Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wasserman Schultz Has Unreported Second Home in NH, Lives Large on the High Seas

By Javier Manjarres / The Shark Tank

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign team have been waging a coordinated effort against Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney by repeatedly casting aspersion on the length of his tenure at Bain Capital as well as the limited disclosure of his past personal income tax returns.

Wasserman Schultz has been relentless in her mocking of Romney’s offshore holdings and tax records even after it was disclosed that she had her own offshore investments including a Swiss Bank Account and holdings in foreign drug companies and the State Bank of India. In a desperate attempt to distract from the president’s record of failure, Wasserman Schultz has tried to paint Romney as a “one percenter” who outsources American jobs overseas and is disconnected from the American people. Wasserman Schultz has even boldly claimed that “I’m a Middle Class American.”

But now the Shark Tank has come into possession of information that has never been publicly disclosed which completely undermines Wasserman Schultz’ credibility as it pertains to her calls for transparency or the claim that she qualifies as “middle class.”

Speaking of “offshore” interests, on 6/9/12 Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz took a one-week cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean ‘Oasis of the Seas’ luxury liner to the Western Caribbean, embarking from Port Everglades, Florida. According to an individual that we’ll simply identify as “Bruce from Weston” who was also on the same cruise along with his family, Wasserman Schultz took the cruise with her husband Steve and three children along with Broward County School Board member Robin Bartleman and her family.

“Bruce” informed us that his own son became friendly with one of Wasserman Schultz’ daughters while the kids were playing in one of the ship’s designated play areas. Wasserman Schultz’ daughter then invited him up to the suite that her family was staying in.

While it shouldn’t be remarkable that Wasserman Schultz and her family took a cruise, the extent of her accommodations are most certainly eye-popping.

The two-story, spiral-staircase ‘Loft Suite’ that Bruce’s son was invited up to was on the 17th deck that overlooked the rear of the ship. According to Royal Caribbean, a 7-Day Cruise for 4 guests ranges from $15,264.08 in the Crown Loft Suite, to $19,364.08 in the Sky Loft Suite. These two types of suites are only found on the 17th Deck. (Source-Royal Caribbean)

So the question begs- how can someone earning a living on a congressional salary afford such a lavish suite on a cruise ship- especially someone who so adamantly claims she is “middle class?” Also take into consideration that Wasserman Schultz’ family was a party of five on board the cruise ship, meaning that they would have been charged an additional $1615 for the fifth guest, bringing the cost of the cruise somewhere between $16,879.08 and $20,979.08.

After the Shark Tank contacted and spoke to a Royal Caribbean sales agent, we were informed that  as per maritime laws enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard, families of five or more that wish to reside in a ‘Loft Suite’ are mandated to upgrade to the Royal Loft Suite as per safety regulations. That brings a one-week excursion in a Royal Loft Suite aboard the Oasis of the Seas for a family of five to $33,151.65, taxes included.(Source- Royal Caribbean Email)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz may be a Member of Congress and the Chair of the DNC, but she’s not the Sultan of Brunei.

So did the Schultz’ pay the full ticket price of the cruise or did they pay for a less expensive boarding arrangement and then receive an upgrade from the cruise ship? If Wasserman Schultz did receive a complimentary upgrade, it’s possible that she would be in violation of the House Ethics Gift Rule. (See- House Ethics Rules)

The possibility also exists that this cruise was paid for by the Democratic National Committee- perhaps this expenditure could be classified as “voter outreach?” If that’s the case, donors to the DNC might want to think twice about contributing hard earned dollars that wind up paying for the ultra-expensive cruises of the DNC Elite.

But that’s not Debbie’s only instance of hypocrisy.

Back on the mainland, Newbury, New Hampshire is a quaint little town that’s located in Merrimack County. According to public records, we’ve learned that Wasserman Schultz owns a second home here along with another land parcel. Based on our own public records search, these assets have never been previously disclosed by Wasserman Schultz.

As per congressional disclosure rules, Wasserman Schultz is not required to report either her personal residence or additional properties that do not generate rental income. If Wasserman Schultz were to release her personal income tax returns as requested by her Republican congressional opponent Karen Harrington, these assets would then be disclosed.(Source)
Debbie may not be not running for President, but she is running for federal office. We believe that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander- if you are repeatedly calling for your political opponents to fully disclose their tax returns, Debbie should be prepared to do the same.
To this point, Debbie continues to dodge our request for her tax returns. The question now arises- just what is the Congresswoman hiding?-Karen Harrington
Why was this not-so incidental piece of information ever discovered? Wasserman Schultz signs her name on legislative documents using “Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” but when she signs public records that requires her legal signature, Wasserman Schultz signs her name “Deborah Schultz.”

