Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Uh Oh: It Looks as Though Hunter's Laptop Is Part of an Even Bigger Probe

Uh Oh: It Looks as Though Hunter's Laptop Is Part of an Even Bigger Probe

Just one day after the FBI and Department of Justice confirmed the laptop left at a computer repair store belonged to Hunter Biden, Fox News confirmed that very laptop was part of an FBI probe into money laundering. It remains unclear whether or not the case is still ongoing and if Hunter Biden was part of the probe.

Fox News obtained documents – authenticated by multiple federal law enforcement officials and two government officials – showing FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson signed off on the "Receipt for Property" form that was filled out for the laptop. The document was signed on Dec. 9, 2019.

The report explained what the FBI coding means:

Facebook blocks 120,000 posts under the guise of 'election misinformation', rejected 2.2 million ads

Sounds more like election interference.

When is the GOP going to find their balls and deem social media the public square complying with our first amendment rights? They have done nothing for years. If this had been nipped in the bud yars ago, when my colleagues and I were banned, suspended, shadowbanned, terminated etc it would never have gotten so far.

Social media giant Facebook has removed 120,000 posts so far as it fights election misinformation and attempts to prevent a recurrence of 2016, when the platform was exploited by Russian agents seeking to sway the results of the presidential race. 

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