Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A new set of undercover videos has been released by Project Veritas, the organization started by young journalist James O’Keefe who exposed ACORN in 2009 and NPR in 2011, resulting in the resignation of top officials at both organizations. The new videos reveal the mindset of the people who developed the Common Core education materials and the publishers who profit from it.

The expose comes just in time for the opening of this year’s Education Policy Conference in St. Louis, which is the essential event for parents, citizens and educators concerned about what our children are being taught (and not taught) in public schools. For 27 years, EPC has led the fight against education fads and fallacies such as Values Clarification, Outcome-Based Education, Goals 2000, School-to-Work, and now Common Core.

Undercover video or audio has become a standard tool of both left and right in political debate. Remember the 2012 video in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested that he had nothing to offer the "47 percent" of Americans who pay no income tax and are dependent on the government.

President Obama has been embarrassed by recordings of his spontaneous comments, such as the time he told Joe the Plumber that small businesses would pay higher federal income taxes because "I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody," or the time Obama said "if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen."
Editor's note: This column was co-authored by Donn Dears (dddusmma@gmail.com), a retired senior executive at General Electric. This article is based on his new book, Nothing to Fear, the Story of Fossil Fuels and Climate Change.

Based on the best available scientific evidence, it is highly unlikely continued fossil fuel use will result in catastrophic changes to Earth’s climate or will cause harm to humans or the environment. Despite the available evidence, governments in the United States and other industrialized nations seem intent on pushing the development and use of politically favored renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar power, through the use of subsidies and mandates.

It is critical to understand the push to replace fossil fuels with energy generated by wind turbines and solar panels threatens the reliability of the nation’s power grid and the continued existence of the utilities that built, service, and provide the vast majority of the power to the electric grid.

If the utilities fail, the control and maintenance of the electric power supply could fall to the federal government, which proven to be incapable of efficiently maintaining much of the public infrastructure people rely upon.

Pamela Geller, WND column: Islamic supremacists’ new war on U.S.

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

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Islamic supremacists’ new war on U.S. businessExclusive: Pamela Geller exposes Muslims demanding company submit to Shariah
Another American company, Ariens Manufacturing Company of Brillion, Wisconsin, is under attack by Islamic supremacists who are demanding that the company submit to Islamic law. The pattern is always the same. Companies that accommodate Muslims learn the hard way that accommodation leads to more demands, more submission, more Shariah.
Muslims employed by Ariens are allowed to leave the production line twice a shift to pray two of the five prayers their faith requires of them daily. They prayed five minutes at a time, designating their specific...
 A Possible New Candidate and a Certain Someone Pretends to Pull the Trigger

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on http://www.americanpbn.com/

"Michael has been a friend of mine over the years, I don't know if we're friends anymore, frankly. But Michael has been a friend of mine. I would love to have Michael Bloomberg run. I would love that competition," Trump said on last Sunday's 'Meet the Press' adding that, "I think I'd do very well against him. I would love to see Michael Bloomberg run."

As if the 2016 presidential race is not contentious enough, now possibly entering into the fray as a third party candidate no less, is former three-term New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Saying he is “galled” by Donald Trump's dominance of the Republican field (I believe the media's non-stop 24/7 coverage of Trump can be blamed for that) and with Trump's political position regarding immigration, Bloomberg says he is also seriously worried about Hillary's “stumbles” and the rise of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders (as are we all). Now telling those close to him that he might be willing to put in one billion dollars (out of his estimated net worth of $37 billion) of his own money to enter the race, Bloomberg says his decision will be made by early March so that he would meet the deadline to enter said race and still qualify to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate in all 50 states.

The long-time Democrat who became a Republican just to enter the New York mayoral race, who then after leaving office (he was term-limited out) switched parties again this time becoming an Independent...sounds like party-switcher Trump now doesn't it...is currently having his advisers “map out the blueprint for a run” knowing full well that his entering the race will just split the party even more and will surely allow the Democrats to keep the White House in 2016. And while still wanting to appear somewhat altruistic if you will, Bloomberg says he fears that even if Hillary does pull off the nomination that she will be a “weakened nominee” because the e-mail and Benghazi scandals have indeed taken a toll on her candidacy and reputation.

Taking a toll but not canceling out her candidacy is why Bloomberg, if he does enter the race, will do so as an Independent as it still allows his buddy Hillary...who just this past Sunday on 'Meet the Press' called Bloomberg a "good friend of mine"...her moment in the spotlight and it still allows Trump to bloviate on...hoping Hillary's own 'baggage' and Trump's many flip-flops along with his big mouth will sink them both thus allowing him to push through the middle and win the presidency. And his advisers say he could do so with “numerous and detailed policy speeches” coupled with an “intense” television campaign that would highlight Bloomberg as a “technocratic problem-solver” and self-made businessman who understands the economy and built a successful bipartisan administration while mayor of New York City.

And while all this might sound good to those Democrats who are not totally sold on either Hillary or Sanders, and to some Republicans who are not happy with any of the Republican nominees, a Bloomberg candidacy is not good for the Republican party as a whole as he...while seemingly willing to take Trump on and is the one man who can match him dollar-wise and ego-wise (Bloomberg switched the name of 'Businessweek' to 'Bloomberg Businessweek' to feed his ego like Trump feeds his as everything he builds bears his name alone) Bloomberg remains a staunch supporter of abortion, gun control, open borders, and the social issues, and could pull in and away from the Republicans both the more moderate leaning Republicans and the still undecided yet all important independent voters.

