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Ratting Out the Rat                                                                             By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

So why did Donna Brazile 'rat' Hillary save her own sorry 'butt' is why...and off course to sell books.
7 Veterans Day Celebrations Across the Country
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Every year Americans come together on Veterans Day, November 11, to honor the brave men and women who’ve fought for their country. 
According to, the tradition got its start in 1938 when the day was officially declared a federal holiday to commemorate the lives lost during the First and Second World Wars, as well as the Korean War.

Before that, however, the day was observed as Armistice Day to commemorate the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when a temporary ceasefire, or armistice, was declared between Germany and the allied nations fighting in World War I.

Today, events are held around the country to commemorate the day and pay homage to lives lost in combat.

Here are seven Veteran Day celebrations being held across the county in 2017:
Becoming Numb To Mass Murder Terror Attacks ‘ A Good Thing,’ Vox Writes

The enemedia is hard at work. Leftwing elites want to norm cold-blooded mass murder and savagery in the cause of Allah, while exploding in indignant outrage at tweets and social media postings critical of Islam, Muhammad and the Quran. They sanction the savagery and seek to criminalize sharia violations under the guise of “hate speech.” Evil.

Becoming Numb To Terror Attacks ‘Might Be A Good Thing,’ Vox Writes

Nick Givas, Daily Caller, November 2, 2017

Vox published an article Thursday suggesting it might be a “good thing” for people to be desensitized to acts of terror, in the hopes of frustrating future terrorists.

The Vox piece drew heavily from another article published by Slate, in which authors Amarnath Amarasingam and Colin P. Clarke wrote that terror incidents may be on the rise, but this doesn’t mean more people are fearing for their safety.

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Erasing America 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

When you start wiping out your history, sanitizing your history to make you feel better, it’s a bad thing,” 
- Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the removing of Confederate history from America's past

Enough is enough...I am sick and tired of their whining... sick and tired of their whining about slavery...slavery that has long been abolished in our country. And I'm sick and tired of this ever-vocal minority...a minority within the 12% of Americans that comprise today's black population...tired of them forcing our leaders under both veiled and not so veiled threats of violence to either look away as statues get taken down or outright bend completely to their will...or else.

Appeasement based solely upon skin color...appeasement cleverly crafted by some black leaders to manipulate what is commonly referred to as 'collective white guilt'...a guilt once rightfully ignored by most whites save for the media and the uber liberal sorts who tucked it away to use at a time certain blacks deemed most convenient...allowing it to once again resurface after a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned violent...violence not without instigation from their counterparts on both the black and the placating liberal white side.

Remember, first it was statues of Confederate General Robert E. Lee some blacks demanded be removed...and we complied. Then it moved on to any and all relating to the Confederacy...and once again we complied. And then their ire turned against statues of Christopher Columbus for his supposed harsh treatment of Native Americans... of their newest reason to behave badly....with some still sadly complying while others for the first time started to fight back. And now these same mostly black folks threaten the very 'Father of our Country'...George Washington himself...because as was the upper class societal norm of his day our first president owned slaves. But this time the defamation is different...this time we patriots must fight back...for every red, white, and blue American regardless of skin color must understand that to defame America's 'Father' defames America herself.

Let's Roll” became a battle cry of sorts sixteen short years ago...”No More” must become today's battle cry or our beloved America will truly be lost to an enemy lying within.

Now having anointed themselves as judge and jury over what is and what is not allowed to be part of America's history this, for the most part, lowest cultural segment of today's black population...the gimme-gimme, 'you owe me' sorts...who come replete with a handful of their liberal white enablers...are using statues and plaques as a way to erase but one part of our country's past...a past that all people's of all races, all religions, and all creeds have at one time or another experienced throughout the unfolding of all the world's history.

But while other once slaves...and that included white slave immigrant children...have moved on from that past...learning valuable lessons from atrocities committed to actually help not only to just better themselves but to make themselves stronger in the process... there remains a small segment of today's American black population that cannot let the past go...for they relish in using the past as a weapon to not only bring 'whitey' to his knees, but to use it as their sole calling card by which they gauge both their very meager existence and their self-inflicted ever so sorrowful lot in life.

