Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He closes memorials yet has the nerve to present the Medal of Honor

Earlier today the man who closed the World War II Memorial, The Viet Nam Memorial, and the D-Day Memorial to our vets presented the Medal of Honor to Afghan hero former Army Capt. William Swenson. While I understand this is the duty of our president this really irks me that the man who so deameans and dishonors both our troops currently serving and those who have served is given this honor. Even the smirk on his face says contempt if you ask me, and Capt. Swenson NEVER so much as smiled during the entire presentation (I watched it all). I think the Captain has Obama's number...I know I do.

Al-Qaeda surges back in Iraq
 From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

This was inevitable in the absence of a strongman like Saddam Hussein, who kept forces who opposed him at bay with savage brutality. The American misadventure accomplished nothing positive. The Americans stage-managed the adoption of a Sharia constitution (written by Harvard's Noah Feldman, who has consistently ignored Sharia's institutionalized oppression of non-Muslims, women, and others) and in the name of one-man-one-vote democracy installed a weak Shi'ite client state of Iran. Sunni jihadists were bound to strike back. And now they are doing so.

"Al-Qaida surges back in Iraq, reviving old fears," by Adam Schreck for the Associated Press, October 13 (thanks to all who sent this in):
...Al-Qaida has come roaring back in Iraq since U.S. troops left in late 2011 and now looks stronger than it has in years. The terror group has shown it is capable of carrying out mass-casualty attacks several times a month, driving the death toll in Iraq to the highest level in half a decade. It sees each attack as a way to cultivate an atmosphere of chaos that weakens the Shiite-led government's authority. 
Recent prison breaks have bolstered al-Qaida's ranks, while feelings of Sunni marginalization and the chaos caused by the civil war in neighboring Syria are fueling its comeback.
"Nobody is able to control this situation," said Ali, who watches over a Sunni graveyard that sprang up next to the hallowed Abu Hanifa mosque in 2006, when sectarian fighting threated to engulf Iraq in all-out civil war.
"We are not safe in the coffee shops or mosques, not even in soccer fields," he continued, rattling off some of the targets hit repeatedly in recent months.
The pace of the killing accelerated significantly following a deadly crackdown by security forces on a camp for Sunni protesters in the northern town of Hawija in April. United Nations figures show 712 people died violently in Iraq that month, at the time the most since 2008.
The monthly death toll hasn't been that low since. September saw 979 killed.
Al-Qaida does not have a monopoly on violence in Iraq, a country where most households have at least one assault rifle tucked away. Other Sunni militants, including the Army of the Men of the Naqshabandi Order, which has ties to members of Saddam Hussein's now-outlawed Baath party, also carry out attacks, as do Shiite militias that are remobilizing as the violence escalates.
But al-Qaida's indiscriminate waves of car bombs and suicide attacks, often in civilian areas, account for the bulk of the bloodshed.
At least 42 people were killed in new wave of bombings in mostly Shiite-majority cities on Sunday.
The group earlier this year renamed itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, highlighting its cross-border ambitions. It is playing a more active military role alongside other predominantly Sunni rebels in the fight to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, and its members have carried out attacks against Syrians near the porous border inside Iraq.
The United States believes the group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is now operating from Syria....

Faking The News

by / Personal Liberty Digest

I’m not sure why MSNBC chose network honcho Phil Griffin to host a briefing on their decision to abandon the pretense of balanced journalism in a web transformation which started beta-testing this morning. Surely, they could have presented a video compilation of Chris Matthews’ top tantrums, thereby allowing everyone to go back to playing Robot Unicorn Attack on their IPads without seeming rude. Perhaps Al Sharpton was forced to bow out after a tragic Soul-Glo mishap at the barbershop. Whatever the reason, Griffin took full advantage of the opportunity; bemoaning the trials and tribulations he faces trying to keep the flagging Democratic Party’s primary mouthpiece from imploding.


To that end, Griffin has decided the reason his charges can’t achieve the same ratings success as those crazy kids on Fox News isn’t that Megyn Kelly is a lot easier to look at than Rachel Maddow; nor that Kelly is eminently more trustworthy. Nope, our boy Phil thinks something fishy must be going on; and someone ought to get to the bottom of it.

