Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama Makes Plans to Send Illegal Kids to US Schools
By Todd Beamon

The Obama administration is prepping the nation's school systems for a huge influx of illegal immigrant children this fall as they await hearings that could lead to deportations.

"All children in the United States are entitled to equal access to a public elementary and secondary education, regardless of their or their parents' actual or perceived national origin, citizenship, or immigration status," the Education Department stated in a fact sheet.

The document was sent to states and schools on Monday, The Hill reports.

"This includes recently arrived unaccompanied children, who are in immigration proceedings while residing in local communities with a parent, family member, or other appropriate adult sponsor," it said.

The illegals are under the care of the Department of Health and Human Services while awaiting the deportation hearings, and they will be educated at the more than 150 shelters throughout the country where they are being held, according to the sheet.

The minors are turned over to DHS within 72 hours after being apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol agents. The temporary housing costs taxpayers $252 per child per day.

Nearly 63,000 children have been arrested in South Texas after crossing the U.S. border from Mexico since Oct. 1. The administration estimates that more than 90,000 could be detained by the end of next month.

Most of the minors come from such Central American countries as Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Many also come from Mexico.

President Barack Obama has dubbed the situation "a humanitarian crisis" — and officials and immigration reform advocates contend that illegals are fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries.

But Republicans have attributed the deluge to the White House's lax enforcement of immigration laws. They also point to reports in Central American media touting administration deportation policies that benefit some illegals.

Before leaving for its August recess, the House of Representatives approved $694 million for Obama to address the crisis. The funds were coupled with legislation that could end up deporting more than 700,000 migrants who received temporary work permits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program the president created by executive order in 2012.

However, the Senate was in recess and did not act on the House bill this summer.

Obama is considering several executive actions on the crisis. They are expected be announced after Labor Day.

As of July 31, as many as 37,477 children have been released to adult sponsors, usually a parent, relative, or family friend, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, The Hill reports. They have been settled in all 50 states — mostly Texas, California, and New York — and all would be eligible for public school.

In addition, the average wait time for a deportation hearing is 500 days, making it very likely the minors would spend the next school year in the United States. More than 350,000 cases are pending in immigration court, according to news reports. The system has 260 judges nationwide.

The administration has given priority to the children from Central America in an effort to speed up the deportation process. The Department of Homeland Security is also working to hire more immigration judges.

"We have begun to receive inquiries regarding educational services for a specific group of immigrant children who have been in the news — children from Central America who have recently crossed the U.S.-Mexico border," the fact sheet said.

Its goal is to provide information "to help education leaders better understand the responsibilities of states and local educational agencies … in connection with such students, and the existing resources available to help educate all immigrant students — including children who recently arrived in the United States."

The Education Department's sheet starts out as saying, "Schools in the United States have always welcomed new immigrant children to their classrooms," noting that more than 840,000 immigrant students were in the United States — along with over 4.6 million English learners.

The document notes that illegals are vaccinated while in DHS custody, and it includes answers to frequently asked questions by school administrators and teachers. It also contains links to other legal and reference information.

"Under federal law, states and local educational agencies are obligated to provide all children — regardless of immigration status — with equal access to public education at the elementary and secondary level," the fact sheet said in response to one question. "This includes children such as unaccompanied children who may be involved in immigration proceedings."

The sheet follows a letter the Education and Justice departments sent to state and school officials in May that warned of "student enrollment practices that may chill or discourage the participation or lead to the exclusion" of illegal minors.

The challenge of educating illegals has raised other problems for some strapped school districts.

Officials of the Boston suburb of Lynn, Mass., disclosed earlier this month that many adult illegals were posing as minors to enroll in the district's overcrowded public high schools.

"Some of them have had gray hair, and they're telling you that they're 17 years old and they have no documentation," Jamie Cerulli, the chief of staff for Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, told The National Review. "If my children went to the public schools, I'd be very uncomfortable with all of these unaccompanied minors [that] are placed in the ninth grade."

Netanyahu: Israel won’t cooperate with UN probe

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Good. Why should Israel cooperate with the arm of the global jihad? The UN’s terror group — UNRWA, the Goldstone Report, vicious antisemite Richard Falk, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (Islamic Jew-haters incorporated) and the savage haters on the UN “human rights commission” — they live to destroy the Jewish state.

