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The Politicization of Hurricane Ian...Part Two
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Last week in my article “The Politicization of Hurricane Ian...Part One,” I spoke about the hurricane's aftermath and how some of our country's elected officials are not only trying to play the blame game for both the storm damage incurred and the lives lost, but how some, like Kamala Harris, have now turned an act of nature... climate change nonsense be damned...into a racist endeavor in a quest to garner more votes for the Democrats soon to be lost mid-term election.

And in said article I also spoke about how Florida's great Gov. Ron DeSantis, and our Florida Congressmen and women as well as both our Senators, stood strong against the Democrats using Florida's tragedy as a way to pass their “continuing resolution” to keep the federal government up and running through mid-December. Nothing like Democrats showing their true colors by “porking up” their liberal agenda at the expense of their fellow Americans who have now literally lost everything they once owned, and in some cases lost people they loved.

And so here I begin where “Part One” left off with the “continuing resolution” and Joe Biden's visit to both Puerto Rico and southwest Florida to see the devastation first hand. And in both places Biden made some of his biggest “ooops moments”...moments that have indeed come back to haunt.

In the late afternoon of Wednesday October 5th, Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden (read nursemaid here) visited Fort Myers to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ian and to meet with officials, residents, and business owners impacted by Ian's devastating fury. Starting with an aerial tour aboard Marine One (the presidential helicopter), Biden met with Governor DeSantis, Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, as well as state and local leaders to discuss ongoing recovery efforts. Saying that, “This is about America coming together,” Biden also “vowed” to bring “every element of the federal government together to help with immediate needs and long-term rebuilding,” never mind the fact that his vows were tied to the afore mentioned “continuing resolution.”

Also, Biden said that those Floridians without “disaster insurance” may be eligible for up to $80k in federal funds to “repair or replace” their homes and vehicles. But the problem is that most folks who own homes here in Florida have homeowners insurance, as mortgage companies do require it. However, what Biden specifically referred to as being “disaster insurance” is not on its own offered in the state of Florida. And with those without insurance usually, but not always, being folks of lower income or people “of color”...what Biden is basically now doing is giving even more government handouts to those who are already on welfare and Medicaid...folks who do not own homes but rent homes or apartments instead. And this means that they can do whatever they wish to do with Biden's $80k giveaway while the actual home and property owner is left to deal with their insurance company alone.

Simply, what we now have here is a vote garnering operation based upon Kamala Harris' “equity” nonsense instead of Biden's helping the true home owners with their tangible property losses, and it's while said renter can just pick up and rent elsewhere having $80k in their pocket to do so.

Just more politicization that ties into the afore mentioned “continuing resolution” that Florida's elected officials said no to and rightly so, and many of us here in Florida are glad that they did. And why...because Democrats always prefer politics over truth and reality. One case in point revolves around Sen. Marco Rubio and his opponent Val Demings who criticized Rubio for his “not being present” for the resolution vote. But he had a very good reason for not being there...our Senator was here in Florida's Lee County surveying the epicenter of the destruction caused by the storm, which was exactly where he needed to be. And that was way more important than being in Washington voting on a bill that does little to directly help those in Florida who lost everything. And by the way, Sen. Rubio stayed in southwest Florida doing whatever he could to do to help, so to both Val Demings and St. Petersburg-based State House Democrat Michele Rayner who said, “the people of Florida deserve better,” I agree that they do, but that the only way to achieve better is by not voting for people like Demings and Rayner in the first place.

Now as for the actuality of Joe Biden and “bad optics”... the one thing he seems to have mastered. Biden was rightfully criticized for his slow response to Puerto Rico being hit by Hurricane Fiona so it was critical, PR wise, that he visit southwest Florida as soon as it was safe for him to do so. But I find it odd that with our commonwealth of Puerto Rico having suffered major hurricane damage on September 18th...which is almost two weeks before he or Ian visited Florida...that Biden chose the day before coming to southwest Florida to go to Puerto Rico. And once there, while he did promise Puerto Rico $60 million in federal funding to help rebuild the island, it's obvious to all that he should have gone there weeks ago and not piggybacked said visit with his coming to southwest Florida.

