Monday, January 5, 2015

A Department of the Treasury report this week released some of its final numbers on the auto industry bailout, with good news: "only" $9.26 billion was flushed down the drain bailing out America's labor union-dominated auto industry. 

 As the Detroit Free press reports:
Taxpayers lost $9.26 billion on the U.S. government's automotive industry rescue program, according to a final tally released by U.S. Treasury this week... The government said it recovered $70.42 billion of the $79.68 billion it gave to General Motors, Chrysler, Ally Financial, Chrysler Financial and automotive suppliers through the federal Auto Industry Financing Program.
The government lost money, but far less than initially expected when the program was launched in 2009.
Of course, President Obama himself was consistently telling Americans that "GM has repaid every taxpayer dollar my administration" lent to them in the auto bailout program. That is, of course, a blatant lie.
And the Treasury Department isn't exactly the most reliable source of numbers here, considering they're led by political apointees beholden to President Obama. The Congressional Budget Office, for example, has historically put out different numbers than Treasury, showing the bailout to be in worse shape. The nearly $10 billion loss might be understating it.

The real test will be if GM and the other companies continue to survive or continue to need bailouts.

As Jim Pethokoukis wrote for AEI last year:
Bailing out a failing company is a lot easier than turning around a troubled company so it once again makes a quality product... Washington didn’t save GM, if by “GM” you mean an innovating, value-adding, self-sustaining automaker. That’s just not something government really knows how to do.
GM has proved to be in dire straits. They had a disastrous recall in 2014, and they've struggled to produce midsize cars that compete even close to the same level as Japan's leading Camry and Civic products. Maybe we'll end up having lost "only" $10 billion. In a counterfactual world, though, the U.S. automakers might already be producing beter products. And in the real world, we may have just wasted a truckload of money delaying the inevitable.

In Gallup's review of their 2014 polling of the American people, they found something surprising: for the first time ever, it was not the economy, or unemployment, or health care, or immigration that Americans thought was the biggest problem in the country.

Americans think that the government itself is the biggest problem facing America today.

As the Gallup authors write, "government includes dissatisfaction with President Obama, Congress, other government leaders, ethics of politicians and political conflict." That this cluster of issues tops Gallup's year-end list is the culmination of years of fomenting discontent with government. It's risen from the single digits to the mid-teens and, in for the first time ever in 2014, government was the number one problem Americans think is plaguing America, as the number one issue for 18% of Americans.

"Government" was the third-most important problem in 2012 and the second-most important problem in 2013. The number of people who think that the economy or unemployment is the biggest problem have plummeted during the (slow) recovery from the 2008 recession, and were the second- and third-most important problems in 2014. Of course, if you're one to think that unemployment and the economy are inextricably linked, economic anxiety might still top the list.

As the Gallup authors write:
Of the top five issues that most concerned Americans in 2014, the economy and unemployment are significantly less dominant than they were even two years ago. At the same time, concerns about government and immigration have been mounting, while concerns about healthcare have consistently simmered at a moderately high level since 2009.
This poll result does not reflect dissatisfaction solely with President Obama, or even Democrats. It also reflects on Republicans in Washington, though they obviously in 2014 only controlled one half Congress, which is only a quarter of the policymaking branches of the federal government.

With GOP control of all of Congress coming in 2015, it'll be interesting to see if they're able to move the needle on restoring Americans' trust in their elected officials.

Here are the full results:
Gohmert Tosses Hat in Ring for House Speaker
By Greg Richter / NEWSMAX

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas has joined Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida to challenge House Speaker John Boehner as he seeks re-election as House Speaker on Tuesday.

Gohmert made his announcement Sunday morning on "Fox and Friends." Yoho made his intentions known on Saturday.

Gohmert said he is running because a recent poll showed that 60 percent of those who voted Republican in November's midterms did so because they wanted a different speaker. And 25 percent of them said they will not vote for the GOP in 2016 if there isn't a change.

If elected, Gohmert said, "We’ll get back to appropriating and go through regular committee process, so everybody, every representative from both parties will have a chance to participate in the process and not have a dictator running things."

Typically, there are only two candidates for House Speaker, one Democrat and one Republican, with the candidate for the majority party winning. Gohmert said that many in the party establishment have warned that if more than one Republican runs it could hand the speakership to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"That's hogwash," Gohmert said, noting that House rules require a person to get a majority of the votes cast to be elected. So as long as 59 Republicans vote for someone and don't simply delcare themselves  "present," more votes would have to be taken until a speaker is elected, he said.
The last time it took more than one ballot to elect a speaker was in 1923, when it took nine attempts.

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Two Planes...One Found...One Missing...Still 
By: Diane Sori

Another plane goes down and even with NO Americans on board many sit fixated to their TVs as crash disasters always bring out the curious... and at the same time allows the media the opportunity to again divert our attention away from important business affecting 'We the People' and most importantly away from Obama's screwing of America...yet again.

And now with debris, more than 30 bodies being recovered to date, and with five major parts of the Airbus A320-200 now having been found off the island of Borneo, AirAsia Flight 8501with 162 people on board has curious minds wanting to know why it went down. But there are those of us who look at this latest crash NOT with the curiosity of gawkers or so-called 'disaster groupies' but because we have a very tangible question to ask...a question we already know the answer in with debris and bodies being it should be...where the hell is the debris and 239 bodies from MH370 that supposedly is somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

But I'll tell you where that plane is NOT...MH370 is NOT in the ocean...and NEVER was...period. And based on the size of that plane alone, there are 634 places where it could have landed... spreading as far north as Pakistan, and as far south as the west coast of Australia and Japan.

