Saturday, February 25, 2017

General McMaster and That “Perverted Interpretation of Religion Used To Justify Violence”

By Hugh Fitzgerald / Jihad Watch


President Trump has chosen Lt. General William McMaster as his new National Security Adviser. As a three-star general, McMaster’s appointment will require Senate confirmation, and one hopes that whatever else the Senators ask him, they make sure to examine his understanding of Islamic terrorism. For surely this is the greatest threat not only to American […]

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Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Party If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC Chairman
By Alan Dershowitz / NEWSMAX

Image: Alan Dershowitz: Why I Will Leave Democratic Party If Keith Ellison Is Elected DNC ChairmanEd. Note: This article first appeared in The Hill.
Tomorrow the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will have to choose the direction of the Democratic Party, as well as its likely composition. It will be among the most important choices the DNC has ever had to make.

There has been powerful push from the hard-left of the Democratic Party, led by senator Bernie Sanders, to elect Keith Ellison chairman. If he is elected, I will quit the party after 60 years of loyal association and voting.

I will become an independent, continuing to vote for the best candidates, most of whom, I assume, will still be Democrats.

But I will not contribute to the DNC or support it as an institution. My loyalty to my country and my principles and my heritage exceeds any loyalty to my party. I will urge other like-minded people – centrist liberals – to follow my lead and quit the Democratic Party if Ellison is elected chairman. We will not be leaving the Democratic Party we have long supported. The Democratic Party will be leaving us!

White House blocks fake news organizations from off camera press briefing

Fantastic! It is so good to see the President ferreting out fake news outlets. Obama had his handpicked stooges sere up his mendacious propaganda. It’s time to purge the yellow journalists, liars and anti-American propagandists.

White House blocks news organizations from press briefing

CNN & others blocked from White House media briefing

CNN and other news outlets were blocked Friday from an off-camera White House press briefing, raising alarm among media organizations and First Amendment watchdogs.
The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico and BuzzFeed were also excluded from the meeting, which is known as a gaggle and is less formal than the televised Q-and-A session in the White House briefing room. The gaggle was held by White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

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Just a Thought...
Inciting Violence
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Freedom of the press does NOT mean freedom to report lies as supposed truth nor does it mean accountability is to be ignored. The 'Fourth Estate' in our country has been corrupted by the left to do the bidding of those wishing to do us harm and as such is in and of itself a violation of the First Amendment as that corruption invites and leads to violence... which the 'inciting of' indeed is a direct violation of said First Amendment.
RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS...if you missed last night's broadcast (or just want to listen in again) where Craig and Diane discussed the dueling ideologies that is 'fake news,' gave General Flynn's firing the snark treatment, and talked about major events of the will be repeated tonight at midnight and throughout the week on American Political Radio at:

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