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Does Everyone Believe Hillary Is Crazy Now?           Bronson Stocking / Townhall Tipsheet

Does Everyone Believe Hillary Is Crazy Now? On Friday, news broke that Hillary Clinton called Tulsi Gabbard a "Russian asset," and Hillary believes the Russians are now grooming Gabbard to run as a third-party candidate in 2020. Hillary also said that Jill Stein, the Green Party's nominee for President in 2016, was similarly a Russian asset who was responsible for Hillary's loss to President Trump.

Stein responded during an interview on CNN, characterizing Clinton's accusations as "a completely unhinged conspiracy theory for which there is absolutely no basis in fact." She continued, "this is a wild and insulting theory, and I think it speaks to Hillary's need to try and explain ... why her campaign was not successful."

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The U.S. in Syria...Who's to Blame and Why
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Let's get something straight upfront...the media, the Democrats, and even some supposed Trump supporting Republicans want you to believe that President Trump has switched sides...that he's not only turned against but deserted our Kurdish allies as well as turning his back on the Syrian people...the very people who have suffered the most during the eight long years that the Syrian conflict has been unfolding...a conflict that's actually a civil war...a civil war that now sees itself morphing into a separate Turk/Kurd civil war as well. And these same folks want you to believe that because Trump is withdrawing our troops, that what was a U.S. “umbrella of protection” no longer exists and thus threatens to destabilize the entirety of the Middle East.

Well folks, while destabilization could eventually occur that too is not of Trump's doing for our misguided incursion into Syria was an incursion born of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's very hesitancy to go in strong with our troop's hands untied, get the job done, and get out...that coupled with his emphasis instead being on “measured diplomacy” and “progressive multilateralism”...and more importantly his aligning us with the wrong side. And the sum of these parts is what has now made President Trump the fall guy instead of the blame being placing on the very man who could have done the right thing but didn't.

And the right thing...the very thing that could have saved not only a lot of lives but Syria's landscape itself...would have been for us to either stay out of Syria's civil war or align us with Bashar al-Assad and his government forces if only for the reason that under al-Assad, Syria saw a secular government...a secular government as opposed to an islamic mullah controlled government...where both Christians and other minorities were protected and could freely worship without fear of reprisal, and where Damascus and it's surrounding areas were living if not in the 21st century at least in the 20th.

Sad isn't it that many still refuse to acknowledge the fact that Obama has never really been on the side of anything but his brethren...a fact proven by his not going after ISIS until he was forced by his own party to see them as a threat to our homeland. But even with that his successes against ISIS were limited at best with President Trump being the one, along with the Kurds, to finally clear ISIS out of Syria...for now anyway for they will be back.

Again, aligning us with al-Assad...the lesser of two great evils...would have been the right thing to do as al-Assad was the man whom the Syrian people overwhelmingly voted for in a U.N. monitored and deemed "fair election." And even while he saw both himself and his government having to face its own internal problems...problems that included an accusation that dated back to August 2013 when he supposedly gassed certain factions of his own people, something al-Assad continues to deny claiming that it was the “supposed rebels” themselves who did the gassing as a means by which to discredit him in the eyes of the well as seeing Syria's altercations with Israel increasing especially in the what became ISIS held areas along Syria's border with Israel...yet the majority of Syrians saw in Bashar al-Assad someone who at least understand the dangers posed by both the “supposed rebels” and islamic extremist groups like ISIS...a common enemy we now all face to one degree or another.

And with a fair amount of ISIS fighters actually masquerading as rebels...rebels whose goal was and remains to not only overthrow al-Assad and his government, but to turn Syria into yet another islamic state...the stage was set and the players were in place...all the “supposed rebels” needed was external support of the monetary and military they knew they could garner from one of their own.

