Thursday, December 8, 2016

U.S.-Israel Relations Set to ImproveThe consensus in Israel is that the relationship between the Jewish state and the United States is going to improve in a Trump administration, says former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Zalman Shoval.
On a recent visit to Washington, D.C., Shoval told me that he believes Donald Trump and his cabinet picks so far have a more "realistic" view of the Middle East than President Obama, who from his first days in office, "perhaps before, believed it was his calling to fix once and for all, all matters between the U.S. and the Arab and Muslim worlds, as expressed in his Cairo speech. ... This gives Trump in the hearts and minds of more than a few Israelis a head-start."

Shoval said he believes the issue of a Palestinian state -- the objective of U.S. foreign policy over several administrations -- has become less concerning than the regional and international threat posed by a nuclear Iran. He likes recent statements by secretary of defense-designate Gen. James Mattis about the way forward in dealing with an unstable Iran, believing Mattis recognizes that as important as it is to defeat ISIS, the real threat in the Middle East is Iran.
Labor Unions Were The Other Losers On Election Day
Jason Hopkins / Townhall Tipsheet

Labor Unions Were The Other Losers On Election Day Democrats weren’t the only ones who lost big on Election Day. Labor unions lost in key states across the country in November. Having already had their power in several states constrained following the 2010 mid-terms, labor unions will now be forced to play defense in more states legislatures where Democrats have faltered anew.

Democrats lost control of the state House in Kentucky and the state Senate in Iowa. They also lost gubernatorial control in Missouri and New Hampshire. All four states will be under a Republican trifecta starting in 2017 – meaning their governors’ mansions and legislative chambers will be under complete GOP control.

This is bad news for union bosses because those pockets of Democratic checks on Republican power have been eliminated. GOP legislation has already been proposed in these states, but until now have been blocked by union-friendly lawmakers. This won’t be the case in January.

For example, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) has already vetoed anti-labor legislation during his two terms in office. He will be leaving at the end of the year and be replaced by Republican Eric Greitens (the man pictured above). Greitens and GOP leadership in the Missouri capitol will see eye-to-eye more on labor reform. In August, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch described a win by Greitens will “almost certainly, almost immediately” turn Missouri into a Right to Work state.

Guess Who Is Suing CNN For Discrimination?

CNN, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner is being sued by current and former black employees of CNN.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday that lists discrimination as one of the complaints.

It all started when DeWayne Walker filed a $50 million lawsuit in January against CNN for racial discrimination. The lawsuit is still working its way through the system.

Now many more black employees are coming out because of the Walker case. Daniel Meachum is the lawyer on the case and spoke briefly to the press on Wednesday.

“As a result of the current discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of DeWayne Walker vs. CNN, Time Warner & Turner, we have uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination.”

The new lawsuit doesn’t include Walker, but has several new defendants.
Amazon pulls Allah doormats, “but you can still wipe your feet on Jesus”

By Christine Williams / Jihad Watch


Allah-themed doormats had been for sale on Amazon, much to the chagrin of Muslims who complained to the online retailer that wiping one’s feet upon the name of Allah isn’t cool, Heat Street reported. And it isn’t just Allah doormats. There are Christian and Hindu ones, too, but British Labour Party Muslim Councillor Mariam Khan complained […]
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Trump Picks General John Kelly Secretary of Homeland Security: Here’s What You Need to Know
Marine Gen. John Kelly is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, CBS News reported Wednesday morning. Kelly is the third general Trump has tapped for his Cabinet, along with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser and retired Gen. James Mattis as defense secretary. 
You need generals to clean out ….. the Augean Stables.

The Department of Homeland Security, like the Department of State and the Department of Justice, require an agency-wide purge. Under Obama, who stacked them with uber-left ideologues and Muslim Brotherhood members, these agencies became hostile to the American people.

The Department of Homeland Security targeted tea party members, veterans and patriots. The DHS had a Muslim Brotherhood agent on its advisory board; he leaked intel and shopped classified data to the media (and who knows who else).

Over the past eight years the Department of Homeland Security has turned its guns on …. us:

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