The majority of Israeli government ministers oppose the probe ordered by the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) into the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has been burned too many times by these jihad aiders and abetters. Like Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

“We are deeply frustrated with the one-sided narrative that is being presented by the United Nations” — Rabbi Marvin Hier
“Netanyahu indicates Israel won’t cooperate with UN probe,”  The Times of Israel, August 13, 2014
PM says team should look for war crimes in ‘Baghdad and Damascus,’ not democratic Israel, charges UNHRC legitimizes Islamist terror groups the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), which this week appointed a commission to investigate Israel’s conduct during the month-long Operation Protective Edge, lends legitimacy to such terror groups as the Islamic State and Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday.
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Islamic State flag flying from New Jersey home

/ Jihad Watch
jersey-jihad-is-flag2Police confirmed that the flag has been taken down. Great. Is anyone investigating the people who put it up in the first place? What might they plotting? Who are their associates? Would investigating such questions be “Islamophobic”?

“Cops Confirm ISIL Flag Removed from New Jersey Home,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, August 13, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
Police in Garwood, New Jersey, confirmed that a militant flag associated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) was removed from the front of a local home after hundreds of online activists expressed fear and revulsion.
Garwood Police Chief Bruce D. Underhill confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon that officers were “aware of the situation” and residents at the suburban home “voluntarily” agreed to remove the flag.
A photo of the home with the ISIL and Turkish flags was tweeted out Tuesday morning and quickly attracted hundreds of retweets and comments.
Underhill told the Free Beacon that the police are aware of the situation and are working to uphold the public safety.
“Thank you for your concern regarding this important matter,” Underhill wrote the Free Beacon in an email Wednesday afternoon. “Only with the public’s continued cooperation can we keep our communities safe.”
“Please be assured that the Garwood Police are aware of the situation and have taken the appropriate steps,” Underhill wrote. “At this time, the flag in question has been voluntarily taken down. No further comments.”
Multiple calls to a number associated with the New Jersey address were not answered and a resident did not respond to messages left seeking comment. Messages sent to a Facebook account believed to be associated with one of the residents also were not answered by press time.
Following the initial picture of the home, which clearly displayed the ISIL and Turkish flags on its front porch, Twitter users posted an updated photo that appeared to confirm that the black militant flag had been removed.
The ISIL banner was replaced by a flag that appears to resemble the blue-and-white-stripped flag of Greece, though it was unclear from the photos to what nation the flag belongs….
CAIRO (AP) — Israel and Hamas agreed to extend a temporary cease-fire for five days, Egyptian and Palestinian officials announced Wednesday, permitting the sides to continue to negotiate a substantive deal to end the war in Gaza.
Yet even as the extension was announced just minutes before a previous truce was set to expire at midnight, violence spiked, with Palestinian militants firing five rockets at Israel and Israel targeting sites across the Gaza Strip in response. It was not clear if the fighting was isolated or might shatter the truce.

Egypt's foreign ministry and the head of the Palestinian negotiating team announced the extension, which began at midnight local time. A spokesman for Israel's prime minister had no immediate comment.

The cease-fire extension is meant to grant both sides additional time to negotiate a longer-term truce and a roadmap for the coastal territory.

"We have agreed on a cease-fire for five days," said Azzam al-Ahmad, the head of the Palestinian delegation to the Cairo talks. He noted that there had been "significant progress" but that disagreements remained over the wording regarding security arrangements, reconstruction efforts for the Gaza Strip and the permissible fishing area.

The lull in violence had been a welcome reprieve for Israelis and Palestinians living in Gaza. During the temporary cease-fire, Israel halted military operations in the war-battered coastal territory and Gaza militants stopped firing rockets, aside from the ones late Wednesday.

The two sides were considering an Egyptian proposal that partially addresses their demands, but deep differences have kept the deal in doubt.

Hamas is seeking an end to a crippling blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt in 2007. The blockade has greatly limited the movement of Palestinians in and out of the territory of 1.8 million people. It has also restricted the flow of goods into Gaza and blocked virtually all exports.

Israel says the closure is necessary to prevent arms smuggling, and officials are reluctant to make any concessions that would allow Hamas to declare victory.