And so these “supposed rebels” got that much needed support courtesy of then President Obama who, in 2011, started laying out what eventually became a truly inane and dysfunctional strategy for his hopefully defeating al-Assad's government forces while at the same time he started dabbling with ISIS a bit, who by this time was quietly starting to make inroads into Syria. And Obama's so called strategy, I believe, was deliberately designed to not only cause more regional problems...which it did...but was a strategy that saw the Syrian people being the ones who paid the price not just in blood but in their country being almost totally destroyed.

And all this was set in motion with Obama's 2012 “red line” in the sand fiasco...a “red line” al-Assad supposedly crossed and which Obama did nothing of substance about...a fiasco that once again saw Obama “leading from behind” as he turned what was a game of words into a game of inaction...a game that now years later has serious ramifications where Democrat miscreants and misguided and/or misinformed Republicans have been publicly calling our president to task for his supposedly deserting an ally.

Deserting an ally I think not for the Trump naysayers refuse to understand that it was not Donald Trump who got us involved in Syria's mess, and that while the YPG Kurds were indeed an ally in the fight against ISIS, there is more to these Kurds motives than appears on the surface. How so...because the Kurds end game was, still is, and will always be to have their own autonomous state even if it's at the expense of using others...including the Peshmerga Kurds as well as the U.S.

Do I frown on the Kurds wanting a Do I approve of their every action used regarding said want... no. But people need to understand that the Kurds... technically ethnic Iranians...are a divided people with most being sunni muslim with the minority being sh'ia muslim, along with a small scattering of Assyrian Christians, Yzidi, and other minorities encompassing the whole. And that split itself is quite telling as the Syrian and Turkish Kurds are for the most part sunni muslim...the more ideological extreme of the muslim sects. But more importantly is that the YPG Kurds in Syria and Turkey are not the Peshmerga Kurds of Iraq, as in the Kurds who helped us topple Saddham Hussein and who were the northern front in our invasion of Iraq. Nor are the YPG Kurds in Syria and Turkey the Kurds who helped us in our, albeit failed, attempt to try and dissuade Saddham Hussein from aligning himself and Iraq with Russia back in the 1990s.

Simply, the Kurds in Turkey and Syria have been for many decades at odds with the Iraqi Peshmerga Kurds for they see them as not only an ideological enemy but an enemy who just might in the end be the ones who secure a Kurdish state instead of them.

But why the rift between these two ethnically same groups...because the Kurds in in the YPG Kurds...are the Syrian wing of the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers' Party) which is the separatist group based in both Turkey and Iraq who continue to not only support but instigate acts of terrorism inside Turkey. And it's the PKK, a U.S. State Department designated terrorist group, who, since 1984, has been involved in an actual armed conflict with the Turks that to date has resulted in the death of some 40,000 people, all in the name of achieving an independent Kurdish state by their trying to force Turkey into giving up some of its own land. Also, it's these YPG Kurds who comprise the now Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces, the very group who was lackadaisical in finishing off the last ISIS enclave in Syria as they had promised to do, believing that to do so would then halt the arms and monies we were supplying them with. Thankfully, President Trump made sure they finished the promised job or be forced to face the consequences of their game playing inactions...which it now seems they're indeed facing.

In other words, these YPG Kurds proved themselves to not really be our friend let alone a true ally but an ally using us and our resources in their quest for an autonomous state, and this is why President Trump did what he did, and rightly so. That and the fact that suddenly the YPG Kurds in Syria started claiming that they no longer were asking for statehood but simply that they needed a U.S. military presence in Syria to deter a Turkish invasion. But if that need was in wanting our help in protecting their own people...they would have broken their ties with the militant PKK, something they still have not done and probably never will do. And besides, it's our very presence in Syria that has drawn islamists like ISIS and other assorted extremists into the region with their hope of forcing the U.S. into a Holy War...a Holy War they envision us losing...a Holy War they believe would see the Levant coming to fruition.

