Monday, October 7, 2013

 You want can have it...
but don't force it on me
by: Diane Sori

Here's a novel idea and a simple solution to the ObamaCare debate ...make ObamaCare strictly and totally in you want go get it.

If you're a sheeple or liberal Dem and buy into Obama's BS more power to you...sign on to ObamaCare...enjoy it...relish in it...and just hope that down the road it doesn't kill you.

As for the rest of us...leave us the hell alone...we do NOT want ObamaCare...need ObamaCare...and know ObamaCare can kill us. We'll get our own insurance...if we even want insurance...and taper whatever plan we do get to fit OUR needs NOT to what a muzzie usurping lying POS traitor tells us is OUR needs.

So dear can have ObamaCare with its death panels... rationed medicine...and all the other goodies that are hidden in its 2000+ pages of BS. We're NOT stopping you...just don't force it on those who do NOT want closed.

The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government

by / Personal Liberty Digest

The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government
When it comes to the economy, most Americans are functionally illiterate and lost in a fog of frivolity and ignorance. How else to explain their continued advocacy for and support of policies detrimental to their economic interests?

For instance: Conventional wisdom holds that the Federal Reserve is essential to sound monetary policy and that its activities ensure that inflation and unemployment are kept in check. Conventional wisdom also holds that the United States is in debt and you should pay your “fair share” of tax dollars — as determined by a group of collectivists — into the U.S. Treasury in order to keep government functioning and pay off that debt. Neither could be further from the truth.

Look at the dollars in your pocket. They are nowhere near the value of the dollars that you had as a child or that you may have stored under your mattress.

Most people think that a dollar is a dollar. Not so. Today’s dollars (nominal dollars) are quicksand money that destroys financially all who trust it.

We have had fiat paper money since 1913, and most of that time it was being debased (inflated). Now it’s at a 96 percent loss. A 1913 dollar is now worth only 4 cents. What cost $1 in 1913 now costs almost $23. How did this happen?

It happened through inflation — which is not rising prices, as most have been lead to believe. Inflation is an increase in the supply of money, i.e., money printing by the Federal Reserve. The increase in the amount of money in circulation causes prices to rise as more money chases fewer goods.

We are only as rich or as poor as the purchasing power of our money. Have you ever wondered why banks and politicians love paper money? Because they profit from it!

Some of you who are readers of The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) may remember we predicted that the money printers would pull us out of the 2008 financial collapse at least one more time. Well, the indicators put forth by government and the mainstream media propagandists tell us that they are doing it, but it comes at great cost to the value of your dollars and to the detriment of the middle class.

In this inflating economy we have the stock market hitting all-time highs, but in nominal dollars it is creating deceptive losses.

Nominal dollars are the everyday paper dollars that we think of and call money. These dollars change every day (depreciate). The value of these dollars goes down constantly as the money printers continue to debase our currency.

Now the point is that Americans don’t know the difference. They don’t know that depreciating or nominal dollars by debasement is destroying their savings, their retirement and systematically impoverishing them. If this is not all important, I don’t know what is!

Nominal dollars, or depreciating currency, is destroying America. America is a giant Ponzi scheme no different from the one pulled off by Bernie Madoff. Madoff’s scheme collapsed because he became locked into an economic death spiral of moving dollars from one pile to another. That is the case of the U.S. economy.

Nominal depreciating paper money dollars is default headed for the trash heap of all the unfunded paper money in history. The few who wake up to the real world begin exchanging their depreciating paper money for gold, silver and Swiss annuities (Swiss francs).

Those unaware of the inflating debasing nature of nominal dollars live in a fickle and imaginary world. They believe that all is well and all is safe. They are further deceived by rising stock prices in nominal dollars. One can be up 100 percent in a stock portfolio but still be losing in real dollars. It’s very deceptive!

How many investors in Warren Buffet’s famous Berkshire Hathaway realize that they have been losing in real dollars for years? I don’t believe they mention this in their sensational annual reports.

