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Editor's Note: Tony Perkins, President Of The Family Research Council, co-athored this column.

Like two speeding trains heading toward the same collapsed bridge, the dangers and failures of Barack Obama’s foreign, economic, and social policies are heading rapidly toward implosion. Our vital security interests, our economic well-being, our religious liberties, and the very fabric of American family life are all at grave risk of becoming casualties of the extreme ideological agenda and simple incompetence of the current Administration.

First, with respect to foreign policy: Watching the spread of ISIS throughout the Middle East is like watching the growth of a cancer. Yet President Obama says he still has no fully-formed strategy with which to deal with it.

Instead, his focus has been on Iran, to which end he is encouraging Senate approval of a plan that would give Iran the continued capacity to produce nuclear weapons in coming years.

The irony is that Iran is the epicenter of Islamic terrorism. Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Shiite jihadism, the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,” and other violent Muslim extremist groups all find a base of support in Tehran. The idea that the United States would endorse a weak agreement with a power as dangerous as this is chilling.

I get the feeling that the Associated Press doesn't like Ted Cruz very much.

From Breitbart:
Imagine that this same AP photographer, instead of shifting a foot to the left or the right, framed a picture with the Senator’s nose almost touching the barrel, as a closer crop makes clear.
Imagine that this photographer, even though he took a few shots with this silly setup, took many more without it. Imagine that his editor–unnamed and insulated from public backlash–chose not one but two but three of those photos to distribute to AP’s clients.
So it clearly was not an accident. The AP, it seems, wanted to create a photo of a gun pointed at the head Senator Cruz. Oh, you're so clever AP.

Here is the AP's statement:
“The images were not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light,” Colford said.
Of course, had a conservative website posted a photo of a picture of a gun pointed at Hillary Clinton's head, there would be cries of sexism and Media Matters would threaten to boycott.
As American Thinker points out, in 2010 the left blamed the Tucson shooting on Sarah Palin for the "crosshairs" targeting Congressional seats. But if the AP does something worse, crickets.

You stay classy, AP.

Raymond Ibrahim: Islamic Hate for the Christian 

By Raymond Ibrahim / Jihad Watch

Raymond Ibrahim: Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross
Last May in Italy, a Muslim boy of African origin beat a 12-year-old girl during school because she was wearing a crucifix around her neck.  The African schoolboy, who had only started to attend the school approximately three weeks earlier, began to bully the Christian girl—“insulting her and picking on her in other ways all […]

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Obama rebuffs Israel’s last-ditch bid for nuclear constraints in Iran accord

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs
iran obama 3Obama’s true objectives are manifest yet again in this latest rout of attempts to rein in or impede the Islamic Republic of Iran’s march to nuclear war. Obama’s jihad against the Jewish state now borders on near-mania.

These concessions, some might even say initiatives, to nuclear weaponize are astonishing.

The Obama regime has been a seamless coup on Americanism, freedom, and the very premise of the existence of this country.
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 21, 2015
US Security Adviser Susan Rice say NO to Israel
Israel’s National Security Adviser Yossi Cohen was invited to join two top US officials for dinner in Washington on June 15 to try and make Israel’s case for amending the disastrous nuclear accord...


SC Gov. Nikki Haley: Removing Confederate Flag Will Defy Race Hatred

Image: SC Gov. Nikki Haley: Removing Confederate Flag Will Defy Race HatredNEWSMAX 

South Carolina's governor declared Monday that the Confederate flag should be removed from the State House grounds as she acknowledged that its use as a symbol of hatred by the man accused of killing nine black church members has made it too divisive to display in such a public space. 
Gov. Nikki Haley's about-face comes just days after authorities charged Dylann Storm Roof, 21, with murder. The white man appeared in photos waving Confederate flags and burning or desecrating U.S. flags, and purportedly wrote of fomenting racial violence. Survivors told police he hurled racial insults during the attack.

"The murderer now locked up in Charleston said he hoped his actions would start a race war. We have an opportunity to show that not only was he wrong, but that just the opposite is happening," Haley said, flanked by Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites who joined her call.

"My hope is that by removing a symbol that divides us, we can move our state forward in harmony, and we can honor the nine blessed souls who are now in Heaven," Haley said.

The massacre inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church has suddenly made removing the flag — long thought politically impossible in South Carolina — the go-to position, even for conservative Republican politicians.

Haley was flanked by Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, now running for president, as well as South Carolina's junior Republican senator, Tim Scott, and Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn, both of whom are black. Within moments, her call was echoed by the Republican Party chairman and the top GOP lawmaker, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.