Sunday, August 11, 2013

We will NOT forget 'Fast & Furious'

And we will NOT allow Obama or Holder to forget either.

Simply put...

On Friday, president Obama announced a plan to reform NSA surveillance.

Don't expect much of anything to come out of it. It's a dog and pony show designed to make people feel better as opposed to any solid measures as to how much data government collects on everyone.

Here are excerpts from the above article with my comments interspersed.

Independent: President Obama told a packed room of journalists at the White House Friday afternoon that he will work to reform Section 215 of the Patriot Act - the provision which currently allows the federal government’s intelligence agencies to collect domestic phone data.

The President also said that he will work to increase oversight with regards to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court - the secretive judicial body that authorizes the government to collect data on communications coming in and out of the United States.

Obama said the reform will be accompanied with the roll-out of a new website which will provide Americans and people around the world the ability to learn more about the surveillance programs.

Obama: "The US will “make public as much information about these programs as possible.”

Mish:  Expect to discover that the only thing "possible" is a bunch of government propaganda designed to purposely mislead the public about the extent of government data gathering activities.

Independent: Obama said he is forming an outside advisory panel to review the surveillance programs, assigning a privacy officer at the National Security Agency and creating an independent attorney to challenge the government’s spy policies in court.

Mish: The NSA advisory panel will have as much say as an advisory panel of ants at an anteater convention.

Obama: "No, I don’t think Mr. Snowden was a patriot,” Obama said. “I called for a thorough review of our surveillance operations before Mr. Snowden made these leaks. My preference, and I think the American people’s preference, would have been for a lawful, orderly examination of these laws. A thoughtful, fact-based debate that would then lead us to a better place."

Mish: Snowden is a hero.

Obama: "So the fact is that Mr. Snowden has been charged with three felonies,” added Obama. “If in fact he believes that what he did was right, then like every American citizen he can come here, appear before a court with a lawyer and make his case. If the concern was that somehow this was the only way to get this information out to the public, I signed an executive order well before Mr. Snowden leaked this information that provided whistleblower protection to the intelligence community for the first time. So there were other avenues available for someone whose conscious was stirred."

Mish: There were no other avenues that would have done anything about the blatantly illegal data gathering other than making everything public.

Obama: "If you are outside of the intelligence community, if you are the ordinary person, and you start seeing a bunch of headlines saying, ‘US, Big Brother looking down on you, collecting telephone records, etc.,’ well, understandably people would be concerned. I would be too if I wasn’t inside the government. It's not enough for me to have confidence in these programs. The American people have to have confidence in them as well."

Mish: Obama has confidence in something blatantly illegal, and he has the gall to insist you should have equal confidence.

Obama: "The question is: How do I make the American people more comfortable?”

Mish: The answer is: Stop the spying on US citizens and stop the spying on our allies as well.

Obama: "I am comfortable that the program is currently not being abused"

Mish: Even if one foolishly believes spying on US citizens is constitutional, Snowden proved without a doubt the program was repeatedly and purposely abused. And that makes the president is a blatant liar.

The Gulfport, Florida Police released a video a couple of weeks ago from a school bus surveillance camera that shows three, weed-dealing black teenaged thugs beating the shitake out of one, thirteen-year-old white kid.

It was an unholy smack down of demonic proportions. If you haven’t seen it you can watch the gruesome video here. Satan must be so proud.

The kid got his clocked cleaned because he told his school officials that the three, black teens tried to sell him a dime bag of weed. After they pummeled him, breaking his arm and blackening his eyes, they stole his money.

The animalistic, over-the-frickin’-top, violent incident occurred on July 9th, 2013.

It was, however, first reported on July 11th, 2013. The weird thing about the initial reporting, which just happened to be two days before the Zimmerman verdict, was that the video didn’t get released and the color of the culprits and the human punching bag got conveniently omitted.

I believe the video didn’t hit the local airwaves until July 29th. I’m also pretty certain that, as of today, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSLSD and the Central BS national networks have yet to run it. Yawn.

Hey guys: could you possibly be less obvious?

Nowadays, when I’m tooling around in my Armageddon Bug-Out vehicle listening to TV via my satellite radio and I hear them report a violent beat down like the aforementioned, and Ron Burgundy doesn’t immediately mention the race of the criminals, I know with 99.9% certainty that it wasn’t Doogie Howser who doled out the ass-kicking or murder.

Another thing that tips me off that it wasn’t a white devil’s doing is if Sharpton’s not on immediately after the account screaming and strutting like a rooster that just got its comb caught in an electric fence.

Aside from the uncut animus started by these three, black thugs on one thirteen-year-old kid, another thing that was disgusting to me was the adult male bus driver didn’t do a thing to stop it. Whatever happened to an old man smackdown?

Oh, and one more revolting occurrence was the other kids on the bus didn’t do squat, either. They just sat there and filmed it on their phones. And people wonder why good folks carry concealed weapons.

If that would have happened to me, or to one of my family members or friends, in my presence, the cops would have needed three body bags and none of them would be for me.

Even though the race of the criminals and the video evidence was a little slow in getting out, I’m glad it did as it shows in living color what the race-baiters have called societies “unjust fears”. I expect that before it gets better it’s gonna get worse.

Welcome to hell.

To end on a positive note, herewith are four ditties to prepare you should you get into an altercation with any of these idiots, no matter what race, color and creed they hail from.

