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 (Almost) Daily Meme

 (Almost) Daily Meme

On Bats, Defectors, and Other Things
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

The gift that keeps on giving with no “return to sender” in sight as the media continues to propagate Democrat spewed propaganda regarding the origins of Covid-19...what in reality is SARS-CoV-2. And while master of misinformation Dr. Anthony Fauci is now raising concerns over the virus' true origin, a new possibility has now emerged...a probability actually...that the virus still wrecking havoc on the world was caused by a lab leak at the supposedly research only Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

An accidental leak of what was a naturally occurring virus that originates in bats, I believe, saw said virus having been manipulated and engineered at the Wuhan lab into becoming a bio-weapon of sorts. And why do I say this...because one has to remember that what likely is ground zero was and always has been the very lab the Chinese claimed did not harbor any bats which videos now surfacing clearly show that they actually did.


In fact, the Wuhan lab had been awarded a patent for cages to hold live bats for testing, and in January 2019 they received another patent to "rear" bats. And then again in October 2020 another patent was awarded to "artificially breed" bats, and months later low and behold the virus started spreading. But remember, while the naturally occurring virus was likely incubated in bats, to spread in the way it did in the short time frame that it did, the virus then had to be grown and genetically engineered and manipulated so as to be able to be delivered by Chinese citizens who were allowed to travel abroad to basically what's called, “seed” the virus within their destination county's population.

So while the original viral leak itself could, like I said, have been and most likely was accidental, the truth is that the Chinese government knowingly and willingly allowed said virus to spread with little to no effort to either keep it contained in Wuhan or to warn the world about it.

And so the Covid-19 pandemic began.

A pandemic that began with bats...bats mishandled by lab technicians...bats who at times bit their handlers as they were not always wearing the bio-safety level 4 lab required protective suits. In fact, back in early November 2019, three unprotected technicians were hospitalized with symptoms that have now become the hallmark of COVID-19, and upon their hospitalization the lab samples they were working on were suddenly and deliberately destroyed by the Chinese powers that be. And why do so if the virus did naturally jump from an animal host to humans, as many viruses do, which is exactly what the Chinese claimed had happened...why indeed.

Simply, destroy the evidence, destroy the truth...or so the Chinese and their Democrat cohorts here in the U.S. thought...but more times than not history does have a way of seeing truth finally being revealed.

Now for some truths. And here it's important to remember that this entire Covid-19 fiasco started soon after then President Trump, and therefore America, gained the upper hand in what was still the ongoing China/America Trade War...a time when we were bearing witness to the U.S. economy being the best it had been in decades what with the unemployment rate at 3.5 percent...that is until the nasty little virus from China hit our shores and more than quadrupled that number. And this set into motion our country's downward spiral for not only did the “China virus” destroy our economy and change how we Americans go about living our daily lives, but it did so in but a month's time with the virus' very presence here in the U.S. helping to set the stage for the election fiasco that was soon to follow.

And that election fiasco indeed has Dr. Anthony Fauci's hand all over it courtesy of both his keeping important facts hidden along with the bold-faced lies he told to both President Trump and “We the American People.”

And how do we know that Dr. Fauci had then and still has now what I call a “Pinocchio nose”... because the truth is finally coming out via a recently revealed Chinese defector named Dong Jingwei. Formerly the Chinese Vice-Minister of State Security (the Guoanbu as its more commonly known), Mr. Dong, who was tagged as being a “spymaster,” is believed to have defected with his daughter, Dong Yang, by secretly flying from Hong Kong to the U.S. on February 10th of this year. Believed to have been responsible for the Ministry's counterintelligence efforts in China, we are now finding out that over this past month, Dong, supposedly has been working closely with our Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and has surrendered information about the Wuhan Institute of Virology's true intent. And it's this which has led to him and his daughter being kept within the DIA's Clandestine Services network for their own protection as he being the highest level Chinese official ever to defect to the U.S. is too valuable a commodity to risk his going “Epstein” on us.

So exactly what did Dong Jingwei turn over to the DIA...let's start with key information about the true goings on at the Wuhan lab. And this included his turning over copies of early-on pathogenic studies of the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as the Chinese models that predicted the virus' spread and ensuing “damage” to both the U.S. and the world...which is interesting to say the least for why predict “damage” if said virus hadn't been weaponized. Causing illness is one thing...inflicting “damage” is quite another thing.

Also being turned over by Dong Jingwei was the financial records regarding who, what organizations, and which counties helped to fund research on not just SARS-CoV-2 but on other biological warfare agents that were being tested at the Wuhan lab; the names of not only U.S. citizens who provided intel to China, but also the names of Chinese spies well entrenched here in the U.S.; and how exactly the Chinese government gained access to a CIA communications system. And to add the proverbial cherry on top, Dong turned over detailed financial records showing which prominent U.S. businessmen and public officials...whose names we will hopefully soon be privy to...received money from the Chinese government for what can only be construed as shady dealings of sorts.