And common sense should dictate that Bloomberg's kumbaya love fest with muslims should, in my opinion,  disqualify him to be president...remember he was the mayor during the Ground Zero mosque standoff and the man who said that, "Muslims are as much a part of our city and our country as the people of any faith" and that it is a “Sad day for America if mosque plan is killed." This man supported and fought hard...thankfully losing...to get that  mosque built claiming it was an example of the religious tolerance that made New York famous.  

"But we would be untrue to the best part of ourselves – and who we are as New Yorkers and Americans – if we said no to a mosque in lower Manhattan," bloviated the man who, if he does run, wants you to believe in this day and age of islamic terrorism that he would be a good comprise between those running as either Democrats or as Republicans...and he's counting on voters memories being short to the very words he said not so long ago.

And a Bloomberg candidacy seems to be quite okay with two of our own candidates who seem to have at least thrown some of their support his way...and would probably endorse him if their own campaigns, as expected to happen, implode. “Maybe [with Bloomberh in the race] we could have more serious debate instead of, you know, some of the things we see,” said Governor John Kasich with Rand Paul saying, “I think this will probably be splitting some of the Democratic vote,” and “That might be good for Republicans.” Oh really...the only split within the Democratic party will be a split that gives the vote to Donald Trump, and that is the last thing that the party wants or the party needs.

Nothing the party wants and sure not what the party or our country needs as any Democrats coming to the Republican side will be joining those already taking part in 'The Donald Trump Presidential Reality Show.' Donald Trump...the Democrat now temporarily dressed in Republican clothing...the man who flip-flops on every issue (like abortion, gun-control, and immigration) based solely upon opportunistic convenience as he panders to whatever voters he is addressing at the moment...is the one man out of all the Republican candidates who has not one tangible and workable policy to back up the bloviations he spews out. But really why should he as Trump has no intention of doing anything he promises if he, heaven forbid, is elected president. And remember, above all else Trump is a showman who loves to push buttons...and the media will help him push those buttons for ratings...no matter that some of those buttons he pushes go beyond the boundaries of decency and respect.

Decency and respect and might I add honor, so lacking in the man whose very own words prove he is not what this country needs. And one recent example happened while he was speaking in Sioux Center, Iowa, after opponent Marco Rubio won the endorsement of the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s biggest and most influential newspaper...an endorsement Trump so wanted. While not attacking Rubio...which is quite a surprise as his narcissistic self usually does just that when any other candidate bests him...Trump instead claimed that he could withstand any attempt by his political rivals to knock him off his, what I call 'media anointed,' top seating in the ratings.

Cavalierly saying even while our country is still mourning for the 14 lives lost in San Bernadino...cavalierly saying as our country is still mourning all the recent police lives lost...and cavalierly saying as 'We the People' fight against the Obama regime and his gun control minions for our Constitutionally given Second Amendment right to to keep and bear arms...Donald Trump had the audacity to mockingly say while speaking at Dordt College in Sioux City, Iowa, that, and I quote, "I could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and I would not lose any support"...”It's, like, incredible." And what the Trumpers...the 'Trump-drunk'...our version of Obama's blind following sheeple who hang on his every word and turn them into gospel truth...what these folks don't get is that Donald Trump just insulted their intelligence and common sense...insulted each and every one of his loyal followers.

And how so...no matter what Trump says...no matter how many times he changes his opinions and flip-flops on the issues...the 'Trump-drunk' defend him...and defend him they did even as he faced an immediate public backlash and rightful accusations of being “insensitive.” And as expected the excuses of the blind followers came post-haste, but no excuses can cancel out or twist the vile words Donald Trump said as he pointed directly at a camera recording his speech and pretended to 'pull the trigger' as he made the comment. But does the media make it a headline...does the media report on it ad-nauseum like they do with everything else their newly 'anointed one' says...no they do not being too busy pushing the above said 'Donald Trump Presidential Reality Show'...no they do not as this comment could hurt their 'golden boy'...could hurt their ratings with its all-important monetary bottom line...ratings whores that they all are.

So here are but two examples of some Trumper's reaction to Trump's vile words said...Frank Sibley from Sioux City, Iowa, claims what Trump said was “just a figure of speech.” And first-time caucus-goer, David Griffith, added that "obviously he is not going to go and shoot somebody," but quickly added, "I knew when he said it it was risky...somebody is going to take and twist that line." But how can that line be twisted when those exact words are on video for all to hear.

See and hear Donald Trump's own words here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap3OTxWn_74

But the simple truth is that a good number of Trump supporters...and know that not all those supporters are Conservatives for how could they be when many of Trump's stances are anything but Conservative...are more impressed with his superficial projection of strength delivered via his big mouth...are more impressed with strength via empty threats. And threats he did just a week ago when on 'ABC This Week,' Donald Trump said he just might file a lawsuit against Ted Cruz...who he now calls “a nasty guy”...over his eligibility to become president by warning, “When I file suits, I file real suits.” I guess Mr. Narcissist thinks that when anyone else other than himself files a lawsuit that they and their lawsuit are nothing but a joke.

See Trump talk about filing a lawsuit against Ted Cruz here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A2ULp5QNpY

And so as we now head into the last debate before next week's Iowa Caucuses, it's important to remember that Donald Trump is an empty shell of a candidate who's playing to an audience of the disenfranchised and the angry, basically the same type of audience we had back in 2008 and look what that got us...and folks we simply cannot allow that to happen again for if we do we could very well lose our beloved America forever. Think about, digest it, and put the Trump kool-ade down as flash over substance will never serve 'We the People' or our country well.

And remember, too, that if Michael Bloomberg does enter the race, just like with Trump, to vote for him is also a vote for Hillary or for whomever the Democratic nominee will eventually be. Case closed.