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"No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period. Ends," Biden said. "No new fracking."

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Investigative Report
Deep State vs. Dark State...Part One
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

Deep State”...a phrase most alluded to in regards to political fodder when the reality is that Deep State is not really political in nature...not political in the most common sense of the word...but political only in its manufactured misconceptions fed to the masses for general consumption.

And with that said, in this two-part investigative series we, Diane Sori and Craig Andresen writing together as Right Side Patriots, will attempt to expose with all-important documented facts what we believe to be the true nature and ultimate objective of Deep State. And by doing so we hope we can lay to rest some of the more popular, albeit unknowingly, manipulated thoughts in regards to who or what Deep State actually is.

So as our investigation into Deep State started to unfold several absolutes became indisputable truths with the first being that Deep State is not confined to these United States. Simply, this means that the term Deep State itself is a misnomer for Deep State's reach is indeed global in nature. And it's global to such a degree that it has but one specific objective in create a single governmental body that would preside over every man, woman, and child but not in the way we have been led...or should we say forcibly believe. And with our acceptance of Deep State being global in nature, we felt that a better way to describe the one true entity hovering over us all would be to call that entity alone Dark State for said entity has existed both in the sunlight and in the shadows long before it became the object of wild conspiracy theories.

Now to understand and separate the what is the mundane political aspect of Deep State that exists within each of the world's governments...a shadowy disruption of legal processes if you must accept as fact the premise that what was once thought of as solely being Deep State is actually two separate entities at war with each other with each trying to dominate the other. Two separate entities...Deep State vs. Dark State...that need but one thing common in order for one to be thing alone in order to gain ultimate control of not just the world's physical population per se, but of said population's actual thoughts as well.

So what is the one thing needed above all else that would garner the wanted objective for the winning entity behind what is thought to be Deep State but is in actuality Dark dollars and cents because without a basically unlimited supply of money Dark State's true object cannot and will not be reached. And by unlimited we do not mean the monies of George Soros nor the Rothchild's nor what some refer to as the Illuminati for none of their pockets are deep enough to be the driving force behind Dark State. There is only one entity on Earth with pockets deep enough for that task and that entity is now locked in a silent war with an entity most still want to believe is Deep State when in reality Dark State's money trail itself...a trail we will lay out...will prove not only who the real power is but that Deep State is but a mere nuisance compared to Dark State.

And the Deep State entity most people think about in any One World Government or New World Order scenario is the United Nations and for good reason as we have been conditioned to regard the U.N. as the sole purveyor of such an agenda.

The U.N.’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 have been mass marketed to a world audience as action plans for sustainable development. Both have been marketed as being good for the people of the world, good for our children and our children’s children, and as a way to save the planet for future generations. It all sounds wonderful until you really start looking into both Agenda 21 and 2030 at which point the ugly truth starts floating to the surface.

Agenda 21 got its start in Brazil in 1992 and refers to the 21st century. Agenda 21 relies on four foundation blocks, Social and Economic Dimensions, Conservation and Management of Resources for Development, Strengthening the Role of Major Groups (which includes the roles of children and youth, women, NGOs, local authorities, business and industry, and workers), and Means of Implementation (which includes science, technology transfer, education, international institutions, and financial mechanisms). One primary objective of the Agenda 21 initiative is that "every local government should draw on its own local Agenda 21."

Interesting, don’t you think? Every local government should draw on its own local Agenda 21.” This is where Deep State as individual entities related to individual countries comes into play, and as we said before, Deep State is not a U.S. stand-alone entity. Most nations or regions have their own version of a Deep State which operates in the shadows of each individual nation’s government, but for what purpose? For the purpose of pushing the agenda of the United Nations. Think of Deep State as what the U.N. is calling local government’s own local Agenda 21,” and you’ll start to see the bigger picture.

The priorities of local governments,” whether they be city, state or federal governments, or the governments of various individual nations, ebb and flow depending on the economic and social ideologies of whatever party happens to be in the majority at any given time, but an underlying local Agenda 21,” or more to the point a Deep State shadow government with the singular goal of pushing and implementing the ideology of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 on behalf of the U.N. does not ebb or flow with majority party changes. Local Agenda or the Deep State is a constant.

Here’s a quick example: Obama got the U.S. into the Paris Climate Accord which is a part of the U.N. Agenda 21 plan in 2016 with the expectation that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election and push that agenda forward, but she failed to win that election. President Trump removed the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord in November 2019 and one month later in December 2019, Nancy Pelosi went to the U.N. conference in Madrid and told the U.N. and other nations, "By coming here we want to say to everyone, we’re still in. The United States is still in." At that point, Pelosi was nothing but an envoy from Deep State U.S. sent on a mission to let Deep State U.N. know that in the shadows of our own change in government, Deep State U.S. had not abandoned Agenda 21.

