Saturday, December 10, 2022

Twitter Files Part 3 reveals what led to Trump's removal from social media platform
Matt Taibbi reported on the third installment of Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files'
The third installment of Elon Musk's Twitter Files delved into what led to the removal of former President Trump's account. 

In "part one" of the third installment, which dates from October 2020-January 6th, Substack writer Matt Taibbi told his followers, "We’ll show you what hasn’t been revealed: the erosion of standards within the company in months before J6, decisions by high-ranking executives to violate their own policies, and more, against the backdrop of ongoing, documented interaction with federal agencies."

"Whatever your opinion on the decision to remove Trump that day, the internal communications at Twitter between January 6th-January 8th have clear historical import. Even Twitter’s employees understood in the moment it was a landmark moment in the annals of speech," Taibbi wrote on Friday. Read more and see videos here.

Florida Surgeon General Reveals Scary Risks Associated With Covid Jabs 
Sarah Arnold / Townhall Tipsheet
Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo revealed the risks associated with the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines that Biden Administration officials vowed were not a concern. 

Citing a study titled “Autopsy-Based Histopathological Characterization of Myocarditis After Anti-SARS-CoV-2-Vaccination,” Ladapo highlighted the scary truth about the health problems the vaccines caused. 

According to the study, autopsies found that five out of 35 people who died suddenly within 20 days of receiving a coronavirus vaccine had myocarditis “as a likely/possible cause of death.”

10 of the individuals died from other causes, while “cardiac autopsy findings consistent with (epi-)myocarditis were found in the remaining 25 bodies [that] unexpectedly [died] at home within 20 days following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”

Four of the individuals died after the first round of shots, while the other person died after the second shot. Read more and see tweets here.

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