Example 1-Congressional Mailer-

Example 2-Personal signature on a mortgage agreement-

The first piece of property listed as owned by Wasserman Schultz is identified as Lot 17 at 17 Meadow Rd, Newbury, NH. The second property listed is as being owned by Steve and Deborah Schultz, located at 57 Meadow Rd, Newbury, NH. The Schultz’ have carried several mortgages on this property, the first on May 20, 2005 for $349,660, the second on June 30, 2008 for $371,250, the third on April 27, 2009, and the last one on November 24, 2010 for $374,500.

So let’s do some simple math. The Schultz’ 2010 value of their Newbury, NH home is estimated at $503,400, which includes the land and the 3 bedroom structure. When you add the total estimated value of her primary residence in Weston, Florida, valued in 2012 at $409,850, Wasserman Schultz has close to $1 million in total real property. 

Combined with her recently disclosed foreign investments and her husband’s undetermined salary at the Community Bank of Broward, can Debbie Wasserman Schultz really count herself as just another “middle class” American who practices full disclosure of her own assets in the interests of transparency?

Lies, Damn Lies and FactCheck.org

By:John Ransom  /Townhall.com

Americans can afford to pay more in taxes, say liberals, after the Congressional Budget Office released a report that shows that for 2009 “federal tax rates had fallen to the lowest in 30 years,” at 17.4 percent of income according to FactCheck.org – just in time to correspond with President Barack Obama being sworn in.

The Scarecrow couldn’t make the waters recede, begin to heal the earth or make the Red Sea part, but he apparently fixed the tax tables for us while we were sleeping.     

And FactCheck then reminds us- breathlessly- that taxes “fell again in his first year in office,” even though those darned Republicans lied about the Scarecrow. 


“Despite Republican criticisms, and Obama’s own campaign promise to raise taxes on upper-income households, the new president was a tax cutter in 2009,” says HackCheck.

There are many ways to describe the Scarecrow and President King, but as a tax-cutter?

In a disclaimer buried in the bottom of the “fact check,”- which is selflessly brought to us by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania through a generous grant of tax dollars- they say that, of course, “we offer no opinion on whether taxes are too high or too low, or just right. That’s a matter of intense national debate.”

Of  course, they don’t offer any opinion.

They don’t have to.

Their liberal friends have already taken up the Battle Cry of Taxes:

Tax rates paid in 2009 lowest in 30 years, says the San Francisco Chronicle;
Fact: tax rates are at a 30-year low under Obama, says the web site Death and Taxes; CBO: Fed tax rates hit historic low, says Politico; In 2009, Americans Paid Lowest Tax Rates In 30 Years To Federal Government, says the Huffington Post.

The message is clear: Selfish Americans are just not paying their fair share to a starving federal government.

But, as these charts from our friends at Political Calculations show, regardless of tax policy, federal tax receipts have remained stable at about 18 percent of our GDP since 1946. When rates have been above the average, it’s been during times of economic expansion- highlighted in green; and when rates have been below the average, it’s been because of recessions- highlighted in orange.   


You want higher federal receipts? Then raise GDP, not the marginal tax rates on people.

Because, while Obama fiddles about taxes and fairness, the economy, which is the real engine of tax “fairness,” continues to burn.   

And even as those in the top one-percent of earners have seen their tax rates go up from 28.3 percent of income, to 28.9 percent of income, the top earners now account for a smaller percentage of total tax revenue because they make less money to tax.

Thus, everyone else pays a larger share.

News flash to the economists at FactCheck: Tax rates have gone down because we suffer from an economic malaise that’s now one-third of the way into its second decade.

Obama’s done nothing but accelerate the downward trajectory of GDP growth.

That’s one way of making sure we no longer have a “bubble” economy.

Thank goodness Obama’s made this No-Growth economy “built to last.”

Or is that “built to be last?”  Never really clear about that.

A progressive tax scheme, which was built to take into account a certain percentage of income in each income quintile and tax income at higher rates in the higher levels, will certainly collect revenue at a much lower rate when incomes begin to shrink and less money is concentrated in the top two quintiles.
That’s why the whole tax the rich rhetoric is wrong.