As for Agenda 2030, that too is a U.N. Deep State plan or plot might be a more accurate term for it, to institute global socialism. In fact, the Agenda master plan states, “As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind,” and then Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said of it, “It is a universal, integrated and trans formative vision for a better world.” A One World Government...a New World Order. A totalitarian regime which would be run by Deep State U.N. which relies in large part on population control, on a global healthcare system, and on strict adherence to the regime’s dictates regarding everything from food to energy...dictates that will supposedly end world poverty by mandating equality. And we all know that such equality can only be achieved when everybody becomes equally poor and equally reliant on government for their needs.

But here’s the real problem for Deep State needs to be funded with other people’s money, hence, the totalitarian mandates. The U.N. Deep State is funded by the membership dues of various countries and primarily by the U.S. and only remains viable so long as the funding well doesn’t go dry. Guess what? That well is starting to dry up as the U.N. has a cash-flow crisis on their socialist/collective hands. Last year, the U.N. announced that they would have no more lavish evening receptions, would buy no more new furniture, and would be cutting off the heat and air conditioning at their headquarters between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.. There would be no new hiring, no more optional travel, and no new computers unless absolutely necessary. There are now document delays, fewer translations and no conference freebies, like water. Even some escalators and the decorative water fountain outside the U.N. have been shut down.

And certain U.N. programs in various parts of the world, programs that are nothing more than a facade really, are also feeling the cash-flow problem. Why? Because the U.N. has too many member nations that do nothing but draw from the well and not enough nations that replenish the well. President Trump, knowing exactly what the U.N. is really all about, has cut funding to that Deep State entity and it’s hurting.

The U.N. Deep State budget for this year is $2.87 billion dollars with their outstanding balance from last year standing at $1.3 billion dollars.

Last year, Deep State U.N. went to President Trump with its powder-blue cap in hand begging for funding, and Trump told the U.N., “So Make All Member Countries pay, not just the United States!” Of course other nations either don’t want to pay or they simply can’t pay and Trump, fully aware of what the U.N.’s ultimate goal is, is refusing to fund the demise of the United States at the hands of the Deep State agenda.

And what exactly is the Deep State U.N.’s ultimate goal?

We suggest that since its inception in 1947, the U.N. was founded for one thing and one thing government control. Forget the facade of being a world police force or being a charitable organization that centers on the world’s children, the real agenda is Deep State and the organization was founded on Deep State intentions. The real question is, can they pull it off, and the answer is no.

The U.N. hasn’t been in existence anywhere near long enough, and they simply lack the ability to fund their dream of global political dominance. The U.N. fast-tracked their agenda and they’ve shown their hand in the process. They are desperate to establish political control on a global scale, and such desperation has always been the downfall of such an agenda. The Deep State U.N. has pinned their hopes on gullible people’s fears regarding “climate change” with the idea that if enough gullible people put enough gullible politicians in place in enough nations those nations will eventually finance their own social and economic implosions.

Funding problems aside, and those problems are substantial enough to cause the whole Deep State U.N. agenda to fail, the Deep State U.N. simply lacks the infrastructure to pull it off. They have name recognition but they don’t have deep, long established roots in any individual country. They have no resources of their own for garnering needed intel unless other countries invite them through the door. The Deep State U.N. has no mechanism by which to embed itself into various national identities at a basic societal level.

And while the U.N. has laid claim to a few victories over their 73 year history, getting a small number of nations to give up their atomic weapons, fewer people dying in wars, feeding the hungry in tiny impoverished areas, and saving the Galapagos Islands, strong arguments are easily made that no such accomplishments were achieved without the direct help of individual nations like the U.S. or without major advances in technology both scientific and military. Alone the U.N. is soaked in blood and corruption from Rowandan genocide, to systemic rape, child abuse and trafficking in the Congo, the spreading of cholera in Haiti, and the unmitigated corruption of the Iraq oil for food program, UNESCO, and the make-up of their own Human Rights Council.

Deep State U.N. will ultimately fail for two important reasons. First, it is based on socialism which has never succeeded anywhere it has ever been used and second, perhaps more importantly because the facade of the U.N. as a peace-keeping or charitable organization is not a stand-alone entity. That facade has never and will never be interwoven into any nation’s societal identity. In other words, the facade of the U.N. is completely dependent on the Deep State political structure of the U.N. and thus relies solely on its funding from the Deep State U.N.

While the Deep State U.N. Agenda 21 and 2030 are worrisome, too many people are focused on them as the primary entity trying to bring about a One World Government to the extent that nobody is really aware of the Dark State entity that has the infrastructure in place, that has the abilities and capabilities necessary, and has the funding mechanism needed to be the surprise instigator of such a New World Order.

RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS will expose that entity in Part Two of 'Deep State vs. Dark State.' And while it may well be shocking to many, we submit that it is nonetheless true.

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Tomorrow RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Investigative Report: Deep State vs. Dark State...Part One and Part Two will go directly to our podcast on SoundCloud. The link will be in Part Two. Hope you will read both parts in full and listen to our continuing discussion on why we came to the conclusion that we did.