Monday, July 11, 2016

Petition to Annul Brexit Vote Rejected by U.K. Government

Petition to Annul Brexit Vote Rejected by U.K. GovernmentIt looks as though the attempt to petition the U.K. government to annul the results of the Brexit vote has come to an abrupt halt. The government rejected a petition that called for the results of the referendum if turnout was less than 75 percent or the result was not decided by at least 60 percent of the vote. On June 23, the U.K. voted "leave" by a 52 to 48 percent margin. Turnout was 72 percent.

The government has to issue a response to all petitions that receive over 100,000 signatures. The petition to annul the results received over 4.1 million signatures. Ironically, the petition was created prior to election day by a "leave" supporter.

In the Foreign Office's official response to the petition stated that no thresholds for victory nor turnout were ever in the terms of the original referendum, and thus, the result is valid and must be respected.
The Foreign Office said: “The EU Referendum Act received Royal Assent in December 2015. The Act was scrutinised and debated in Parliament during its passage and agreed by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Act set out the terms under which the referendum would take place, including provisions for setting the date, franchise and the question that would appear on the ballot paper. The Act did not set a threshold for the result or for minimum turnout.

Not Good: As Baltimore Crime Spikes, Police Numbers FallBaltimore’s police force remains in the limelight with the ongoing trials of the officers involved with the death of Freddie Gray, which set off riots and became part of the ongoing debate about police relations with the African American community. Yet, as police became the subject of intense scrutiny, crime began to spike. Last year was one of the most violent the city had seen in recent memory with 344 homicides. Now, there’s been a 6.1 percent drop in its police force (Via Reuters):
The number of uniformed officers in the mid-Atlantic city fell 6.1 percent last year and has shrunk by even more in the first half of this year, according to police data seen by Reuters and not previously reported. 
The fall in 2015 was the biggest decline in police numbers among nine comparably-sized U.S. cities reviewed by Reuters. The police force in Detroit and El Paso shrank by 4.9 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively, while Denver and Las Vegas saw increases of over 5 percent.
The reasons for the fall are unclear, but it comes at a difficult time when the number of murders and other violent crimes have risen sharply in Baltimore and many other U.S. cities.

Muslim cleric: US responsible for terror in Muslim world
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Muslim cleric: US responsible for terror in Muslim world
“America’s crimes in Muslim countries are known to all. Any action carried out, any explosion and any operation in which a Muslim is killed in Muslim countries, America stands behind it, together with the infidel West that hates Islam and Muslims.”

Sheikh Al-Abu Ahmad is thus echoing the Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, who recently […]
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Obama releases “HIGH RISK” Gitmo detainee Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman, “poses threat to USA”

isn-153-fayiz-ahmad-yahia-suleiman-jtf-gtmo-p1-normalPamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Obama operates like an enemy combatant. 

Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman is a member of al-Qaida who participated in combat action against US and Coalition forces as part of Usama Bin Laden’s (UBL) 55th.

Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman is a 41- or 42-year-old citizen of Yemen. As of January 2010, the Guantánamo Review Task Force had recommended him for transfer. He was transferred to Italy on July 10, 2016.

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The Sad Truth Behind Incidents Like Dallas
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Let’s start off by saying that it's true that black lives do matter, but now as a string of horrific events keep unfolding I must say that ‘certain’ black lives matter only with a caveat…a caveat being that only when ‘they’ accept that white lives matter, yellow lives matter, red lives matter, and especially police lives in all lives matter… will ‘their’ lives matter to me.

And so as ‘they’ continue to whine on and on about slavery that happened years…decades… centuries…before any of us alive today were even born…clearly forgetting that it was their own tribal chiefs who first sold them into slavery…‘they’ also continue to forget that all peoples of all races and religions have been enslaved over the course of history…and with the savagery known as islam some, unfortunately, still are. And ‘they’ forget, too, that for the most part ‘they’ have done nothing to improve their own sorry lot in life as ‘they’ expect us… as in white America…to pay both literally and figuratively for what 'they' perceive as the sins of our fathers. 

And who are ‘they’…’they’ are members of hate groups like the Black Lives Matter movement, the Nation of Islam, the Black Liberation Front, and the New Black Panthers to name but a few…members of groups who think they are owed something simply because of the color of their skin…members of groups who feel that if they cannot successfully threaten and get ‘blood-money’ for their again self-perceived sins of the past, that they will get what they feel is owed to them in blood itself…and right now the blood they are after is the blood of America’s police…blood they intend to have flow throughout cities all across America.

