Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obama gives $500 million to climate fund over GOP objections

With just three days left in office, the Obama administration has doubled an initial $500 million commitment to a fund that helps developing nations fight climate change and adapt to its consequences.

The incoming Trump administration and some Republicans oppose the program.

The State Department's announcement Tuesday brings U.S. contributions to the Green Climate Fund to $1 billion since 2016. The fund helps poor countries reduce carbon emissions by promoting clean energy and spurring private investment in the field.

"This administration has committed to this fund, in fact helped stand it up, establish it," State Department spokesman John Kirby said. "And it is entirely in keeping with the work that we've been doing across the interagency to try to look for ways to stem the effects of climate change, and this fund helps other economies, other countries develop their own initiatives and help them deal with this."

Obama promised a total of $3 billion to the fund in 2014 as part of the Paris climate change accord, but it is far from certain that full amount will be pledged.

President-elect Donald Trump and a number of GOP lawmakers have complained that support for the fund wasn't specifically approved by Congress. The administration argues the current fiscal year's budget allows it to take the money from an unobligated portion of a total of $4.3 billion in economic support fund assistance. The previous $500 million installment was made in the same way.

Sponsors of AnarchyHoodlums will be out in full force this Inauguration Day weekend. Count on it.

I've covered the left's criminal anarchist element for more than 20 years -- from the animal rights terrorists who have harassed, threatened and firebombed scientific researches across the U.S. and Europe to the anti-capitalist thugs who wreaked havoc on downtown business owners at the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle and the 2010 G-20 summit in Toronto to the ANSWER Coalition and Code Pink's not-so-peaceful peaceniks who disrupted congressional hearings and menaced veterans memorials and military recruiting stations throughout the George W. Bush years to the Occupy Wall Street vagrants and rapists of 2011-12 to the rent-a-rioters who hijacked Ferguson, Baltimore and other Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police.

My favorites over the years? I'll never forget the seditious mother in Olympia, Washington, who tied bandanas over her kids' faces and recklessly planted them in the middle of a street 10 years ago to block trucks carrying military shipments. She was so caught up in the excitement of her "direct action" that she dropped her baby on the ground as her anarchist compatriots threw rocks at police and soldiers driving around them.

Then there were the "progressive" nitwits who handcuffed themselves to concrete-filled barrels in January 2015 and shut down traffic in the Boston area (risking the lives of crash victims waiting for an ambulance that was blocked) to protest ... something or other.
Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter says he carried out the attack for the Islamic State

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


“Over last eight years, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland.” — Barack Obama, December 6, 2016 “Fort Lauderdale shooter says he carried out attack for ISIS, FBI claims,” by Boris Sanchez and Kevin Conlon, CNN, January 17, 2017: Esteban Santiago, the man charged with killing five people […]
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Guide to Violence and Chaos at Trump Inauguration in Arabic
By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

Here is a comprehensive protest page advising goons, thugs and agitators how best to create chaos, violence and mayhem at the Trump Inauguration without getting caught. Note the instructions in Arabic – the red/green alliance going to war against freedom.

Left-Wing Paying People HUGE Amounts to Protest Trump.

The left’s army of goons is fueled by incendiary rhetoric by the media, academia, Hollywood airheads and even Michelle Obama.

The left is irrational, anti-real — in a word, evil. They will not calm down and accept the loss.

Man your battle stations. We must protect our flank.

Just a Thought...
On the Commutation of Chelsea Manning's Sentence
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

And so Obama...with just days left in office...has commuted the sentence of Chelsea (Bradley) Manning from what was his to now her adjudicated sentence of 35 years down to 7 years, which is roughly time served. Now scheduled to be released from federal prison on May 17, 2017, this person stole and gave classified army documents to WikiLeaks, thus endangering our troops and military personnel not only in the theaters of war but throughout the world, and jeopardized our national security in the process...a true definition of a traitor.

So what I want to know is if in one Barack HUSSEIN Obama...allows the release of said traitor, a person who 'aided and abetted' the enemy by their very admitted actions...isn't Obama's actions in releasing Manning from (now) her adjudicated sentence 'aiding and abetting' the enemy as well? I believe it is for his very act of releasing a traitor is in and of itself an act of treason (a chargeable offense)...and by doing so Obama has basically said America's military secrets...America damned.

So what's next...setting the traitor Bowe Bergdahl free as well...I wouldn't doubt it and the next day of so will tell.

For those who missed last night's RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS broadcast (or who just want to listen to it again) where Craig and Diane discussed why open carry is needed in all 50 states, took a look at who's really deplorable, and looked ahead to Friday's 'end of an error.' it will be rerun at midnight tonight on American Political Radio at

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