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While the Nation Was Focused on the NH Primary, Virginia's House Rammed a Gun Control Bill Through
All eyes were on Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary. Everyone was curious to see how the Democratic field of supporters would vote and which candidate would come out on top. While the nation was focused on this first in the nation primary, the Virginia House passed HB 961, which bans suppressors, so-called "high capacity" magazines and "assault weapons."

The bill originally had an outright ban but an amendment was added that created a grandfather clause, meaning people who currently own suppressors, AR-15s, AK-47s and other similar rifles would be able to keep them. The original language also made it a felony for gun owners to have magazines that held more than 12 rounds. The bill was changed to make simple possession a misdemeanor, Bearing Arms reported.

Buttigieg, Sanders and Biden hit Trump for eliminating international jihadi Soleimani


They think they could sit down with the jihadis and make a deal. And maybe they could. But such a deal would be as disastrous for the U.S. and the world as the Iran nuclear deal. “Buttigieg, Sanders & Biden Hit Trump for Eliminating Soleimani,” Clarion Project, February 10, 2020: What would have been the […]
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Purge the Obamites. Every leftover should be thrown out on their ….

Obama ‘planted moles’ in White House to torpedo next president

‘All roads in the effort to get rid of Trump lead right back to the top’   By WND Staff

It’s abundantly clear now that the Obama administration tried to torpedo Donald Trump, first as a candidate and then as president-elect, using a Democratic Party-funded “dossier” of Russian propaganda to obtain warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign.

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Trump's Acquittal Wasn't The Only Good News Last Week
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Not only is there demand for labor, there’s supply to fill that demand, and that’s a very positive narrative.”
- Michelle Meyer, chief United States economist for Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The impeachment nonsense is finally starting to fade into the background not just because President Trump was rightfully acquitted but because what matters most to the American people is again center stage. And what matters most is that under the leadership and economic policies of Donald J. Trump the American economy is soaring as proven by the U.S. Department of Labor’s recently released January jobs numbers...numbers that showed non-farm payrolls rising to 225,000 for the month, which is well above the 158,000 new payrolls both Wall Street and leading economists had predicted. Also, average hourly earnings rose 3.1% over a year ago to $28.44, ahead of estimates for a 3% growth rate.

So what explains these unexpected numbers? How about numbers that included the employment-to-population ratio rising to 61.2%, its highest since November 2008 and 0.5 percentage points higher than just a year ago. And how about the fact that President Trump and China recently signed a new 'Phase One' trade deal along with Congress having passed a new North American trade agreement... which together basically negated the Democrats mantra that a recession was close at hand. And there's also numbers showing that actual wages rose the fastest for both black workers and those at the bottom rung of the earnings ladder. Now add in that the Federal Reserve cut interest rates three times last year in an effort to help keep the overall numbers strong...which worked. And when you add in the continued, albeit modest, pace of wage growth, the worry of many that the economy will burn itself out has basically become a mute point.

And even with the actual unemployment rate for January rising ever slightly from 3.55 to 3.6 percent... statistically a non-issue...this actually proves to be a good thing because it shows that more people joined the labor force to look for work...employment-to-population ratio it's called. And said ratio is a key indicator reflecting the percentage of people who are working relative to the total population, as in the number of people working divided by the number of people in the total population multiplied by 100. And with that number increasing 0.2 percentage points to 63.4%...matching its highest level since June 2013...this shows that the number of people looking for work is actually higher than the number of retiring baby boomers.

Also, the participation numbers shows that Americans in their prime working years has been steadily increasing, especially amongst women, thus signaling that companies can keep adding jobs without fearing that they'll run out of workers. In fact, as per the January report, the share of Americans ages 25 to 54 working or looking for work increased to 83.1% up from 82.9% in December, this being the highest percentage since 2008.

Another positive in these January numbers is that the employment-to-population ratio for working-age people with disabilities increased from last January's 29.8 percent to 30.7 percent now, while working-age people without disabilities saw their employment-to-population number increasing from 73.6 percent in January 2019 to a rate of 74.4 percent in January 2020.

And by taking a closer look at the numbers one sees that the so-called “weather-sensitive” construction industry added 44,000 new jobs which is well above the 2019 average of 12,000 jobs being added; while leisure and hospitality added 36,000 new jobs as did the health care industry. Professional and business services grew by 21,000 jobs, bringing to 390,000 the number of jobs that sector has added; while transportation and warehousing increased by 28,000 jobs. The only true negative in these numbers was in manufacturing, which has been in a slump for quite some time, where another 12,000 jobs were lost mainly due to the drop in motor vehicles and parts sales...while mining, wholesale trade, retail trade, information, financial activities, and government showed little if any change over December's numbers, basically holding steady.