All modern money is nominal dollars. Look at the money in your pocket or your savings account or your retirement. You are being deceptively impoverished and the fact that you are unaware of it makes your eventual impoverishment certain.

As to whether Federal Reserve or a central bank is necessary, one need only look at the 100 years prior to the creation of the Fed in 1913 (a period that also included Civil War inflation and its destruction of the U.S. economy). An item that cost $1 in 1814 cost only 47 cents in 1913. That’s almost completely the reverse of the past 100 years. (For further explanation of the Fed and inflation, go here, here and here.)

Now to the “crisis” in the Washington, D.C., cesspool and the ongoing debate over government funding and the debt ceiling. First, understand this: The U.S. national debt will never be paid off.

There is in fact no debt. It is all an illusion of political doublespeak.

How can there be a “debt” if there is money printing to infinity? Ask yourself another question: If you had a printing press that could print all the money you wanted, would you have any debt? Of course not, and neither does the U.S. government (but State and local governments do have debt).

So if there is no debt, why must you pay your “fair share” of taxes? The truth is there is no need, because as I’ve demonstrated, your taxes do not go to pay U.S. debt. Taxes are merely a means of redistributing wealth and compiling an informational dossier on all Americans.

The key word to describe fiat non-substance is infinity. This imaginary money system can be created to infinity and indeed is on its way. The American people (and the world) believe that this non-substance is real money. This is an exercise in an unbelievable and unimaginable delusion that is accepted by the mind as real.

This is socialism at its most perfect creation and it is doing exactly socialism’s work of transferring the wealth and savings of the American people to the State without payment.

Debt implies that there are limits to money and spending. Debt is not a concept that can be applied to Federal government so-called accounting. This is one of the system’s deep dark secrets and proof the whole Federal System is a fiat paper Ponzi.

My friends, you may have title to your home, your savings and your accumulated wealth, but the State is the owner without compensation to you.

Why? Everything that you “own” is denominated in fiat U.S. dollars. As the Fed creates fiat to buy up America (euphemism for bailout), the nominal dollar ownership of your property diminishes. This system allows no escape from its fiat.

So what should you do? First, stop thinking conventional thoughts. They are not your own.

If you will digest completely what I write, you will be catapulted into the real world. You will not spend your life frivolously and off point.

Preserve your labor, your savings and retirement with gold and silver in your possession. You will know what to do with your precious metals when the time comes — and it will come.

Precious metals don’t pay interest, you say? This is conventional thinking backed by the paper money myth. Gold and silver are the only real money in existence. They are real money as well as intrinsic wealth. Moreover, gold and silver appreciate in purchasing power as paper money depreciates. That is your real interest. All understanding of hard money has been lost down the memory hole of the fiat paper world money regime.

I am proud to be an American, but I know that my government and my country have been stolen by the money creators.
U.S. government spent nearly $5 million on Hasan trial

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

HasanBeard.jpgAnother victory over the kuffar

Your taxpayer dollars at work: $5 million to try -- and to protect -- a man who acknowledged his guilt from the beginning. The trial could have been over in five minutes and cost no more than the electricity needed to keep the lights on in the courtroom. Instead, we got the ridiculous charade in which evidence of Hasan's jihadi ties and allegiances was deemed inadmissible, and huge sums of money were spent for the jihad murderer's helicopter transport and private office.

"Records Show How U.S. Government Spent Nearly $5 Million on Hasan Trial: Taxpayers foot bill for $5 million trial in which Hasan put up no defense," by Scott Friedman for, October 5 (thanks to Larry):
Army records obtained by NBC 5 Investigates details how the U.S. government spent nearly $5 million to convict Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood massacre -- crimes for which he wanted to plead guilty. 
After several months of filing requests, NBC 5 Investigates received the first detailed accounting of the costs related to the court martial and trial for the former Army psychiatrist convicted of killing 13 and injuring 32 in a mass shooting in 2009. The total bill to U.S. taxpayers was more than $4.7 million.
Hasan, who called no witnesses in his defense and asked only a few questions during the trial, wanted to plead guilty to the charges against him but was forbidden to do so by military law, so a trial had to be held.