1. Avoid Idiots. If you know there is a fair to middling chance that there is going to be a crap load of undisciplined miscreants on a bus, or train, or at a concert, sporting event, union rally, OWS protest, etc. then … uh … don’t go there, girlfriend. Duh.

A little common sense will keep you from such critters. I avoid a lot of this stuff because I don’t travel or go to or through places that suck. If you live in a place that’s rife with this scat, then work your butt off and leave that den of iniquity in the dust. You’re welcome.

2. Take Martial Arts. If that thirteen-year-old knew Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga or other systems of opening up a can of whoop-ass then there’s a great chance that the criminals would have been lying on the bus floor screaming like wounded hogs. Sure, you would have been charged with assault or a “hate crime”, or sued for violating the gangs “civil rights” for stomping their skulls in self-defense; but after a long, lengthy trial you’d be exonerated. I think …

3. Carry a Concealed Weapon. If you’re of legal age, adeptly trained and licensed to carry a pistol, then do it. It is the ultimate equalizer should you have the misfortune of finding yourself in such a situation.

4. Find your wolf pack. As much as possible, hang out with a group of people. A group of bad-asses, preferably. Being alone ups your chances of getting the blunt end of the pool cue. Watch National Geographic if you don’t believe me. Predators single out their prey.
Richard Dawkins under fire as "racist" for daring to point out that Muslims have won few Nobel Prizes

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

He's a racist! He's a bigot! Richard Dawkins can criticize Christianity all he wants, but when he dares simply to note an "intriguing fact" about Muslims and Islam, he incurs the wrath of the gods of political correctness. This controversy illustrates yet again that it doesn't matter who you are or what you have done or accomplished: if you stand against jihad violence and Islamic supremacism, or criticize Islam in any way, you will be targeted, vilified, smeared, and defamed, and every attempt will be made to destroy you.

"'Muslims peaked in the Dark Ages. But since then?': Richard Dawkins embroiled in Twitter row over controversial comments," by Tara Brady in the Daily Mail, August 9 (thanks to all who sent this in):
Professor Richard Dawkins has become embroiled in a Twitter row after he claimed the last time Muslims contributed something worthwhile was during the Dark Ages. The 71-year-old author went on to tweet that the world's Muslims had won fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge.
His comments sparked anger among high-profile Twitter users including writer Caitlin Moran and economics editor at Channel 4 News, Faisal Islam.
Moran tweeted: 'It's time someone turned Richard Dawkins off and then on again.
'Something's gone weird.'
While Islam said: 'Actually, over the last two decades, it's 8-4 against Trinity.
'I say this as a muslim alumnus of Trinity College, Cambridge.
'Of course if @RichardDawkins had any clue what he was talking about, he'd know to strip out the Economics Nobels, which aren't quite real'
One Twitter user said Muslims were responsible for alchemy and algebra.
But Dawkins replied: 'Indeed, where would we be without alchemy? Dark Age achievements undoubted. But since then?'
There has been a total of 10 Nobel prizes awarded to Muslims while Trinity College, Cambridge, has 32 Nobel laureates.
It is not the first time Dawkins has angered the Muslim population after he described looters who destroyed manuscripts in Mali as 'Islamic barbarians' in January.
The 71-year-old author was referring to the severe damage caused by Islamist extremists to a sacred library in Timbuktu but his remarks were seen as insulting to all Muslims.
Dawkins is an award-winning ethologist and author.
He is perhaps best known for his strong religious criticism and his atheist views.
Author of several books, his contempt for religion is most evident in his 2006 bestseller, The God Delusion.
Fort Hood jihad mass murder victims decry political correctness, want jihad murders designated as terrorism
From Jihad Watch ' Posted by Robert Spencer

The Obama Administration refuses to designate this attack as terrorism because it refuses to acknowledges the reality of jihad terrorism. "Fort Hood victims fight ‘political correctness,’ want shooting designated terrorism," by Allen G. Breed and Ramit Plushnick-Masti for the Associated Press, August 10:
Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan admits pulling out a pistol, shouting “Allahu akbar” (God is great) and opening fire on unarmed people, killing 13 of them. All, he says, in an effort to stop them from going to Afghanistan and killing his fellow Muslims. 
Concluding he was on the “wrong side” in America’s war, he told jurors at his court-martial that he switched sides.
SEE ALSO: Nidal Hasan touts self as ‘Soldier of Allah,’ as feds call shootings ‘workplace violence’
So, victims and others are demanding, why is the November 2009 attack at Fort Hood being tried as a case of workplace violence and not as an act of terror?
Military law expert Scott L. Silliman says the answer is simple. Because the Uniform Code of Military Justice does not have a punitive article for “terrorism.”
“They really didn’t have an option,” says Silliman, director emeritus of Duke University's Center on Law, Ethics and National Security in Durham, N.C. “He was an active-duty officer. The crime occurred on a military installation. … It was obvious he was going to face a court-martial.”
Victims of the shooting rampage filed a lawsuit last year over the administration’s decision to treat the incident as workplace violence. They say that designation has robbed them of benefits and made them ineligible to receive the Purple Heart, awarded to service members wounded in battle.
On Monday, the staff of the magazine National Review launched a petition drive directed at Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, arguing that the Army psychiatrist should be tried as an enemy combatant for what they consider “an Act of Terror.”
“By not designating this event as such an act, it disrespects the lives of the 13 who lost their lives that day, and dozens more who were injured,” the petition reads. “This is outrageous and I call on you to change the official designation now” before proceedings against Hasan go further....