According to Griffin, Fox News, which regularly trounces not only MSNBC but MSNBC and CNN combined, has somehow found a way to cheat the ratings system. Whined Griffin: “You guys should be doing some investigations – I have never seen it in all my years of cable. Same overnight, same everything, and they doubled their ratings in a day? It is impossible…”

Since Griffin and his retinue of has-beens, never-wases and never-will-bes operate as a de facto branch of the Administration of President Barack Obama, it’s clear that they suffer from the same cloudy thinking which has allowed the Democrats to transform from the party of slavery, Jim Crow and Chappaquiddick into an even sleazier collection of thugs, crooks and lunatics. In the twisted liberal mindset, conservative opposition to Obama’s daily drumbeat of disgrace must be a product of racism. Likewise, MSNBC can’t beat Fox – or that noisy guy hawking “Flowbies” on the Home Shopping Channel — and that must be a result of a secret plot involving Fox News, the Nielsen Corporation and the cable providers (one of which is MSNBC step-parent Comcast).

It never occurs to liberals that conservative opposition to Obama’s daily drumbeat of disgrace and dishonesty is actually a product of revulsion at his tendency to behave like a cheap knockoff of one of those old guys who used to own the Soviet Union. And it never occurs to a liberal like Griffin that MSNBC’s poor showing is actually a product of a lineup comprised of racist filth like Sharpton, two talking hairdos who are clearly clones of Keith Olbermann gone horribly awry (Maddow and that squeaky little fellow with the hipster glasses; like most of the universe, I’ve forgotten his name), and the essentially-unwatchable daytime filler MSNBC features instead of actual news.

Just as those who refuse to bow down to Obama’s fraudulent assaults on everything from our health to our wealth are smeared as “terrorists” and “traitors” by Democrats; those who refuse to waste viewing hours on a channel which the Pew Research Center noted is by far and away the least reliable in delivering unbiased reporting are presumed to be non-existent. Poor Phil Griffin; he’s confusing the available television viewing audience with Lawrence O’Donnell’s viewing audience.

To be honest, I’m not much of a Fox News watcher. Actually, I’m not much of a television “news” viewer. With resources like the Personal Liberty Digest™ and others, expecting to gain a meaningful insight into current events from the aptly-nicknamed “boob tube” is every bit the fool’s errand that is expecting MSNBC to attract viewers by hiring a violent – and quite possibly disturbed — racist like Alec Baldwin.

I have no idea who Griffin expects to lead the “investigation” of Fox News’ ratings. Evidently, the millions upon millions of Americans who find the Democrat Channel less palatable than the local cable-access channel’s “Houseplants with Henrietta” didn’t make his short list of TV detectives.

Given that the incestuous relationship between the Democrats and the lapdog media produces inbred refuse like MSNBC, I wouldn’t be stunned to learn Attorney General Eric “Guns” Holder is on the job.

Let’s look at the bright side, kids. After carrying President Barack Obama’s water on Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS intimidation program, the NSA spying program and the rest of the scandals which have defined Obama’s tenure, the Democrat Channel finally found something worth investigating.

Some bad news for America, not on the political front this time, but on what corporate executives call human resources.

It's from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's report on adult skills, based on 166,000 interviews in 24 economically advanced countries in 2011 and 2012.

The verdict on the United States: "weak in literacy, very poor in numeracy, but only slightly below average in problem-solving in technology-rich environments."

On literacy, just 12 percent of U.S. adults score at the top two levels, significantly lower than the 22 percent in largely monoethnic and culturally cohesive Japan and Finland. American average scores are below those in our Anglosphere cousins Australia, Canada and England and Northern Ireland.

One-sixth of Americans score at the bottom two levels, compared to 5 percent in Japan and Finland.

On numeracy the United States does even worse -- only 8 percent at the top levels and one-third in the lowest.

Americans do better at problem solving in tech-rich environments, which economist Tyler Cowen in his new book "Average Is Over" says will be of great economic value in the future.

One-third of Americans score at the top two levels, while one-third score at the bottom or lack such skills altogether.