But the bottom line is that roughly 6.9 million jobs have been created allowing 3.5 million workers to enter the full-time labor force while at the same time consumer confidence is up especially among independents since President Trump took office. And that alone has the Democrats coming unglued.

So as expected the Democrat naysayers are now chiming in...heaven forbid they give President Trump's economic policies any kudos or dare to admit that their fabricated nonsense of a looming recession has gone bust. And their latest scare tactic dejour is that due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, China has been forced to close a number of factories which possibly in maybe it will, most likely it will not...affect trade globally. And they're doing this never mind the fact that as of today, as I write this, there have been no indications whatsoever that the outbreak half a world away has or will affect the American economy. Just more Trump haters crying wolf it seems.

And if February's jobs numbers increase or even just hold steady, and there's no real reason why they shouldn't, the Democrats will be in meltdown mode yet again showing the American people that these folks cannot even herald this president's economic successes...something that surely benefits not only both sides of the political aisle but more importantly benefits both “We the People” and our country as well.

Now something else to add to the plus column...something that President Trump has wanted and something the Democrats will not just meltdown over but which actually might cause them to blow their collective lid...and it starts here in Florida, our president's new home state. And what is that about that last Friday, Florida's Governor Ron DeSentis threw out the rotten apple known as Common Core...the government ordered educational standards that translated into the dumbing down of America's students.

Florida has officially eliminated Common Core, I truly think this is a great next step for students, teachers, and parents,” said Governor DeSantis. And to that might I add that by Florida's governor eliminating Common Core we just might see a domino effect starting to take hold as other state governors come to the realization that when 2+2=5 becomes an acceptable answer, America's educational system is not only in trouble but it's in desperate need of a major overhaul.

And Florida's specific educational overhaul comes in the guise of B.E.S.T., which stands for Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (you can read the B.E.ST. Standards in its entirety here:, with said standards being a result of "a transparent and inclusive process created by Florida teachers." And B.E.S.T sees Florida becoming the first state in the nation with an English Language Arts (ELA) booklist that encompasses grades K-12; the first state in the nation with a civics booklist and course “embedded” within language arts lessons for grades K-12; reading lists with our nation's all-important founding documents being taught in tandem with American history; the teaching of cursive writing; and of course the dropping of the 2+2=5 so-called “crazy math” curriculum; just to name a few.

I wanted to make sure we had a renewed emphasis on American civics and understanding the principles that make America great,” Governor DeSantis said when asked why the specific emphasis on booklists. I'll tell you why...because Governor DeSantis is a champion of American exceptionality and with the adoption of the B.E.S.T. Standards, Florida students will be able to reach that very pinnacle.

Simply, Florida students will be going back to the long ignored but very much needed basic educational principals of “reading, writing, and arithmetic,” coupled with said emphasis on civics and a reduction in the amount of testing which will be replaced with all-important actual classroom learning, something sorely missing under Common Core.

And something else much needed in today's modern world...a world where young people think they're owed everything...sees with the removal of Common Core, Florida high school students now having to take a personal finance course to learn the value of a dollar, and do so in order to graduate. Hopefully, with this course these young people will learn that their self grandiose vision of entitlement has come to an end...this next generation maybe righting the millennial generation's wrongs, if you will.

So with Common Core now having been "officially eradicated" from Florida classrooms as per Florida's Board of Education, Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran himself recommended that the State Board formally adopt the new B.E.S.T. Standards, which they did in the February 12th legislative session. And with B.E.S.T's adoption as per Governor DeSantis, “These new standards create pathways for students that lead to great college and professional outcomes and parents will now be able to reinforce what their children are learning in the classroom every day. Florida’s B.E.S.T. Standards were made by Florida teachers for Florida students, and I know they will be a model for the rest of the nation.” 
We can only hope so for Common Core has created a generation of maybe not illiterates per se, but a generation where America's brightest kids were brought down to the level of those who were placated by a system where every answer to question is right no matter that said answer is “anything goes” mentality that does way more harm than good. And “dumbing down” puts it mildly for what Common Core created across the board was a generation of young people unable to function in the real world. But what can you expect when it's perfectly acceptable for 2+2 to equal 5. Thankfully, our new Governor Ron DeSantis put an end to such nonsense...and thankfully his Common Core proponent Andrew Gillum lost the governor's race.

So there you have two other bits of good news from last somewhat lost in the Senate impeachment that our economy is strong as are our jobs numbers with all key economic indicators predicting both will remain so, and news that with Florida removing “all vestiges” of the educational nightmare that is Common Core from Florida's public schools hopefully it will start the ball rolling in the growing effort to take back America's public schools. So last week was a very good news week indeed...Trump's rightful acquittal most definitely included.
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