Saturday, January 11, 2020

Iran Finally Admits to 'Unintentionally' Shooting Down Airplane
Iran has finally admitted to shooting down a Boeing 737-800 aircraft that crashed on Wednesday, killing all 176 passengers on board. The announcement comes after days of denials by the Iranian government which previously blamed the tragedy on mechanical issues.

Iran said it unintentionally shot down the plane, blaming it on human error and saying the passenger jet had made a sharp, unexpected turn toward a sensitive military base, according to a report by The New York Times. The plane was traveling from Iran to the city of Kiev in the Ukraine. Iran's confession follows days of growing international pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran to own up to the incident. Of the 176 passengers killed, 57 were from Canada. Other passengers were from the UK, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Iran. A San Diego college student was killed, but no Americans citizens were on board.
Bernie Sanders: Killing a Terrorist Is Like Putting Muslims in Concentration Camps

By Daniel Greenfield  / Jihad Watch


Bernie Sanders: Killing a Terrorist Is Like Putting Muslims in Concentration Camps
With Beto O’Rourke out of the race, it’s up to Bernie Sanders to come up with the best hot take on the killing of Soleimani. And he delivers exactly the sort of rambling senile socialist rant you would expect from Jeremy Corbyn. All he leaves out is throwing around “empire”, “endless war”, and “neo-liberalism”. And then […]

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SHOCKING Gallup Poll: US edges more ‘center-right,’ just 24% liberal

The left-wing authoritarian echo chamber in media, entertainment, academia will only get uglier. Expect more Democrat skulduggery and voter fraud.

Shock: US edges more ‘center-right,’ just 24% liberal

By Paul Bedard | Washington Examiner  January 09, 2020:

They have an outsized voice in the media, pop culture, and politics, especially the 2020 Democratic presidential contest, but only 24% of the nation claims to be liberal, with the rest in the long-dominant “center-right” camp, according to a new survey.

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