Monday, May 4, 2015

“Allahu Akbar!!!!! 2 of our brothers just opened fire at the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) art exhibition in texas!”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


“Allahu Akbar!!!!! 2 of our brothers just opened fire at the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) art exhibition in texas!”
What the world has witnessed in Paris and Copenhagen is now in the U.S. The freedom of speech is under violent attack. It now remains to be seen whether American authorities will defend it, or will blame the victims and the targets and kowtow yet again to violent intimidation. At this point I’m expecting the […]

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Investigative Report
To Placate and Angry Mob

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

"To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for 'no justice, no peace.' Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man." 
- Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby

And here we go folks...the federal government, under the watchful eye of the Obama regime, will now boldly go where they shouldn’t...into local municipal police departments and the tactic being employed will surely lead to grabbing power away from local law enforcement in exactly the same way the feds managed to grab land from the states as outlined in our 'Land Grab' series.

Obama is set to award some $20 million dollars in federal grants to local police departments for the purpose of buying body cams for officers and that’s just the beginning. The total package of this ‘gift’ to local law enforcement is $75 million dollars and it seems to have the backing of Congress.

Should local law enforcement officers be outfitted with body cams? Yes.

Should they be glad-handing to the federal government for the funds? Absolutely not.

Absolutely not for when they do, and they will so as not to strain already tight budgets, they will become as beholding to the federal government as the states have become, and as soon as the feds have their hooks into police departments far and wide it’s out with local enforcement and in with federal enforcement making it just that much easier for the feds to control the populous.

A wild theory? A conspiracy theory? You can call it either if that makes you happy but the facts are not in your favor. Remember back in 2008 when Obama called for a 'civilian security force' and conservatives thought he was implying that he wanted to start up his own, personal paramilitary group from scratch. Well, why scratch when the personnel already exist, in uniform, and are dispersed throughout the country in every city and town from sea to shining sea.

And the facts that have recently unfolded...facts laid down in Ferguson that have now funneled over into Baltimore, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that facts have been influenced by collusion on the part of some involved...involved not in the rioting per se, but in implementing what failed in Ferguson becoming reality in Baltimore.

Fact one: On December 18, 2014, Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. This task force sought 'expertise' from stakeholders and input from the public to identify 'best practices' and make recommendations to Obama that would ultimately help lower crime rates, build trust, and cultivate stronger relationships between police and their communities. Submitted to Obama on March 2,  2015 (read the entire task force report here:, here's an interesting side-note to this report...instead of calling the main sections 'chapters' like is normally done, the main sections are called 'pillars' in the 'Five Pillars of Islam'...just something to think about as we've never seen that done in official government reports before.

Fact two: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Secretary of the DNC, was a key player in the Obama/Holder plan to federalize local law enforcement as she was one of three mayors who provided testimony to the above mentioned task force, which included the plan to trade federal tax dollars to local police departments in the guise of funding, in return for control of those police departments. And Baltimore has laid the groundwork for Obama's plan as the current unrest will be used to justify the expansion of federal power into Baltimore's local law enforcement, thus allowing the mayor to receive more federal funding.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has for now gambled and won…receiving more federal funding for her city in the form of a portion of the initial $20 million dollars Obama is ‘granting’ for the purchase of police body cams and along with it comes her opportunity to parlay her propel her...from a relatively minor position as Secretary of the Democratic National Committee into a higher more powerful political position in the future.

Fact three: Collusion abounds in this case to the point where a local Fraternal Order of Police lodge (rightfully) asked Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby before the press conference announcing the indictment to appoint a special prosecutor to avoid both the appearance of impropriety and to assure that a violation of the 'Professional Rules of Professional Responsibility' does not rear its ugly head. Because of her personal connection to the Gray family's attorney, William H. 'Billy' Murphy Jr., and her marriage to City Councilman Nick Mosby, the FOP believed that the councilman's political future would be directly impacted by this case no matter the outcome of the investigation or the jury decision.

Obviously, Billy Murphy knows that any attorney who can successfully represent the family of someone whose life ended in relationship to a police arrest or event will gain national recognition and an extended element of 15 minutes of fame as well as an ongoing source of income as long as racial tensions between police and black youth remain a tinder box. For her part, State Attorney Mosby knows she will be running for reelection down the road and a successful teaming with the attorney of record for Freddie Gray’s family, not to mention her biggest campaign donor, will put her and her political ambitions front and center in the oh-so-blue state of Maryland for years to come.

Fact four: A leading firm that does government data mining has found, through social media, a core group of 'accounts' engaged in online activity in Ferguson that was tied by 'time specifics' to key activities during those riots late last year. That would indicate almost nothing on its own, however that exact same core group of 'accounts' have now been spotted in Baltimore and once again, the social media chatter of that same core group was 'time specific' to events regarding last week’s riots in Baltimore.