On most days in the months leading up to the trial, Army helicopters landed outside of the Bell County Jail to pick up Hasan and ferry him 40 miles to Fort Hood so that he could work on his defense in his private office.
Army records obtained by NBC 5 Investigates show the helicopter rides cost taxpayers more than $194,000. The Army spent more than $200,000 for trailers, apparently including one that housed Hasan's private office, which had been dubbed "Hasan's Hut."
"I mean, it's ridiculous. Why the government bent over backwards for Hasan and not do the same for the people, the soldiers that he tried to kill and killed?" said Shawn Manning, who was shot six times.

Manning and other victims of the mass shooting have not received the same benefits as soldiers wounded in attacks overseas.
Meanwhile, as NBC 5 Investigates first reported, Hasan stayed on the Army payroll until 10 days after he was convicted. Under current Army rules, only civilian employees arrested for a major crime can be suspended without pay, not soldiers.
"It's sickening, you know? To know that there's guys that he had shot, wounded, that are struggling day-to-day and can't pay their bills, and we're flying this guy with his own private helicopter and still giving him a paycheck after he murdered 13 people and tried to murder another 32 people," Manning said.
The new Army records obtained show the biggest pretrial expense was travel.
More than $1 million was spent on travel for witnesses, jurors and lawyers. Another $1 million was spent in expert witness fees, while another $90,000 was spent to house the witnesses.
Other expenses listed in the documents raise more questions than they answer, including:
$222,000 charged on a government purchase card $94,000 on nontactical vehicles
$51,000 in supplies
$15,000 for cellphones
With the government currently shut down, an Army spokesman at Fort Hood said he was unable to reach people who could answer questions about the pay records provided to NBC 5. In past conversations, the Army has said the helicopter rides were necessary to protect Hasan and his transport team against threats and that many of the other charges were just unfortunate costs of preparing for a difficult legal case.
What exactly was so difficult about it?

The Greatest Generation came through again.

Faced with a weak, childish and irresponsible tyranny, with some of them in wheelchairs, the old soldiers went over Obama’s Barrycades with the easy nonchalance of people who have been there before.

It was a group of Mississippi gulf-coast World War II veterans, outraged by administration contempt on closing the World War II monument, who were flown up via the Honor Flight Network, a private organization that they say was “created solely to honor America's veterans for all their sacrifices. We transport our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials.”

Their memorials, we should always emphasize.

It's something politicians in D.C. forgot too long ago, with the possible exception of Barack Obama, who never knew it to begin with.

Obama’s idea of sacrifice is sitting down with other duly-elected officials and hammering out a budget that works for everyone.

Or perhaps his idea of sacrifice is giving a speech about the shutdown without a teleprompter.
It certainly is a sacrifice for the rest of us, with or without a teleprompter.

“They fought a war and flew in at dawn from Mississippi,” writes the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, “so a few barricades provoked little more than shrugs from the 91 World War II veterans who crossed political lines Tuesday to walk and wheel around their memorial on the historic National Mall.”

The Republican National Committee offered to pay expenses to “keep the monument open.”
That offer was promptly rejected by the president.

If you’ve never been there, you might not know that the World War II Memorial stands on the National Mall, midway between the Lincoln Memorial and Congress. It was built primarily with private donations.

Not since president Herbert Hoover expelled the Bonus Marchers from government land in July of 1932 on his way to being defeated by Franklin Roosevelt has a government looked so ungrateful to veterans.

There is no gate to go through, no way to “close” it, except by erecting barricades. Like all the monuments on the mall, it was designed to encourage people to wonder through it without hindrance, kind of in line with that crazy American idea called “freedom.”

But that didn’t stop the administration from trying to strengthen the defenses.

Because the next brilliant chess move for Obama administration was to kick about 60 families out of the Lake Mead National Recreation area who have homes there. These families made the terrible mistake of leasing land from the government.

When you and I lease land, we have to stick to the lease. When the government does it, apparently they can kick you out when they want.