Debris, bodies, and major plane parts...found because sonar images were able to identify a so-called 'shadow' of a jet lying on the bottom of the Java Sea about six miles from Flight 850's (QZ850) last known point of contact...yet here it is nine months later and NO 'shadow' of 370 is anywhere to be found...NO shadow...NO debris...NO bodies...NO nothing. Quite odd I would say as the simple fact is that when a plane crashes there is evidence of said crash NO matter how deep within the sea the plane ends up...for something... anything...eventually floats to the top or washes ashore somewhere.

Also, remember the media reporting ad-nauseum that the MH370 search area in the Southern Indian Ocean covered more than 100,579 square miles with some areas being four miles deep, and how that became the cover story as to why the plane has NOT been found. Well...even in an area that large the natural laws of physics still in lighter than water objects like life vests, clothes, seat cushions, etc...less dense than the water that surrounds it...will still float to the will bodies or body parts for over the days they fill with lighter-than-air gas.

But NOTHING of the sort has happened with Flight 370.

And while many claim there is a huge difference between Flight 8501going down and being found in waters only 150 feet deep, that does NOT explain nor can it negate the natural laws of physics as it applies to MH370. And even if MH370 went into the ocean 'whole' extremely unlikely scenario...with NO breach of its 'skin'... keeping everything inside intact...its 'shadow' would still be able to be picked-up on highly sophisticated deep-sea radar equipment and/or by overhead surveillance satellites.

So while some still believe that a mechanical and/or human error, an engine stall, or even a mid-air break-up due to an explosion or sudden depressurization could have happened to MH370 let's NOT forget that if that was the case physics proves that debris of some sort would have been found by in body parts, floating objects, or parts of the plane was the case of the Lockerbie plane where debris was found for miles around. And even if by some chance a missile brought down MH370 there would still be fact, a huge debris field would be left just like the one left when Ukrainian separatists fired missiles and downed another Malaysian Airliner...MH17...last July.

And so MH370 has now become the story of 'what-if 'scenarios.

And with flight 8501's black boxes, flight data, and cockpit voice recorders still NOT having been located and recovered, time has allowed for highly improbable scenarios to become some people's reality. One 'what-if' scenario making the rounds that has almost zero probability of being reality is that the pilot did a 'Sully' and landed the plane in the water only to be broken apart by rough seas. Basing this Hollywood-style scenario on the fact that NO transmissions normally emitted when a plane crashes or is submerged were noted, it must also be known that NO reports of the plane exhibited any signs of a controlled descent (glide path) into the sea have been recorded on radar either. Also, forgotten to most is that this was NOT a lower flying smaller plane like the one Captain Sully was flying, but a rather large Airbus that was traveling at 32,000 ft. asking for a rapid climb to 38,000 ft. And to do a successful 'soft landing' of that kind on a rolling sea would be next to impossible.

And with the pilot doing said rapid climb even after ground control denied him permission to do so might have caused the Airbus A320's engines to stall because of its overly steep climb that was probably beyond the jet's capabilities. Now add in that infra-red satellite pictures taken at the time flight 8501 was in the area showed peak cloud temperatures at that altitude of -80 to-85 degrees Celsius...which would have caused the plane to ice-up...resulting in either engine damage or in a total engine stall.

Now that is a scenario of true probabilities.

So again, while MH370 is NOT in the water AirAsia Flight 8501 most certainly is. And the facts being that the AirAsia 8501was flying in more 'populated' skies over relatively shallow water (requiring a search of only 70 nautical miles); and that flight 8501did NOT deviate from the routinely used flight plan (although it should NOT have been flying that route that day); along with the fact that all communications between the towers and flight 8501were working properly right up until all contact was lost...shows the difference between it and MH370, especially when its known that MH370 flew for hours after it lost ground communication and was well off its intended course...making the two flights in NO way alike in some ways but quite alike in other ways.

Quite alike in other in the fact that NO distress call came from either flight 8501nor from flight MH370. And neither the pilot nor co-pilot of either plane made any attempt to indicate there was a in the planes were simply there one second and poof...gone the next second. Gone in a second yet the AirAsia plane was cruising between 32,000 and 35,000 feet when it lost contact, yet while cruising the pilot and/or co-pilot had plenty of time to report any technical problems, especially before suddenly ascending but did NO such thing.

But there are certain oddities about this flight similar to the strangeness that has come to engulf the now legendary Malaysian flight MH370. Of note is the fact that AirAsia 8501did NOT have official permission to fly the Surabaya-Singapore route on the day of the crash but was licensed on four other days of the week, yet this was the route it flew on...why I wonder and when did it deviate from what was thought was going to be the intended route...just like why did MH370 make that infamous turn to left.

And while Captain Iriyanto did clock 20,537 hours of flying time...a good thing...isn't it a bit odd that both he and the pilot of missing MH370 were devout muslims. Now being a devout muslim does NOT mean anything in and of itself, but according to islmaic expert Walid Shoebat, before Iriyanto applied for early retirement from Indonesia's Air Force to become a commercial airline pilot he had been a pilot in said Air Force flying a Hawk MK-50 fighter jet and an F-5 at the time when roughly 200,000 mostly Christian Timorese out of a total population of 600,000 were bombed and killed. And the media of course simply ignores Iriyanto's possible involvement in this.

The reason I bring this up is because one scenario...while just a remote possibility...has to be at least considered in this day and age of islamic in did Iriyanto suddenly decide to commit jihad because of his devout islamic beliefs. If NO mechanical or weather cause of the crash is found this possibility must unfortunately be considered.

So it's only a matter of time before we know exactly what happened to AirAsia flight 8501 but know that with the fuselage having been located we will get answers one way or another. And also know that only by looking on land...looking on airstrips in country's that hate us...will the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 ever be solved.