What we can garner from this data mining revelation is that the events both in Ferguson and in Baltimore were orchestrated. One group of people, on the ground in both locations while they actually lived in neither location engaged in a flurry of social media activity which was, in both cases, directly followed by the outbreak of violence. This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s 'Rules for Radicals' and was first employed, most likely as a dry run, during the Occupy Wall Street events. Seeing it work there, and with some fine tuning, it was again deployed in Ferguson and now in Baltimore. It is the cyber version of community organizing.

Fact five: Using the podium as a bully pulpit to deliver not a simple statement of indictment but as a platform for political discourse, revenge, and vigilante justice, Mosby completely ignored the medical aspect of this case that found Freddie Gray died as a result of slamming his head against the inside of a police van, breaking his neck. He did not die from a crushed windpipe as some claim (proven by the fact that he was yelling and screaming) nor was his spine 80% severed as family attorney Bill Murphy had claimed, yet none of this was mentioned when Mosby stood before the cameras and declared for all to hear, and I quote, that, "Mr. Gray's death was a homicide," basically declaring the officers guilty before the case even went to court. For that alone she should be immediately removed from office as Mosby should have said 'Mr. Gray's death was consistent with a homicide' so as not to prejudge the defendants or sway any future grand jury members.

Immediately responding to the indictment, the local police union called the decision a rush to judgment without getting all the evidence, with attorney Michael Davey saying, "The officers did nothing wrong...these injuries did not occur as a result of any action or inaction on the part of these officers." And how right he is as the charges themselves were somewhat of an overkill as no cop woke up that fateful day with the intention of murdering anyone. Announcing the stiffest charge of second-degree 'depraved heart' murder...a legal term for an action that demonstrates a 'callous disregard for human life' that results in death...against Officer Caesar Goodson, the driver of the police van, the other officers* each face charges of involuntary manslaughter, assault, and illegal arrest... an illegal arrest that was anything but as Gray was reportedly seen in the act of selling drugs in addition to the fact that an 'active' arrest warrant was out on him having been issued on March 15th.

Now that we've stated a few key facts here's something else to consider...have you ever heard of the 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice?'

Sounds innocuous doesn’t it? Sounds trustworthy and who doesn’t want justice right?

Well, don’t be lured in by a wolf dressed as a sheep. The 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,' is a front for a nationalized police force and it is the title given for public consumption to the Eric Holder initiated program which names six cities, Fort Worth, Texas; Gary, Indiana; Stockton, California; Birmingham, Alabama; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; as the first to have their local police departments placed under federal control.

Each of the named cities has commonalities. They have a high minority population and thus, as demographics show, a high number of registered democrats, and as we are well aware, a high number of people receiving various welfare dollars. Also, Minneapolis has an inordinately high number of muslims in their population.

Under the program, the under the control of Loretta Lynch,...will engage in “training, mentoring, expert consultations, and assistance on racial reconciliation directly to police departments and communities across America through the Office of Justice Programs’ Diagnostic Center.” Further…the 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,' will...“evaluate how the city has addressed procedural justice, racial reconciliation, implicit bias, violence prevention, and goals around subpopulations such as high-risk youth, victims of crime, victims of domestic violence, and the LGBTQI community.”

So what was it again that Mosby said at the end of her press conference last Friday regarding the indictments of the six police officers? “To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America, I heard your call for 'no justice, no peace.' Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man."

"You’re at the forefront of this cause, and as young people, our time is now."

“Our time is now,” is a phrase that Mosby has used in every speech she has given as the Maryland State Attorney and it is significant for this reason...on March 2nd, in announcing the 'National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice,'  a need based on the Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin cases...cases which required manufacturing of lies as substitutes for the facts and the community organizing skills attached to social media flame throwing Obama stated...“The moment is now for us to make these changes. We have a great opportunity coming out of some great conflict and tragedy to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations so that everybody feels safer and our law enforcement officers feel — rather than being embattled — feel fully supported. We need to seize that opportunity.”

Now isn't it interesting that all those involved in the so-wanted takeover of our local police departments all seem to say the exact same words. Indoctrination through the many resulted in the few being in control was and still is the plan and Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake are the conduits by which Obama plans to take over the Baltimore PD.

And if you think a nationalized police force will in any way restrict policing powers in relation to the public...think again as nationalized police forces in socialistic nations have almost limitless powers over the people. Just remember back to 1930's Germany when their police were nationalized...'for their own good'...eventually giving rise to the notorious Schutzstaffel ('Protective Echelon'), otherwise known as the Waffen SS.

So folks, Baltimore is in danger of actually now becoming ground zero of Obama's version of the SS, and all because of a thug named Freddie Gray and those 'behaving badly.'
* The six officers indicted are Officer Caesar Goodson, Officer William Porter, Lt. Brian Rice, Officer Edward Nero, Officer Garrett Miller and Sgt. Alicia White.