Friday, January 22, 2021

With the Firing of NLRB General Counsel, Biden's Unity Pledge Is Already Over

But if that’s true, he’s certainly not leading by example. 

Shortly after being sworn in the Biden administration gave Peter Robb, general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, a choice: resign by COB or get fired. 

As The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel points out, the decision to oust him breaks precedent and "will likely be only the first of many exercises of raw power."

The general-counsel position is a Senate-confirmed four-year appointment at an independent agency; Mr. Robb had 10 months left in his term. No NLRB general counsel had ever been fired, and the Biden White House provided no cause for the action. Mr. Robb pointed all this out in a return letter and respectfully declined to step down. So Mr. Biden (“we must end this uncivil war”) canned him. […]

Beijing Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s Hatred for America

By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT 

There are two Americas – those who hate America and those who love and cherish her. Time to re-establish the Republic. Communist Democrats can set up their own slave state.


Is that really the priority? As one of the commissioners, I guess I’m flattered. But is the baying from the woke left so furious that dissolving a commission named after our nation’s founding, and deleting a report calling for teaching objective history, makes the top of the list?

The symbolism alone should give pause. But maybe the symbolism is the thing, and our new president wants to demonstrate his bona fides to the creators of the 1619 Project and their hard-left allies.

For the record, we commissioners intend to continue meeting and fulfilling the charges of our two-year remit. The Heritage Foundation will also continue to host the report, which you can henceforth find here.

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