“I wouldn’t call it a government shutdown,” Bob Hitchcock, 71, a homeowner who leases land from the government told the Las Vegas Review-Tribune. “I’d call it a government meltdown. If my kids ever acted like these politicians are acting — it’s probably not politically correct to say this anymore — but I’d beat the crap out of them, then send them to their rooms.”

Hancock points out that during the last government shutdown, in 1995 under Clinton, leaseholders weren’t asked to leave federal land.

Boaters, families and others from the community plan on protesting the move with a boat parade down the Las Vegas Strip.

“Lake Mead is closed during the shutdown,” reports local KTNV TV, “and boaters are preparing for a different type of protest. Dozens of people will be towing their boats down the Las Vegas Strip on Sunday night to stage a protest against Lake Mead being closed. They said there is no reason for the government to close the lake since tax dollars, park permits and registration fees have already paid to keep the place open.”

But that didn't stop Obama from trying to close the ocean too.
As our own Michael Schaus wrote on Sunday:

Over 1,100 square miles of ocean has been declared off limits to the public in the Florida Bay. Apparently, unknown to most Americans, allowing boats to meander into open water is a cost that has proven to be unsustainable in the event of a government shutdown. Well. . . At least that’s according to the National Park Service.
Earlier this week, Jon Stewart, the sometimes comedian and full time flack for the progressives called the government shutdown a “catastrophe%$.”

And it has been for Obama so far.

“It’s a cheap way to deal with the situation,” an angry Park Service ranger in Washington told the Washington Times of the administration harassment. “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”

Obama’s has forgotten what no president ought to forget: The chief executive is the most recognized figure in any political crisis. He’s expected to lead, not pout. In any battle with Congress that has a negative impact on citizens, the president who does not lead risks looking childish.

American‘s are reacting as adults are supposed to react to a child's temper tantrum.

We’re ignoring it.

And here’s a rule no patriot ought not forget: When the chief executive tries to enforce rules no one will follow, and everyone protests, he looks not just weak, but wrong as well.

Take courage from our soldiers, storm the barrycades, return to your homes, and sail on the ocean.

The government's overreaction is the very thing that will save our country.

There is only one answer to this weak, childish tyranny: Disobedience.

What if they gave a shutdown and no one cared? The only people terrified, horrified and mortified by the so-called “government shutdown” seem to be hack politicians and whiny little trolls writing in the Beltway-Manhattan pinkosphere.

D.C. is scared, and that’s good. It’s about time that the regulatory Boomtown felt the same boom lowered upon it as its tyranny has lowered upon the rest of the country. 
I wish I could say that the Republicans were completely united because they know that we need to turn this Titanic around before it slams into another iceberg and defeat the guy on the bow shouting “I’m the King of the World!” But, sadly, too many so-called “conservatives” are afraid they won’t get to keep enjoying the luxury cabins they think they’ve earned.

Let’s extend the metaphor – real conservatives want to replace the bloated cruise liner that is the federal government with a sleek, heavily-armed destroyer. We want the Gophers, Isaacs and Julies of the Beltway bureaucracy to leave the Unloved Boat for jobs in the private sector. And, after the last five years, we would prefer a President Stubing.

The closed-door Senate GOP piranha feeding frenzy against Ted Cruz and Mike Lee was indicative. 

Their sin was, of course, actually doing what they promised their constituents they would do and fighting for conservative principles. This scandalized the go-along, get-along gang in the World’s Lamest Deliberative Body – Cruz and Lee made the frauds look even more fraudulent than usual.

The Establishment is lashing out in fear, and its mainstream media lackeys are frothing at the mouth.

To the extent one could ever tell apart the soul-crushingly dull, rote-writing, utterly predictable, droning liberals voices from on high like E.J. Dionne, Charles Blow, Eugene Robinson, Ezra Klein, Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, and Matty Yglesias, you sure can’t now. They are unanimous; the GOP is “insane,” “crazy” and generally nuts. Why, it’s almost as if there is some kind of “journalist list” though which leftist strategists distribute coordinated talking points.