Priorities askew as always...with truly bad optics to boot..forced Biden to play the “race card” in Puerto Rico even before Kamala Harris did so in regards to Florida. How so? In his short visit to the island, what Biden hoped for was to garner votes via his words that, “my home state of Delaware had a relatively large Puerto Rican community when I was growing up,” and that, “I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.” But, I believe, Biden fooled no one for most know that Pennsylvania is Biden's actual home state as his family didn't move to Delaware until he was 10 years old, and that when he started his now 50 year (too long) political career there were only about 2,100 people of Puerto Rican descent living in the entirety of Delaware.

So what Biden did while in Puerto Rico was direct his words to the island's Democrat voters and to the roughly 23,000 folks of Puerto Rican descent now living in Delaware. Comprising but 2.5% of the state's population, I guess when politics is involved Joe Biden figures that by his now classifying himself, in a sense, as a person “of color” it will help his party in some small way to deflect the soon to come November “red wave.”

And then Joe Biden, our newest “person of color,” came to Ft. Myers to not only survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, but to “pretend” to play nice (see footnote)* with Gov. DeSantis and other elected officials, while throwing the $80K bone at some...but not a play for Democrat votes. But to be fair I must say that while here Biden not only praised Gov. De Santis for his handling of Hurricane Ian and even went so far as to say that DeSantis’ response was “pretty remarkable,” but he extended the federal emergency relief package he first enacted on September 29th at “100 percent of the total eligible costs” by an additional 30 days, thus now making the direct federal assistance package available for 60 days. And while this relief package will provide funding for “debris removal and emergency protective measures,” this package really does nothing for those who have lost everything.

And to those who sadly lost everything, when Biden met with local officials and residents at Fisherman's Wharf, a marina that was ripped apart by the storm he stated that, “The key here is building back better and stronger to withstand the next storm,” adding that, “You can’t go back to what it was before, you got to build back better, because we know more is coming.” And while these very words are surely much stronger building codes have now proven to be needed...the residents gathered wanted to hear what he and the federal government will do now to help them not just later.

And while Biden also said, “I want the people of Florida to know you have my commitment and America's commitment that we're not going to leave. We're going to see you through this entire process,” he never stated exactly what the “process” will be. Simply, when folks are hurting, when all that was once theirs is lost, generalities are not what they want hear. They not only want but deserve answers to questions asked, something not gotten from Biden during this short and seemingly planned to be a quite rushed visit. 

But if truth be it always should be...answers to direct questions is something we never seem to get from Democrats as more times than not those answers can only be found buried deep within self-serving partisan driven “continuing resolutions,” which sadly seems to be the case now. 

But speaking in generalities I must say that all the key players did, at least on the surface, try to overcome their ever widening partisan divide. In fact,.our great governor even commended the White House for its collaboration in helping Floridians and thanked Biden for visiting his state, as well as praising FEMA with words to the affect that, “We were very fortunate to have good coordination with the White House and with FEMA,” which for now has proven to be true.


And yet with all the words spoken, all the praise given, and all the promises made, it was the “optics” of Joe Biden's visit to southwest Florida that said more than anything else. How so...because I believe that Joe Biden now least on some semblance of a cognitive level...that he and his party's hold on power is about to come to an end, and it's all due to the fact that sometimes a photo does say it all. 

The now widely circulated photo of Gov. Ron DeSantis speaking from the president's podium...the photo where DeSantis' strength, fortitude, and leadership clearly shines indeed a foreshadowing of things to come whether it be in 2024 or 2028. 

And Joe Biden's willingly turning the podium over to DeSantis quite unexpectedly while he stepped aside... going off script puts it mildly...drew shock and dismay from many on his side of the political aisle. And while it is not that uncommon for local officials to speak from the presidential podium after a natural disaster, it did seem odd that Biden would allow the very someone who might potentially run and win the next presidential election to be given such an opportunity to show what a real president looks, acts, and sounds like.

No PR firm could ever dream up a better press release than that one photo...the above photo of DeSantis behind the presidential seal...and it came...knowingly or not... courtesy of Joe Biden's recognizing a job well done at a time when some of our fellow Americans are badly hurting. 

And it was DeSantis' afore mentioned strong leadership, fortitude, and his being able to successfully handle the many obstacles now before him...obstacles obviously not of his doing...that gave “We the People” a glimpse into what America's future could look like with the right man at the helm. And most shocking of all, and putting partisan politics aside, it came courtesy of Joe Biden and a hurricane named closed.


* Read why Biden was pretending” to play nice here:

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