But know Dong Jingwei also turned over other important details, including those pertaining to China's special weapons system; papers showing the Chinese military's actual connection to the Wuhan lab; and key information showing that China not only tried to but seems to have succeeded in producing variants of the Covid-19 virus... variants like the one currently devastating India which is now starting to turn up here in the U.S. And said variants were produced, according to Dong, in an effort to cover up the fact that Covid-19 did indeed originate in bats kept in the Wuhan lab, and that not a damn thing was done by the Chinese government to help contain it let alone keep it in check.

Yet surprising as it may seem to some and much to the Democrats and media's chagrin, some of us have long believed, and even written and spoke about, the Wuhan lab being ground zero of Covid-19, and we didn't need Dong Jingwei's information surrendered to reach that conclusion. In fact, that conclusion was reached not by examining the individual pieces of the Covid-19 puzzle but by putting emotions aside and looking at the big picture instead. And what was found was that when the puzzle was finally assembled two plus two still equaled four especially for those of us not schooled in the abomination known as common core math.

Two plus two does equal in a naturally occurring virus residing in bats was manipulated into a bio-weapon for the Chinese government to use against its enemies at the time of their choosing, with the only true flaw in the equation being that said virus was accidentally released too soon and could not be contained. And this in turn led the Chinese government, via unsuspecting Chinese infected carriers, to spread the virus known as Covid-19 throughout the world. It really cannot be any simpler than that nor can the cover-up that ensued be any simpler to understand. 

A cover-up, I believe, that saw Dr. Anthony Fauci knowing this very scenario all along which led him to initiate the time honored "divert and deflect" tactics Democrats like him are so well schooled in..."d and d tactics" that upon his cleverly, albeit maliciously calculated recommendations to President Trump saw us being forced to wear now proven to be germ harboring masks (masks on which e-coli and other assorted nasties make their home), forced us to practice what has proven to be social distancing nonsense; had our president locking down our country which devastated our economy; and had rushed to market a vaccine that for some is as dangerous, if not more so, than the virus itself...a vaccine now seeing over 4,000 fully vaccinated folks in Massachusetts testing positive for Covid-19...a virus which has a 99.7 survival rate even sans vaccine.

And so the “China virus” became the very tool by which the Democrats could not only manipulate the public discourse but use it as a way to prevent Trump from garnering what was before the pandemic an assured re-election win.

And even with all the aforementioned information Dong has provided and supposedly continues to provide, I find it odd that the man who has yet to give a reason for his defection...not that we know of at this time...has also provided the DIA with copies of the contents of the hard drive on Hunter Biden's infamous laptop...contents that showed information the Chinese government has about Hunter Biden's so-called “pornography problems,” as well as about his and daddy Joe's business dealings with Chinese entities both here in the U.S. and abroad. Business dealings that include, for example, Hunter Biden's associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals directly linked to both the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army...associations that resulted in millions of dollars in highly questionable transactions for the Biden's. Nice huh?

And this alone leads me to wonder will daddy Joe do anything about these aforementioned latest developments regarding the virus' origin or will he do not a thing in the way of serious reprisal? I'm betting on him doing nothing of substance beyond a sanction or two, for the fact is that Joe Biden dare not go up against China for God only knows what else China has on him and his nefarious in what else could China use to assure Biden tows the Chinese communist party in blackmail anyone.

But no matter what China has or doesn't have on the Biden's...for me the bottom line is this...Dr. Anthony Fauci...the very man who approved U.S. taxpayer funding going to the Wuhan lab...became China's and the Democrats delivery “mule” of sorts...a very cooperative “mule” who passed along false information to both President Trump and to “We the American people.” And it was this false information that helped to not only cripple our nation's economy but to set the stage for a feeble-minded old man to become president with China probably being assured of no serious actions being taken against her when the truth came out.

Remember, for the right price and the much sought after promise of in a Biden election win...Dr. Fauci and the Democrat hierarchy would sell their souls to China...with loyalty to these United States be damned. After all, cleverly orchestrated silence coupled with an unquenchable desire for power, which in turn equates to control of the masses, does indeed breed strange and oh so traitorous bedfellows. And while I'm sure the Biden's had no part in the virus' actual creation nor the ramifications that followed, the fact remains that once they found out about its accidental release...which Dr. Fauci was instrumental in covering up...a plan was set into motion to use said virus as the means by which to make sure that Donald J. Trump would not be re-elected.

And know President Trump would have been re-elected if not for the “China virus”...and voter fraud being committed via Dominion vote tabulating leaving our great republic on course to crash unless in 2022 we can turn this nightmare around. And it's all thanks to a bio-weaponized virus from China and a mouthpiece named Dr. Anthony Fauci who made the art of lying the stuff by which to help bring down not just a president but our nation as well.

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