Saturday, January 2, 2016

Our Candidates Need to Remember This...

"Freedom of religion is vastly different than ruling by religion."
- Diane Sori
1) “Muslims account for only about 1 percent of the U.S. population but account for about half of terrorist attacks since 9/11. That means Muslims in the United States are about 5,000 percent more likely to commit terrorist attacks than non-Muslims.” -- Mark Krikorian

2) “Consider, for example, that in 1958 a mere 4 percent of Americans approved of interracial marriage. By 2013, that number had grown to 87 percent. In 2012 these once-taboo unions hit an all-time high.

Ku Klux Klan membership has shrunk drastically from millions a century ago to fewer than 5,000 today. The Black Panthers are essentially extinct. While plenty of other hate groups have attempted to fill the void, they have always operated on the margins of society. Black politicians are now common—President Obama’s percentage of the white vote was almost perfectly in line with that received by other recent Democrats, all of whom were white.

Granted, these statistics offer but a snapshot of American society, but the more one looks, the more a trend emerges. America is a lot of things; racist isn’t one of them.”  -- Greg Jones

Turkey’s Erdogan: Hitler’s Germany exemplifies effective presidential system
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Turkey’s Erdogan: Hitler’s Germany exemplifies effective presidential system
It is inconceivable that any Western leader would favorably cite Hitler in any context, but in Turkey, citing Hitler doesn’t bring instant opprobrium. Mein Kampf became a bestseller when it was published there in 2005, and Hitler remains popular. Also, a former classmate says Erdogan used to carry a copy around when he was a […]
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VIDEO: Devout Muslim opens fire at Tel Aviv bar: 2 dead, 5 wounded

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

It is shocking what the world lets these savages get away with. They demand respect and submission to their vicious ideology, while their seething hatred and violence towards the Jews is accepted and sanctioned.
“Tel Aviv shooting: Two dead, Israeli police say,” BBC, January 1, 2016:
Two people have died and and at least five have been injured after a gunman opened fire at a bar in central Tel Aviv, Israeli police say.
Police units are searching the area for the suspect, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.
The incident took place in a bar on Dizengoff Street.
It was not immediately clear what motivated the shooting, which follows a wave of Palestinian attacks against Israelis over the past few months.
Tel Aviv...
Conservatives Brace for 'War' Over Obama Gun Order
By: Cathy Burke / NEWSMAX
Conservatives, lawmakers and gun advocates are beginning to mount a defiant opposition to President Barack Obama's plans to order expanded background checks for gun buyers.

The go-it-alone move signals "war," Chicago radio host and former congressman Joe Walsh warns, calling it "time for civil disobedience." 

As the president announced he'd meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the gun order Monday, GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee is already slamming the action.