Thursday, April 21, 2022

Russia test-fired its new 'Son of Satan' ICBM to threaten the West during its Ukraine war
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the Russian military for successfully test-launching a new ICBM.

  • The "Sarmat" ICBM, dubbed the "Son of Satan" for its destructive power, was successfully launched Wednesday by the Russian military.

  • Putin said the possession of these weapons will strengthen combat and will scare those who threaten the country.

Russia's military test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile during the Ukraine war, adding to its already considerable arsenal, in a demonstration Russian leader Vladimir Putin used to take a shot at the US and the Western coalition opposing his invasion of Ukraine. The first launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" was carried out Wednesday by Russian military forces, Russian state agency TASS reported. It was tested at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region, TASS reported. Read more and see video here.

Did You See Kamala Harris Trying to Explain Space…to the Space Force? 
Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet
While on the road in California this week, Vice President Kamala Harris made a stop at Vandenburg Space Force Base north of Los Angeles to announce a new U.S. policy that again kneecaps U.S. defense capabilities when it comes to ensuring foreign threats are able to be deterred or destroyed. 

As ABC7 reported, “the vice president announced that the United States is committing to a ban on destructive, anti-satellite missile testing, and calling on other countries to do the same.” The Biden administration’s ban comes after Russia and China have already carried out such tests in the past and are unlikely to heed the Biden administration’s request that they stop pursuing offensive space capabilities. 

If the U.S. sticks to Harris’ commitment, that puts America at a disadvantage in space against foreign foes who may seek to take out critical satellites and now know there won’t be a retaliatory hit from the United States. So, not exactly the”peace through strength” that’s necessary to...Read more and see video here.