Being ceremoniously led by, I believe, the largest group of racists we've seen in a long time, with the likes of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Elijah Cummings, the anything but 'Reverend' Al Sharpton, and maybe the worst of all being Louis Farrakhan, the current leader of the Nation of Islam…a man who continuously spews out that violent retaliation is the only way for American blacks to “rise up” and overthrow their white oppressors…a man ignorant to the fact that the only oppressors of black people are black people themselves…together they all successfully work in tandem to help keep the hate and blood flowing for their own political and monetary gain.

Case in point, it did not take long for Obama to use the 'Dallas Massacre' to once again push his gun control agenda as he, true to form, blamed firearms for the massacre, not the perpetrator, for this act of cold-blooded murder. And to me this amounts to yet another act of Obama cowardliness for only a coward would use such a tragedy to try to disarm the American people who now need their firearms...their help defend and protect themselves and their families like never before.

“We also know when people are armed with powerful weapons; unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead we’re going to have to consider those realities as well,” were the words spewed out by Obama as he completely ignored the fact that Dallas was a targeted kill of not only police officers but specifically white police officers…a targeted kill by an angry black man who Obama called "demented"...completely sidestepping his color and that he was a follower of some of the worst white-hating groups operating today. More on that in a bit.

Dallas Texas, where during a Black Lives Matter rally five police officers were murdered and seven other police officers were injured as well as were two civilians, now has reports coming in (as I write this) of other shootings of police officers in at least three other states where Black Lives Matter is holding or will be holding rallies or protest marches. And if this isn’t unnerving enough, these facts will add to your unease as so far this year alone 26 police officers have been murdered…and I call it ‘murdered’ as the word ‘killed’ now seems a bit too kind of a word…a number that is 44% higher than this time last year. And that number includes those being murdered in 11 ambushes as compared to the eight ambushes in the entirety of 2015. And we still have roughly half a year to go…a half a year for America’s streets to run red with the blood of those whose job is to ‘serve and protect’…to run red as those in hate groups like Black Lives Matter celebrate the demise of yet, in their misguided minds, another one of their white ‘oppressors.’

And what of this particular piece of garbage who reportedly told police during a standoff that his intent was to kill white people and that more attacks were coming. His name was Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25 year-old Army reservist who served one tour of duty in Afghanistan and who then was shipped back to the U.S. because of serious sexual harassment charges filed against him. And I say his name ‘was’ as Johnson thankfully is now dead at the very hands of those he so relished in killing, thus saving ‘We the People’ decades of him languishing in prison on our taxpayer dime. According to those who knew him, Johnson became “enraged” at the recent killings of blacks by police…typical excuse used by ‘certain’ blacks wishing to do harm no matter that those killed represented, for the most part, the worst of the worst. 

And Johnson was a follower of Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s founder, as well as being a follower of the current Nation of Islam and whose muslim name was Fahed Hassen ...and yes...the Dallas murderer of five police officers was a muslim convert, something the media is not reporting on...and was a man who also supported the actions of white-hating groups like the Black Riders Liberation Party (a black power militia group), the New Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Front, and the African American Defense League (whose leader Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, immediately after the Dallas massacre said, "We are calling on the gangs across the nation! Attack everything in blue except the mailman, unless he is carrying more than mail." And Johnson was also sympathetic to if not being an outright supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Considering himself a black nationalist, Micah Xavier Johnson’s Facebook profile picture showed him wearing a dashiki and holding a clenched first high in the air in the classic Black Panther salute…as I said, the worst of the worst…a racist and a white-hater of the first degree.

And with Johnson’s being a follower of both islamic groups and groups that are nothing but fronts for home-grown terrorist acts, the 'Dallas Massacre' now becomes not only an act of murder but an act of terrorism as well, whether Obama and crew like it or not.