Thomas Friedman alone stands out from the crowd, and that’s only because he’s too goofy to realize that his eager embrace of one-party rule is way too obvious. Didn’t anyone tell him to never, ever go full fascist?

This is all the result of fear, fear on the part of our opponents that their carefully constructed, comfortable little world if going to come tumbling down. So now we need to give them even more reason to be afraid.

The campaign to retake the federal government begins with our farm team, where we develop and grow good candidates to eventually send to D.C. and scuttle the sinking ship of the welfare state.

The conservative farm team serves three purposes. First, we can build federal candidates who have some prior experience in government and have a grasp on what they need to do – no more bored rich guys who think it might be neat to buy a Senate seat.

They also get some experience in the apparently neglected art of answering questions in a manner that doesn’t make them look like bleeping idiots. If you get asked about your stand on rape – and some leftist is absolutely going to ask you about your stand on rape – you need to be able to articulate a response that makes it clear that you are against it.

Second, a few seasons in the minors helps screen out the weirdoes, losers and perverts. It you turn out to have a background in, say, witchcraft, it’s a lot better if that revelation comes out when you’re a local water commissioner than, I dunno, when you’re running for a winnable Senate seat in Delaware.

If you’ve left a trail of bankruptcies, perhaps it’s be nice if that little challenge had come up when you were running for city council instead of for Congress.

Oh, and if you like to hang out in airport toilets foot-tap trolling for short-term relationships, it’s best that this lifestyle option be evaluated by the voters while you are serving as the local dog catcher instead of sitting in the House.

Third, and perhaps most important, it gives us a chance to see if you are really conservative. No more John McCains, no more Bob Corkers, no more Lindsay Grahams. No more fooling the voters with the old “hardcore at home, squish in D.C.” scam. We need to take the “con” out of “conservative.”

We need to put our money where our mouths are. I am. In the nearby city of Hermosa Beach, I just contributed the maximum to my friend Kit Bobko, who is running for mayor of that fine seaside burg on a pro-business, pro-liberty, pro-fiscal sanity platform. Kit’s a lawyer – nobody’s perfect – but he’s an Air Force Academy grad who can string a sentence together and who can project a common-sense conservatism in a deep blue area in a way that brings in new voters rather than drives them away.

Let’s get folks like Kit in place in local offices, see if they prove themselves, and then we can send them off to Washington confident that they won’t embarrass us and that they are who they say they are.

That’s what should really terrify the D.C. mandarins, the fact that the counter-reaction to the leftist swing in Washington has inspired a bunch of people like Kit to get into politics at the local level. The Washington establishment imagines that only it matters. It’s so busy worrying about this temporary, fake shutdown that it doesn’t even realize that we conservatives are out here in the hinterlands planting the seeds of its destruction. 
ObamaCare vs. the debt ceiling...and the oceans might get to stay open
By: Diane Sori

Obama's one and only mission at this time...with the aid of the media of to divert and deflect attention away from at least some of his many PR faux pas...faux pas like his ObamaCare fiasco...his dishonoring of our WWII vets by barricading the entrance to their memorial...his shutting down of American D-Day cemeteries and beaches at Normandy...his shutting down the oceans to fishing (NOT kidding with this one)...his closing of our open-air national parks and monuments...his locking down of privately funded museums and parks...his forcing people out of their privately owned homes built on federal land (YES, he's actually kicking people out of homes they own outright), his having the DOJ shut down the amber alert system website, and of course his making sure that the upcoming debt ceiling debates will turn into one big free-for-all partisan face off.

But let's NOT forget that Camp David is being kept open during the shutdown for the personal use of the 'anointed one' as are military golf courses in the DC and surrounding areas because poor stressed-out Obama needs golf to relax (gagging), while at the same time the Pentagon is cutting off sports coverage to hundreds of thousands of troops around the world as the Armed Forces Network has announced that "due to the government shutdown, the Defense Department can only provide limited overseas television, radio, print and web services."  

And yet amidst all this chaos VP Joe 'Bite Me' Biden has time to declare with much fanfare a proclamation for National Chess Week.