That puts us just below the average of the countries tested. Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada are well ahead.

The OECD report finds a wider range of skills in the U.S. than in other countries surveyed. Americans with only high school educations perform worse than their counterparts in all but one other nation.

And the report found that socioeconomic background is more strongly correlated with skills proficiency in this country.

In addition, there is the uncomfortable finding that disproportionate percentages of blacks and Hispanics have low skills.

Fully half of the Americans with the lowest level of literacy are Hispanic (presumably reflecting some immigrants' weak English) and another 20 percent are black.

This is probably true of other groups. In his 2012 book "Coming Apart," Charles Murray showed that the 30 percent of whites with the lowest education and income levels have low rates of family formation, little involvement in voluntary associations and high levels of substance abuse.

Most likely, those of any race or ethnic groups with divorced or single parents, or who are divorced or single parents themselves, tend to lag below national and international averages in literacy and numeracy.

Another disturbing finding of the OECD is that younger age cohorts in the U.S. do not seem to have skills as high as those in the cohort just below age 65.

All of this suggests that America's economic future may not be as bright as its past -- or that the current economic doldrums may turn out to be the new normal.

What to do? The OECD sensibly calls for better education and more adult skills training. In fact, many worthy attempts have been made and are being made to improve education around the country, and some have had positive results.

Even the Obama administration, despite its political debts to teacher unions, has pitched in to some extent.

In the meantime, the United States can do something about improving skill sets by changing its immigration laws to increase high-skill immigration.

Current immigration law has inadvertently resulted in a vast low-skill migration from Latin America and especially from Mexico. Unanticipated large numbers have used the family reunification provisions to come in legally, and large numbers have crossed the border illegally.

Congress can change that by cutting back on extended family reunification, improving border enforcement and requiring use of e-Verify or other status verification technology.

More important, Congress can vastly expand high-skill immigration. The Senate bill passed last spring goes some distance toward this, but not far enough.

The U.S. should take a lesson from its Anglosphere cousins Australia and Canada, which both have higher immigration proportionate to population and which both outscored the U.S. in literacy, numeracy and high-tech problem solving in the OECD survey.

Australia and Canada allocate large shares of their immigration flow by point systems, which give credit for educational achievement and marketable skills. They do not necessarily tie high-skill immigrants to a single petitioning employer, as H-1B visas do in the U.S.

Both countries are attracting high-skill immigrants, especially from China and India, and both have had better performing economies than the U.S. does.

Making a concerted effort to attract high-skill immigrants should be a no-brainer for America.

5 Republicans Who Deserve To Lose Their Jobs Over Their Shutdown Behavior

John Hawkins / Townhall Columnist

If you were a football coach and one of your players looked for a reporter at half-time so he could criticize other players on the team, complained that your strategy is all wrong, and generally told everyone listening that the team deserves to lose, do you think he'd be on the bench the next week? Do you think he'd have a job at all?

Whether you agree with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee (I do) or not, they had a strategy they wanted to pursue. They started by pushing to defund Obamacare and from there, the GOP was supposed to negotiate Obamacare compromises.

John Boehner apparently thought that strategy made enough sense that he decided to pursue it.

Has he executed it particularly well? No; after a brilliant start, Boehner seems to have quieted down and lost focus. That's frustrating because the GOP can win this fight with the public while firing up its own base any time it wants. As Dick Morris suggested,
End the shutdown immediately by passing a continuing resolution to fund the government EXCEPT that the subsidy lawmakers get for health insurance should be ended. The public will applaud this and God grant that Obama is dumb enough to oppose it!
Let the Democrats go out and defend shutting down the entire government day after day to protect their exemption from a law they're forcing on the rest of the country. Let them explain why they deserve to have 75% of their Obamacare fees paid by the taxpayers, while tens of millions of Americans are paying more money they can't afford for a service they don't want in the first place.

The Republicans already voted for that once when they knew the Democrats would reject it; so when they can actually win this whole fight if they want to put it forward again and stick to it, why are they refusing to pull the trigger? A lot of people are going to suspect that the real question here is whether the Republicans would rather win this fight politically or whether they'd rather lose and keep their Obamacare subsidies. There's no question which decision would be better for the Republican Party, the country, and for the long term prospects of getting rid of Obamacare. So the question now is why aren't they doing it?

