. Better be ready because it won't be pretty...that I can guarantee you.

Shameful...just shameful...using children in such a horrendous way...using children as weapons to kill...using children for political gain...using children as propaganda tools... using children you cowardly bast*rds.

Here is the translation of the Arabic text:

"In order to hit the target, there are three conditions:
1. Stand stably and balance your legs, arms, and body well
2. Focus your gaze on the center of the target, and do not look at anything else
3. Keep the desired balance between your body and your weapon; you are the one that controls the weapon, and not the other way around
If you did not understand this, read it again, and if you still have not understood, here is an example picture for you"

[Official Fatah Twitter account, Dec. 16, 2017]

Sorry but these people...these not deserve to live amongst civilized men.