Israel wants Hamas to disarm, or at least be prevented from re-arming. Hamas has recovered from previous rounds of violence with Israel, including a major three-week ground operation in January 2009 and another weeklong air offensive in 2012. It now controls an arsenal of thousands of rockets, some with long ranges and powerful. Gaza militants fired more than 3,000 rockets toward Israel during the war.
Like anything in life, social media, in the hands of the wrong people, has the potential to do nothing but spread unthinkable evil. Such is the case with the use of Twitter and Facebook by militants to recruit jihadists for ISIS.
Via CNS News:
Militant Muslims are using social media to recruit jihadists in India on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also know as the Islamic State (IS).
Al Isabah Media, which claims on its Twitter account to be "Ansar ut Tawheed Fi Bilad Al Hind" (translated by the Daily Mail as “Supporters of Monotheism in the Land of India”) recently posted an ISIS recruitment video featuring a Canadian jihadist with Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil subtitles and the IS hashtag.
Al Isabah Media also posted the video to their Facebook account, which has 2,866 likes.
The recruitment video was also tweeted out by the “Al-Battar Media Foundation” which is “dedicated to spreading the #NEWS of the #Islamic_State\#IS to the #English speaking audience.”
Below is only a short clip of the 11-minute video, which shows Andre Poulin, a Muslim convert from Canada who reportedly died fighting in Syria last year, discussing why he left Canada for Syria and became a jihadist.

See video here:

The rest of the video shows Poulin with other ISIS jihadists fighting in Syria…and this:
It ends with a gruesome close-up of his dead body, with another narrator saying that he had “certainty of Allah’s promise” of a reward, and a quote from the Quran: “Indeed, those who have believed and those who have emigrated and fought in the cause of Allah, those hope for the mercy of Allah. And Allah is forgiving and Merciful.”
In May, four young, middle class men left their homes in India to fight to defend Islam. According to a New York Times report, investigators have since traced them to Mosul and said that ISIS recruited the men over the Internet.

There’s no telling how many more will follow.

Evidence Mounting That Turkey Is Behind ISIS Recruitment to Establish an Islamic Caliphate

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

Several Middle Eastern media broke the news that unrest has sparked in Turkey with demonstrations erupting denouncing Erdogan after Turkish citizens captured ISIS operatives in Turkey in which Turkish security forces released the terrorists and attacked the civilians who turned them in:

See video here:

This confirms what reported as far back as March, that there are ISIS “training centers in Orfa, Ghazi Antab and Antakia (Antioch) set up by the Turkish government for more terrorists to be sent to Syria.”

Confirming our findings, this week, the World Tribune discovered that “the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has acknowledged significant recruitment of Turkish nationals by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Officials have told Turkey’s parliament that at least 1,000 Turks were fighting with ISIL in Iraq and Syria. They said the Turks, offered lucrative salaries, were recruited in mosques, schools and even from the security forces.”

In addition, Agence France-Presse (AFP international news agency) also confirmed that “ISIL is recruiting throughout the region, and Turkey is no exception” . The figure was released in wake of allegations by the parliamentary opposition that Turkey was being used for ISIL recruitment and training. The opposition cited videos that showed purported ISIL fighters at a celebration outside Istanbul in late July.

Turkey has long been accused of tolerating ISIL as part of efforts to maintain the war in neighboring Syria. Opposition sources said Turkish intelligence facilitated the supply of fighters and weapons from Iran through Turkey and to Syria.

“The Justice and Development Party has shut up when faced with the ISIL terrorist organization, and still says nothing about it,” opposition leader Faruk Logoglu said on Aug. 4.

So far, the government has not responded to demands to disclose ISIL activities and whereabouts.

Instead, Erdogan and his aides have blamed NATO for not supporting to help control Turkey’s huge border with Iraq and Syria.

In Istanbul, Turkey a Caliphate nostalgia for the Ottoman Empire has been on the rise as of late. The Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman had this to say:
“Therefore it is no coincidence to observe that some of the followers of Erdoğan believe he is a caliph who seeks to resurrect the Islamic Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire. It is no coincidence that Erdoğan’s target of “The Great Turkey” is intended to be completed in 2023 …”
But Erdogan’s support of the ISIS is easy to explain, even though the ISIS declared a caliphate in southern Turkey which seems as a no threat to Erdogan. He is silent because he sees an opportunity since Turkey needs the ISIS to dismantle nationalistic governments then to later consume them to create its Sunni Axis and its Ottoman dream.

Turkey’s master plan is to eventually sacrifice someone in its little ISIS pawn in order to declare itself as the supreme Caliphate taking all under its neo-Ottoman umbrella which will also include an alliance with Iran. Turkey’s brilliant plan is that it needs the ISIS to dismantle the Levant while using wealthy Arabs who support ISIS to aid the Caliphate cause while using the very ISIS to even turn on the Arabs themselves. Turkey then will execute a double-whammy plan using its non-Wahhabist Sufi version of Islam that is neutral  towards Shiite Iran, to unite both Sunni and Shiite forces to finally bring about peace amongst Muslims in the region and by this self-fulfilling the Islamic view that a Mahdi will come and bring 7 years of peace after 7 years of turmoil.

