Friday, February 12, 2021

Today is our 16th president's birthday. Sad so many have forgotten what a great man Abraham Lincoln of America's greatest presidents. May ‘We the People’ never forget him nor his everlasting positive impact on our nation’s history...the ‘cancel culture’ sorts and their ilk be damned.

Iran-Backed Islamic Terror Group BOMB Airport Days After Biden Drops Their Terrorist Label

Democrats love war, which is why the support the worst villains on the world stage.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Wednesday targeted an airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia with bomb-laden drones, causing a civilian plane on the tarmac to catch fire, the kingdom’s state television reported. The attack threatened to escalate Yemen’s grinding war.

No one was hurt in the assault, but the damaged passenger plane at Abha airport served as a powerful reminder of the danger that Houthi rebels pose to Saudi Arabia, which nearly six years ago launched a bombing campaign that has devastated the Arab world’s poorest country.

The Iran-aligned Houthis soon claimed responsibility for the assault, with military spokesman Yehia Sarea stressing that the Houthis consider Abha airport to be a military, not civilian, target.


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Biden Is President...So Now Cuomo Aides Confess They Cooked the Books on NY’s COVID Deaths
Matt Vespa / Townhall Tipsheet

We know that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an order that caused the deaths of thousands of senior citizens in the Empire State. It’s not hard. You don’t need to be a medical expert. Forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients was a death sentence. These are facilities where the most vulnerable and infirmed reside. Of course, if you flood these buildings with people infected with a contagious disease, bad things will happen. Deaths will happen. Cuomo is a grim reaper. 

Cortney has followed the Cuomo fiasco and noted that the New York Attorney General’s Office reported that the actual death count from nursing homes during COVID was underreported by as much as 50 percent. What happened? Why was the data way off? What is going on in Albany? I think many of you already had an idea. Now, with Biden as president, these Cuomo officials can be open and honest: they hid the data. They were afraid the Trump Department of Justice would come after them. I guess that’s rational. This is a gross act of government incompetency. A top Cuomo aide apologized to state Democratic lawmakers today (via NY Post):

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Uniting vs. Identity Politics
By: Diane Sori / The Patriots Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
...We now are living in an ideologically split America...a split equally dividing us right down the partisan middle...with our side knowing as fact that as long as the Democrat party hierarchy keeps trying to impeach a Republican president who has already left office; as long as half the country knows that dishonestly and illegitimacy worked in tandem to steal the election; and that as long as a “place holder” occupies the White House with a worst nightmare yet to in Kamala Harris...what Joe Biden calls both “healthy dialogue” and “compromise” are now and will remain next to impossible...with promised “unity” not even close to being on the political radar...

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