Saturday, July 25, 2020

Why the CDC Is Stressing the Importance of Schools Reopening This Fall

COVID has created another new and intense debate: should schools reopen in the fall? If you watch CNN, you’d think to send kids back to school was akin to the death march to Bataan. It’s not. In fact, the socioeconomic impact of a whole generation of kids not learning for a year is probably more devastating than anything COVID could dish out. Accountability standards are spotty with this online learning protocol school boards are adopting. In some locations, like Nashville, around 30 percent of the 86,000-student body doesn’t have a home computer. In New York City, there are horror stories about how we really cannot gauge if students there learned…anything.
19 People Tuned in to Biden's Livestream
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

Only 19 People Watched Joe Biden’s Live Stream Today

The ridiculous national polls have Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by double digits, some as much as 19 points. I find this a little hard to believe considering the complete lack of enthusiasm for a Biden presidency. On Wednesday he did yet another lame basement bunker live stream and only 19 people tuned in to watch. Is that were the polls are getting Biden’s 19-point lead number from? Live stream viewers don’t equal voters.

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