Only Turkey has such a model and a major regional presence with significant global standing and respect. The Iraqi model of the Caliphate has set the stage for a Caliphate competition stemming from Turkey. Erdogan wants the entire Middle East. Why else would Erdogan be making statements against Egypt objecting to the Egyptian dismantling of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Turkey and Iran are steeped in their hatred not only towards Israel, but also Saudi Arabia, which brought such divide between Sunni and Shiites. Saudi Arabia will be coming to an end and will be punished by the reviving beast as God will ordain it (Revelation 17:17). It was Saudi Arabia that sparked anti-Semitism from the advent of Islam until now. Arabia (Sheba and Dedan) despite that it will no longer see Israel as a threat and while it stands by when Turkey invades Israel (Ezekiel 38), it will eventually be demolished by Iran (see Elam in Isaiah 21) and Mecca and Medina will go up in flames (Isaiah 34).

Zechariah 9 confirms the final battle between Israel and Yavan (often translated as Greece), which is Asia Minor (see Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible commentary). Messiah will head to that direction of Turkey (v14) and defeat it and victory will be to The Lord.

Turkey in Asia Minor cannot be ignored; it was the center of the Grecian Kingdom, the cradle of Christianity with its Seven Churches, as well as it was the eastern leg of the Roman Empire. It sits as a hub between East and West and plays the number one candidate in peace negotiations in the region.

When it comes to animosity towards Israel and the Church, Turkey is the epicenter with more Christian blood on its hands then any other nation on earth.

U.S. Sends Aircraft To Iraq; Obama Weighs Mission To Save Refugees

by   / Personal Liberty Digest
(MCT) — Administration officials said Wednesday that President Barack Obama is considering using military helicopters and other aircraft to help rescue thousands of refugees trapped on Mount Sinjar in northwest Iraq, potentially putting U.S. forces closer to the extremist fighters who have laid siege to the area.

The Pentagon said it has sent tilt-rotor cargo aircraft and helicopters to a “secure airfield” to northern Iraq as Obama weighs the operation, officials said.

The president has not yet made a decision on how to proceed, according to Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser.

“There are a variety of ways we can support the safe removal of those people on the mountain,” Rhodes told reporters in Edgartown, Mass., near where the president is vacationing.

Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters that V-22 aircraft, which can land and take off like helicopters, were positioned near the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil with a team of 130 Marines and special operations troops who are assessing how to get the refugees out safely.

“The purpose of this team is to assess other options” beyond airdrops of food, water and other supplies to the refugees, he said. “There’s no question that speed is of the essence.”

Rhodes said an airlift to rescue the refugees was likely to be considered, as was a military operation to create a protected ground corridor to lead the refugee to a “safe space.”

He said the president will keep his promise not to return “ground forces into combat” in Iraq.

However, he acknowledged that even a humanitarian mission in the area carries risks.

“There are dangers involved in any military operation … but (the president’s) confident that we can have a limited military objective,” Rhodes said.

The U.S. has conducted seven airdrops of food and water to stranded Yazidis, members of a religious minority who sought safety on Mount Sinjar as Islamic State militants seized control of communities in northern Iraq.

Estimates vary widely, from several thousand to tens of thousands, as to how many people are still on the mountain. Rhodes said thousands are believed to still be in danger.

“We don’t believe it’s sustainable to just have, you know, permanent airdrops to this population on the mountain,” Rhodes said. “Some of them have been able to escape but, again, we want to get options in place to move them to a safer place.”

The V-22 Ospreys’ ability to land under harsh conditions would make them useful in any operation to remove the refugees by air. It was not clear how many of the aircraft have been moved to northern Iraq.

They are the first U.S. planes based at airfields in Iraq since the crisis began, according to the Pentagon, signaling a steadily growing American role for an operation that Obama had pledged to keep limited.

Warren would not disclose the location of the airfield, but he said it was protected by Marines and Kurdish troops.

The possibility of a U.S.-led evacuation had grown in recent days as airstrikes have reduced the fighting ability of the militants around Mount Sinjar, officials said.

U.S. airstrikes in recent days have “slowed if not stopped” the ability of the Islamic State militants to fire mortars and other artillery in the area, Warren said.

A major concern for the U.S. as it contemplates a rescue mission is that, though the militants do not gave antiaircraft weapons that would threaten U.S. fighters, they do have weapons that could bring down helicopters and even the propeller-driven V-22, officials said.

There are now 198 U.S. military personnel in northern Iraq, Warren said.