That being said, it certainly doesn't help when Republicans in Congress are publicly trying to undermine their own party during a PR blitz. You don't go on television during a shutdown and tell the world that your party is shutting down the government. You don't go out and take vicious shots at other Republicans for advocating the strategy your party is engaged in, especially when you don't have the cahones to go after Democrats the same way. If conservative Republicans like Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp were punished for not being deferential enough to leadership, how is it that establishment Republicans can actively work to undermine the Republican Party during a shutdown fight and get a complete pass?

If these mediocrities are so desperate to get in the good graces of the media that they're willing to try to sabotage their own party, then they should change teams and become Democrats. If they want to become commentators so they can say what they want without it hurting the GOP, they should quit and go to work for MSNBC. If they just don't like it because there are actually conservatives who expect them to get off their lazy asses and fight for conservatism for the first time in their entire political careers instead of just talking a good game when it doesn't matter, then they're in the wrong business. In any case, after the petulant way these Republicans have behaved during the shutdown, tell me why anyone other than Democrats would miss them if they lost in a primary?
1A) Ted Cruz and 30 or 40 people in the House. We have to start going after him by name. … It’s really time to speak out against him. -- Peter King
1B) We are the ones who did shut the government down. You don’t take the dramatic step of shutting down the government unless you have a real strategy. -- Peter King
2) Let's have a little straight talk, Martha. [The administration] wouldn't have had the opportunity to handle it that way if we had not shut down the government on a fool's errand that we were not going to accomplish. -- John McCain
3) The House seems to be having a hard time. The president’s not helping much. Sen. Reid and Sen. McConnell are the adults in the room and hopefully they’ll be able to make a recommendation. -- Lamar Alexander
4) If the government shuts down, it’s not what you think it would be. I have actually experienced that. If anybody creates a process where our military doesn’t get paid, and their families, they’re going to make an enemy … of me for life. .....You know, Strom Thurmond gave me some pretty good advice: don’t question another senator’s motive.
That’s pretty good. ...I thought the choice of making Democrats strip out defunding Obamacare was a really good approach to show the differences between the parties, but the idea that the Senate Republicans would shut the government down until everybody bent to our will never made a whole lot of sense to me. -- Lindsey Graham
5) Unlike many Republicans, (Devin) Nunes is publicly criticizing some of his colleagues, calling them "lemmings with suicide vests" earlier this week.
...."It's crazy. I don't understand the whole point, the whole strategy. Most Americans don't understand it," said Nunes.
The California Republican said a small group of lawmakers, what he calls "the lemming caucus," have been blocking GOP House leadership for three years.
"It's guys who meet privately. They're always conspiring. It's mostly just about power.
And it's just gotten us nowhere," said Nunes.

The truth about what ObamaCare is really all about
By: Diane Sori

On FOX & Friends this morning was an official from Wisconsin who discussed what was going on in his state with ObamaCare sign-ups. Like the rest of the states, the ObamaCare website is NOT working properly for medical sign-ups. Only 53 people in Wisconsin have been able to successfully sign-up for ObamaCare.

However...and this is a BIGGIE...the ONLY PAGE of the ObamaCare website that is working properly is the page where one can sign-up to VOTE!

Yup, even if you can't sign-up for its intended use to get health insurance...anything but affordable health insurance actually...you can register to VOTE through the site and again it's the ONLY PAGE working properly!!!

Since when was VOTER sign-ups to be part of a health insurance bill...it NEVER was intended as far as 'We the People' were concerned...but Obama and his cohorts obviously had other ideas.

Snuck in or buried in the 2000+ pages Congress had to vote YES on BEFORE they could read it I suppose. As expected the FIX is already in for 2014 and 2016.

And BTW, hundreds, if NOT thousands have registered as new Democrats through the ObamaCare website in Wisconsin.

So there it is...the truth about ObamaCare...and it's summed up in three words...DEMOCRATIC VOTER REGISTRATION.

Furious yet...the time is drawing near...