Monday, May 24, 2021

Being Critical of Critical Race Theory
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Come on people now. Smile on your Brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another. Right now,”
- words from the old 1960's Youngblood's song, 'Let's Get Together'

Lately we've been bombarded with the words Critical Race Theory (CRT). Those three words have taken over the political discourse, the media, and have made dangerous inroads into all levels of our school system...both public and private schools as well as colleges and universities. Now teaching young impressionable minds that the actual science behind what constitutes “race” is not “biologically natural,” CRT claims instead that “race” is a "culturally invented, socially constructed entity" derived solely to exploit and oppress people of color...especially those scientifically classified as Negroid... folks more commonly referred to as black people...and that it does so while serving the interests of white groups and institutions who deliberately perpetrate the negative stereotypes regarding people of color especially if it meets both their needs and wants.

And those who adhere to this can google CRT's history and its partisan political beginnings...also believe that both U.S. law and mainstream legal institutions...most especially our appellate judicial system...are inherently racist with their sole reason for being but to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between white and black Americans, with so-called “brown, yellow and red Americans” thrown in for good or bad measure...depending of course upon one's personal point of view and/or prejudices. And some take what is but a twisted and diluted form of the Marxist-oriented “critical theory”...a theory where judicial decisions are mainly influenced by nonlegal in political factors...instead of by set legal precedent and reasoning...and take it even one step further by claiming that being racist in America is a normal way of being amongst white people and not the exception, but that it is also a quite common and ordinary experience shared by most people of color, especially by black people.

But the truth is that like most liberal-speak, Critical Race Theory is but a pandering political dialogue manufactured primarily to make excuses for the what is perceived by liberal sorts to be gaps in income, wealth, education, employment, and social status between white and black America, as well as to take blame off those who not only make bad personal choices but who refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions. Instead, CRT chooses to place blame on the whole of what they call “white social structures,” with its adherents claiming it's overt across the board discrimination by white folks against people of color no matter a given individuals actions, words, or deeds to the contrary.

But nothing could be further from the truth for, I believe, what Critical Race Theory really is trying to do is propagate the idea that racism in America is not just an in-you-face obvious for the TV cameras occurrence but that it is stealthily “indirect, subtle, and systemic,” and that the fault lies solely within the population of white America. I also believe that the end game of CRT is not now nor has it ever been to actually end racism but to keep the momentum of hate going by manipulating black folks into becoming a faction driven by veiled suppression that the “powers that be” can forever control.

Now being used by the Democrats in an effort to help divide our country even more than she already is, Critical Race Theory downplays the need for black Americans to understand that racism, whether it's self-perceived or it's real, remains the stuff that fuels much needed political fodder. And like everything else the Democrats do, CRT actually aids in the ideological enslavement of black people, and does so as a means by which to garner their votes. In fact, everything the Democrats do is about votes for votes equals power and power equals control...neither of which the Democrats intend to surrender.

Remember, it's power and control above all else that is the Democrats “god,” if you will, and what the Democrats want is for the talked down to masses to not only believe but to accept as fact that racism will only go away via the enacting of so-called “color-blind” laws, policies, and practices...the very crux of Critical Race Theory. And when that is coupled with the concept of “white guilt” only then, they believe, can all races receive “equitable treatment” under the law along with the overcoming of individual racial biases.

And Democrats want us to believe that racial healing must begin with the securing of reparations...the supposed first baby step towards “equitable treatment”... a supposed key objective of Critical Race Theorists. And while “equitable treatment” should mean that all folks, no matter their skin color, receive equal opportunities to reach a specific objective or goal, the fact is that under CRT certain “considerations” must be in place to equalize the playing field for people of color. And this basically means that no matter the fancy words being pushed forward, “equitable treatment” is not now nor will it ever be "equal treatment" under the law, not when policies are enacted that allow specific “considerations” for one group of people over another group of people.

Simply, CRT is affirmative action on steroids.

Also know that no law enacted nor policy or theory dictated can stop an individual from hating if that is what one is so inclined to do. In fact, mandating laws or teaching theories with no tangible substance or truth actually allows for racism to gain momentum courtesy of folks who, while never racists before, have now after witnessing certain minority folks actions, words, and demands become so. And the securing of reparations is but one example, for why should black folks who were never slaves be given monies from white folks who were never slave owners. And besides, reparations itself is racist in nature as it singles out a specific group of people...for special “consideration,” basically negating the concept of "equal treatment" for all...and isn't equality what it's really all about...or is it?'s not equality that those who adhere to Critical Race Theory want but even more of a free ride for certain minority folks while at the same time brainwashing America's impressionable youth into believing that skin color alone is what dictates the “have and have nots,” and that white skin is something to be ashamed of. And this is but one of the means by which CRT pits people of people...against white people all in an effort to dictate the current and they hope future political discourse along with "big government" overseeing the how, when, and whys of exactly what will be done to right what they alone perceive to be America's past wrongs. But what the CRT crowd ignores is the fact that both America's rights and America's wrongs helped to forge the freedoms we have today...take away those freedoms and America as we know her no longer exists.

And it's these very freedoms that separates us from other countries...freedoms that are ingrained in us throughout our formative school years, thus it's here in America's schools where Critical Race Theory is the most dangerous. Why...because in brainwashing our youth into believing politically generated fiction instead of well documented historical facts, generations of independent thinkers are lost. And it starts with CRT's premise that racism is indeed an integral part of everyone's everyday white folks here...and that even people who claim not to be racists still can make "bad choices" that help to fuel racism on.

Such nonsense indeed because except for a certain segment within the minority of America's black minority population, the color of one's skin does not dictate how one lives their lives nor does it become the excuse given for failures in life. Simply, skin color is not the first thing the vast majority of Americans, black Americans surely included, think of upon awakening nor is it the last thing thought of before drifting off to sleep, yet the color of one's skin alone is the driving force behind the mindset of those who adhere to Critical Race Theory thinking. And now sadly, due to political skulduggery, it's also become the mindset of those who want to brainwash our children into believing white skin is bad and black skin is good...white skin is something to be ashamed of while black skin is something to be proud of.

In other words, Critical Race Theory itself is not only racist in its very concept, but it actually helps to promote racism by making "implied racism" a part of each and everyone's everyday life.

And while some states have embraced this nonsense and passed legislation allowing this what amounts to indoctrination to be taught in both public and private schools, other states...predominantly red states...have banned Critical Race Theory on the basis that it not only tries to promote the idea that white people have had an advantage at birth, but that it plants “the seeds of self-hatred in America's children,” while pushing forward the left's ideology that “white people are born as racist oppressors and that black people are born as victims.”

In fact, I'll even go one step further and say that Critical Race Theory not only pushes forward a politically driven divisive and mentally harmful agenda...a hateful agenda especially harmful to impressionable youth...but that CRT helps to breed a new generation of racists in its teachings of “white privilege.”...teachings which actually separates people based upon race, the very antithesis of the long fought for idea of inclusion.

But most important of all, Critical Race Theory tries to rewrite America's history by the foretelling of a future that they alone will determine and do so by only focusing on the bad while ignoring all of American history's good. And by ignoring basic human nature and societal norms, CTR willingly draws attention to the negative in order to make said negative become the absolute truth forgetting that there are always two sides to every story. One person's truth can be another person's lie, yet the fact is that history alone remains cannot be changed for what was...was. Learn from history's mistakes but don't try erase the past for to do so negates who we are today and who we might become in the future. 

Simply, black is black, white is white, mix them together and you get all shades of gray... not such a bad thing now is it.

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