And if all that's NOT enough now add in for good measure a bit of Obama's famous narcissistic bravado...and the sure to follow photo ops and television bloviations we know are the in-his-pocket media floods the airways with the oh so 'conveniently timed' breaking news that after 15 long years our Special Forces...on Obama's orders...have suddenly and miraculously 'snatched' off the streets of Tripoli, Libya, Abu Anas al-Liby, the man indicted in 2000 for his role in the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

On Obama's orders to 'GO'...yet he gave NO orders to 'GO' when our Benghazi compound was being attacked and where he sat back and callously watched four Americans coming to the rescue in Benghazi would have been betraying those whose loyalties he really is aligned with...just saying.

And all this goes on while we still have NO budget.

Sickening isn't it...and such is life under Obama's wanted government shutdown.  YES...Obama indeed wants this government shutdown NO matter his words to the contrary...and YES he's using the shutdown to try to do everything possible to break the spirit of 'We the People' for it's 'We the People' who are bearing the burden of Obama's traitorous ineptitude and miserably failed presidency, while he blames Republicans and especially the Tea Party in the process.

But rest assured that while some might bend we will NOT break...especially we who are Tea Party members...sadly I can't say as much for most of our Republican politicians in DC.

And as Obama initiates one ludicrous closing after another to test our fortitude, I can't help but say at least a little something about one of the most outright in-your-face ludicrous closings of all as this 'empty suit' president is now having National Park Service Rangers prevent anyone from fishing in Florida Bay until all federal employees come off furlough and go back to work. That means that Rangers who are NOT really accustomed to patrolling anything but dry land must now patrol more than 1,100 square miles of water from the southern tip of Florida's mainland to the Keys until further notice...and Obama is spending our 'taxpayer dollars on this complete and total foolishness when we are seriously running out of money to pay our bills.

But foolish things is what fools do...and sadly our country has a fool for a president who was elected by fools who only cared about getting their 'free stuff.'

And yet there still remains one glimmer of way out of this mess...but it can only happen if ALL Republicans stand strong and in RINOS shut the hell up...for the key to NOT only totally humiliating Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Prince Harry Reid, and Wicked Witch of La-Lafornia Nancy Pelosi, while at the same time killing the health care monster that bears his name...or at least sending it into NO funding the simple fact that NO budget for the upcoming 2014 fiscal year has yet been approved.  

And with Obama wanting...demanding actually...that the debt ceiling be raised so he can borrow even more money from and be even more beholden to foreign governments...then the Republican trade-off for that MUST emphatically be to have ObamaCare pulled out of the general budget and made into a 'stand alone' bill* for a 'stand alone' bill is the key to defunding, delaying, and even doing away with this monstrosity of a health care bill that the majority of the American people do NOT want now or ever.

And while raising the debt ceiling has obvious pitfalls of its giving Obama the opportunity to spend even more money thus adding fuel to the fire of our already out of control national debt...what most do NOT realize is that we actually reached the debt ceiling limit back in May. However, the Treasury Department then tapped into exchange-rate funds and by doing so was able to garner $303 billion in extra funds allowing us to NOT actually run out of money to pay our bills until the end of October.

(By the way there's NO mention of debt ceilings in the Constitution, and many 'democratic' nations including  Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, and France have NO debt ceiling at all and function quite successfully.)
Yet Obama knows that if the debt ceiling is NOT raised that checks will soon start to bounce or payments to bondholders will be missed possibly causing global financial that believed US Treasuries to be the safest asset in the falter with some even collapsing.  And NOT paying our loans on time to major bondholders...say to China...would make for some very unhappy bondholders.  So to avoid this Obama will have to make some sort of deal with Republicans to assure that bondholders are indeed paid on time...and the only way to do that is to raise the debt ceiling.

What better trade off for that is there than the ultimate bargaining chip...ObamaCare.

Now if only Republicans would wake up and realize that this and this alone is the key to NOT only making ObamaCare go away, but is also the key to ending the government shutdown and for stopping the ridiculous closing of things that had NO business being closed in the first place.