What a shining example of the majority of black people…decent, hard-working, law-abiding black people…Micah Xavier Johnson most assuredly was not…and no tears for him or his police-hating racist family will be forthcoming from me. Just see the tweet below put out by his sister to understand what I mean. And yet the tears I do so want to see and the voices I do so want to hear…voices collectively rising up in unison to say ‘no more’…seem to be both dry and eerily silent. And I do mean black voices…America’s majority of black voices who seem silent right now but who must rise up to drown out the voices of hate as well as to condemn the actions of those few whose voices seem to scream the loudest of all.
So why don’t the majority of black voices speak out to condemn groups like Black Lives Matter…an outwardly in-your-face racist and violent hate group that promotes and then relishes in the execution of police officers all while claiming that what they truly want is simple racial justice…simple racial justice my eye as they shout out the infamous words "pigs in a blanket, fry em' like bacon" each and every chance they get. And why have the leaders of the Democrat Party refused to condemn the movement…can it be as simple as the race card being put into play by Obama’s claim of being America’s first black president (which we know he is not as his mother was one hundred percent white making him America’s first bi-racial president), and that they see his perceived blackness as a victory in and of itself that must be protected for history and therefore must not be sullied in any way. 

Can it really be that simple that in the end most blacks will stand by their fellow blacks no matter what they do…no matter what they say?

Unfortunately, the answer to that appears, at least on the surface, to be yes, because for most blacks in today’s America…especially for inner city black youth and most especially for young black men in the 18 to 35 year old age bracket…the color of their skin trumps everything else. It’s the first thing they think about upon awakening in the morning and the last thing they think about at night before drifting off to sleep. The color of their skin blurs them to the lessons of history and to all the opportunities open to them for instead they have instilled within themselves that not only white America but all America owes them something…that their skin color alone entitles them to have what we have with no work ethic nor drive to better themselves need be. And this mindset has gone on for some generations now and shows no sign of abating as proof being in the likes of one Micah Xavier Johnson who is just one piece of this puzzle of hate now engulfing our nation… hate that can be laid directly at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama who by his very actions, inactions, words, and deeds, has ripped off the scars of long-healing racial wounds.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama has seen more racial hatred surfacing during his presidency than in many decades before him and he is the cause of racism still existing…and rising…in today’s America. Thanks to him and his buddies butting into events they had no business butting into, like the Trayvon Martin case and Ferguson Missouri, racism now thrives due to misconceptions and fears perpetrated by the Obama controlled media…a media that delights in spewing out for public consumption outdated racial stereotypes because to do so drives up their viewership…drives up their ratings…and adds monies to their pockets.

And lest we forget the one thing that doesn’t lie…numbers. Remember, a whopping 95% of all blacks voted for Obama in 2008 simply because of the color of his skin as they falsely believed that his skin color would allow him to empathize with and understand the problems they as black Americans faced. Boy did they get a rude awakening as their lot in life has worsened under America’s first ‘supposedly’ black president. Take for example the fact that the black poverty rate has gone from 12% when Obama first took office to 16.1% today with 25% of black households living below or just at the poverty level. Now add in that the poverty rate among black children under age 18 increasing to 39% since he took office. And something that must not to be forgotten is that while black males make up just a fifth of the number of white males, black males have committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white male counterparts, again, all while Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been in office.

And here’s a statistic that the ever vile Black Lives Matter movement needs to know, but even if they do know it their actions prove they just do not care…a statistic that shows that of the 509 Americans that have been killed to date by police this year alone, just 123 of those were black…meaning 386 were not black. So why all the yelling by these 'hate-whitey' sorts... simply for the free stuff and free pass they think is owed to them, for even with documented numbers showing just how badly the black community as a whole is doing during these almost eight years of Obama, an unbelievable 84+% of all black Americans still think Barack HUSSEIN Obama is doing one hell of a terrific job.

And why…simply because he is black. There’s no other logical explanation for that number, especially with the statistics I just cited above, other than that when blacks look at Obama in a figurative mirror they see starring back at them a face the same color as theirs. And this is what, I believe, drives the white-haters in groups like Black Lives Matter ever forward…the fact that they know they do have the protection to say what they say and do what they do… even murdering police officers…as one of their fellow white-haters currently occupies the White House.

So crimes like Dallas will sadly continue on fueled directly by the hate emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…a hate so powerful that the plight of his ‘supposed’ fellow blacks means not a damn thing to Obama…after all there is money to be made and publicity to be garnered from hate…there is money to made and publicity to be garnered from the killing of whites…especially from the killing of white police officers by fools like Micah Xavier Johnson who fall under the spell of hate groups like Black Lives Matter and the Nation of Islam.
And it’s with great sadness that I stand by every word I just said.