Tuesday, September 27, 2022

An Anything But Humanitarian Crisis
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

...Yet concerned they were not, for within 24 hours of the ILLEGALS arrival on the island, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker sent 125 National Guard members to “gather up” from the “sanctuary” of St. Andrews church the 50 “overwhelming” ILLEGALS and move them to the mainland's Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) under the guise that “the island communities are not equipped to provide sustainable accommodations” for an extra 50 people. Such utter nonsense indeed, yet it ended the anything but “humanitarian crisis,” by relieving Martha's Vineyard residents of the burden of having to live up to their words of being true champions of “diversity."

Hypocrisy abounds on Martha's Vineyard proving once again that when big money talks politicians not only listen but do as they are told.

And in this case of course money talked, and...poof...the 50 ILLEGALS are gone at the same time that the island's “GoFundMe” page went from concern for the so-called “migrants” to having “outside” donations now...Read entire article and see video here.
Dimorphos: NASA flies spacecraft into asteroid in direct hit
The American space agency's Dart probe has smashed into an asteroid, destroying itself in the process.

The collision was intentional and designed to test whether space rocks that might threaten Earth could be nudged safely out of the way.

Dart's camera returned an image per second, right up to the moment of impact with the target - a 160m-wide object called Dimorphos.

What had been a steady image stream cut out as the probe was obliterated.

Controllers, based at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU-APL), erupted with joy as Dimorphos filled the field of view on Dart's camera just before then going blank. Initial calculations suggest the impact was a mere 17m off the exact centre of Dimorphos.

It will be some weeks before scientists on the Nasa-led mission know for sure whether their experiment has worked, but Dr Lori Glaze, the director of...Read more here.

The Narrative Is Changing Again on Gas Prices
Rebecca Downs / Townhall Tipheet

For some time now, the Biden administration and their Democratic allies have been gleefully claiming that Americans have been able to save a pretty penny when it comes to gas prices falling. Missing from that narrative is that it's still much higher under the Trump administration. As Leah has highlighted in recent days, gas prices rose again last week. Even CNN is taking issue with President Joe Biden's claims. 

Florida is now expected to face Hurricane Ian, and along with that, so is the changing narrative on how the hurricane is to blame for those gas prices. As our friends at Twitchy highlighted, The Hill put out a Nexstar Media Wire piece on Monday afternoon, highlighting "Rising gas prices: Is Hurricane Ian to blame?"

As it turns out, though, the article mention it's not:

But don’t worry just yet. AAA told NewsNation that gas prices are going up slightly because of refinery issues on the West Coast and in the Midwest, not because of the hurricane headed toward Florida...Read more and see tweets here. 

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