Let’s forget for a moment the fact that out of control spending and unfunded future government commitments are the real drag on the economy. You know? Small commitments like Social Security, Medicaid, Obamacare, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, all real estate holdings, student loans, the Entire Known Banking System, plus any Finance Companies Owned by Alien Life Forms- just as soon as Obama signs the executive order authorizing the take over of Little Green Banks.

The real issue is that as income levels go down, the government will have to dig deeper and deeper into the middle class to raise income tax revenue or they will have to impose some sort of Value Added, or sales tax.

Already this is happening. The CBO report demonstrates that the portion of tax revenue paid by the middle class is going up.  

But the solution to that tax problem isn’t to sock it to the rich. The solution is in creating a healthy economy; an economy that grows.

Because here’s the picture dear friends: When the country has boom times again- and we will- everyone will admire those one percenters who invented the wonder drugs, or the new type digital device that makes life easier or happier or more fun.

We'll take pictures of them and read their books and admire their success.

That’s how it should be.

We will then all pay lower taxes while making more money.

Note to liberals: More money is good.

Even for the rich. 
Obama sanctioned Agenda 21...a nightmare for ‘We the People’
By: Diane Sori

Agenda 21 is bad news...there’s NO other way to put it, as the Useless Nations (UN) once again tries to dictate to sovereign nations what they can and cannot do within their own borders.

Hiding under the guise of being an environmental protection program, which it is anything but, Agenda 21 is really a UN plot to impose a one world global government...as in New World Order. Agenda 21 is a deviously crafted master plan for the forced takeover of national and local governments by the UN.  Basically, Agenda 21 calls for said government to dictate to ALL nations what they must prescribe and conform to in regards to what the UN dictates to be their vision of a common prescribed way of living for us all.  

The simple truth is that under Agenda 21 the UN will decide and then tell we Americans what resources we can and cannot use within OUR United States as it strips us of land ownership, one of the very foundations our country was built upon, and one of the things that people today continue to work so hard to attain.

Agenda 21, referred to as sustainable development will restrict our civil liberties; will stop our freedom to travel as we please; will tell us what kind of car we can and cannot own and drive; will tell us where we can and cannot live in suburban or rural areas; will stop us from entering woodland or wetland areas; will tell us how many children we can have; will restrict the amount of water we can use; will tell us what we can plant, grow, and harvest on our own farms and in our own fisheries; will eliminate our private property rights through eminent domain; will restrict the amount of trash and waste we can dispose of; will increase the price on goods and services through manipulated phony shortages and new exorbitant consumer taxes; and will force us to take part in community projects, stripping our individual rights as it favors community rights.

In other words the UN is trying to implement and force down our throats their version of ‘Smart Growth.’  Smart Growth is anything but smart as it forces people to leave rural areas and repopulate already overcrowded cities as it seizes private property to make you do so; as it manipulates and increases gas prices so owning an automobile becomes cost prohibitive; as it manipulates transportation patterns and closes down roads and highways as it corrals you into designated areas; and as it works for forced population control by limiting the number of children you can have.

Can you say China anybody.

And all this within OUR sovereign nation!  And in case the UN doesn’t know it, sovereign means independent of outside authority and the Useless Nations is an outside authority.  In fact, most Americans would prefer the UN pack its bags and get the hell out of our country...like yesterday!

And guess who supports all this...yup, none other than our ever loving president Barack Hussein Obama. With Obama’s outwardly stated goal of ‘transforming America as we know it,’ he happily supports the dismantling of America as a sovereign nation as he encourages the globalization of our economy and our laws.  I guess so much for our Constitution, as Obama once again throws it aside and bows down to those who hate us, and rest assured the UN hates the United States of America.

Sadly, Obama has bought into the UN rhetoric that America’s rate of development is un-sustainable based on underdeveloped countries.  Well you know what, let the so-called undeveloped countries start dealing with their own problems on their own...problems which, for the most part, are instigated, manipulated and controlled by their own country’s greedy self-serving dictators.

Thankfully, here in America many of us patriots see Agenda 21 for what it is...a conspiracy by the Useless Nations and megalomaniacs like Barack Hussein Obama to deprive us of our Constitution given property rights and civil liberties.  In fact, several states and local governments have already passed motions and legislation opposing Agenda 21 and will refuse to implement it.

But we still must let our elected officials know in voices loud and clear that ‘We the People’ do NOT want any part of Agenda 21 and the meddling of this president in our personal affairs.  We must let our elected officials know that we do NOT want and will NOT allow our American way of life to be sacrificed to meet the agenda of those who simply want to set themselves up as our lords and masters. 

Bottom line...Agenda 21 has NO place in the fabric of our American society, period.