So to say that President Trump has abandoned the Kurds is simply not true for the YPG Kurds are not the more loyal Peshmerga Kurds of Iraq, nor did Trump turn what was an internal civil war into an ongoing and ever so sad humanitarian crisis. That lays now as it always has at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his empty “red line” threat coupled with his previous disaster, as in the “Arab Spring.” And also not to be forgetten is that in September 2015, again on Obama's watch, Russia entered the Syrian conflict thereby shifting the balance of power away from Obama's backed “supposed rebels” in favor of al-Assad and his government forces, while at the same time Obama, at least as a diversion, shifted his focus to ISIS which by now had made significant inroads into Syria. And it was ISIS' taking control of large areas of Syria, especially in its northern regions, that led to us building airfields and military bases in Syria's northeastern quadrant, thus solidifying our alliance with the YPG Kurds.

And all the above stated actions together drew us into not only a place we should never have been in, but had Obama now turning us into a formally recognized combatant of Bashar al-Assad when on April 7, 2017 he ordered direct U.S. missile strikes on Syria's Shayrat Airbase. And it's gone downhill ever since.

So where do we stand as I now write this? For starters we know that President Trump has said that U.S. troops along the Turkish-Syrian border were positioned there only to conduct joint patrols with Turkey as part of a way to reassure Ankara that separatist Kurdish fighters would not use said area to launch attacks on Turkey. Mission accomplished there, however, Turkey has now chosen to attack the Kurds via the very same area. We also know that immediately after President Trump announced his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from said area that Russian forces again moved in to greatly expand their Syrian military presence...they desperately want the Port at Tartus after all...and that the YPG Kurds then looked to Bashir al-Assad for help, which they got, thus basically returning Syria to al-Assad's control which in turn now changes the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East... but that's for my next article.

And while the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces themselves requested and agreed to what became a cease-fire brokered by the U.S. and Turkey...a ceasefire that now extends from Tal Abyad to Ras exactly was this ceasefire brokered? Last Thursday, Vice-President Mike Pence along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Turkey's President Recip Erdogan to arrange for a five-day ceasefire that would allow the Kurds time to withdraw from the now anything but “safe zone” along the Turkey/Syria border as well as seeing the U.S. work with the Kurdish forces to obtain an “orderly withdraw” from the disputed area in exchange for Trump's pulling back on economic sanctions against Turkey. And if all goes as agreed to then the ceasefire would hopefully become permanent.

However, even the best of intentions come with caveats what with Turkey making it clear that they would not be withdrawing from areas they believe to be rightfully theirs or Syria's. Also, the Turks raised the question of who will be the future holders of the Syrian city of Kobani, a city currently under Kurdish control. And know that as I write this, the now day old ceasefire sees limited fighting, drone strikes, and artillery shelling flaring up along the border with smaller clashes elsewhere. And of course each side blames the other as we sit and wait hoping that all calms down so that a true and lasting ceasefire can take hold.

But the bottom line as far as U.S. involvement in Syria boils down to this...our military involvement in Syria's civil war began in earnest in 2014 with the siege of Kobani, a Kurdish town surrounded by ISIS fighters. So instead of doing the right thing Obama deliberately aligned us with the “supposed rebels” many of whom were ISIS fighters in disguise, and formed an alliance with the YPG Kurds... Kurd allies with their own agenda via their ongoing direct connections to the PKK...remember the PKK is a U.S. designated terrorist well as the YPG Kurds having “cordial relations” with both the Russians and the Iranians. And not to be forgotten is that at the same time Obama got us into the Syria mess negotiations were well underway regarding his infamous Iranian nuclear deal, meaning in no way did he want to upset the sensibilities of the Iranians themselves who were now also making silent inroads into Syria.

Simply, our involvement in Syria lays directly at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama not with President Trump as the Democrats claim. The reality is that President Trump is only trying to get us out of a battle that is not now nor ever was something we needed to be involved in. We are caught in the middle of what was always a civil war of sorts between two of our allies, both of whom are tenuous allies at best. And yet they both have one thing in common...they both pulled us in the wrong direction. Hence, President Trump to the rescue...if only his naysayers would put politics aside and see just that.

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