Willfully forgetting that no one alive today or in the immediate generations past owned slaves, these black folks refuse to understand that the only thing they are doing with their call to remove said statues and plaques is that the history behind those objects of stone, metal, or wood not only remains but now takes on an even uglier tone then existed before because not only have the black malcontents made the past their present but they have now ingrained it within themselves as it being their sole future as well.

And while we as Americans no matter our color have the right to voice our opinions through peaceful protest as guaranteed us by the First Amendment, our current crop of lawmakers are too cowardly to put a stop to this nonsense for fear of being called racists. Not understanding that it is but a small yet vocal percentage of black Americans who are the true racists for it is they alone who demand that we erase any and all of America's history...whether it be good or bad...history that in their minds alone has been relegated as belonging solely to white men.

However, through both their actions and words said, these sorry folks have now ignited in we American patriots...white, black, red, brown, and yellow American patriots...a new found disgust in those who refuse to understand that the all-important lessons of slavery... replete with visuals like statues and plaques...need to be seen and remembered not erased for to erase these visuals allows for such a sad chapter of our nation's history to possibly under certain circumstances be repeated again.

And now that anger we patriots feel has reached a new crescendo for with the dishonoring of our country's 'Father' we can actually feel our America tangibly slipping away. And when a house of worship takes a stand against the very man we as American patriots hold dear, the time for words is over...the time for actions is near. And no...I do not mean least not at first anyway...for we should never allow ourselves to sink to the level of the black malcontents...but now we must insist that our leaders step forward and declare for all to hear the words “No More” shouted loud and clear. And only if then the black malcontents demands do not stop...if only then our lawmakers appeasement continues on...then we have every right to bear arms against those who have proven themselves to be America's enemy fact our Constitution demands we do so.

Remember, sometimes for a nation to survive...for this great republic to survive...its citizens do need to learn their rightful place in the scheme of things regardless of their skin color.

Keep your history before you,” Condoleezza Rice also said...more very wise words from a very wise woman who clearly understands that both the good and the bad of a country's history is what allows its people to move forward in both their individual and collective quest for freedom and happiness.

Yet this very all-important quest is being diluted by the removal of statues and now also by the removal of plaques by those who find but one small part of America's history personally offensive to them. Allowing their personal agenda of what they alone deem to be rightful payback to spread to the most unlikely of in America's houses of has to wonder can monetary reparations really be far behind.

No...I think not...for I believe the true goal of the black malcontents has always been reparations and that goal has now been set in motion with the unanimous vote of the clergy and church board of the (Episcopal) Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia...the very church George Washington and his family attended for over twenty years...the very church also attended decades later by Confederate Gen. Robert E, Lee and his family.

Now caving to both political correctness and black appeasement with words to the affect that, “The Vestry has unanimously decided that the plaques create a distraction”...a distraction no matter that in 1773 George Washington became both a vestryman and one of the congregation’s founding members who contributed to the church throughout his life, and that Gen. Lee’s daughter Mary left the church $10,000 upon her death which they were all to happy to take to begin the church's endowment...a distraction no matter that the plaques in question have hung on either side of the altar since 1870, put in place just two months after Gen. Lee’s death.

A selectively chosen distraction no matter that two simple metal markers adorned with but signatures mark pew No. 5 where George Washington and his family sat, and where Gen. Lee was confirmed will remain in place for what the church leaders referred to as "history's sake." Yet this does not change the fact that suddenly now plaques have become an affront to 'supposed' good men and women of faith and so must be removed no matter that not a word against those plaques has ever been said in the 148 intervening years since they were put into place.

The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome," they claim because George Washington was a slave were many well-to-do men of his time...and that Gen. Lee fought against freeing the slaves...never mind that it was at a time when we as a nation were divided on this issue...but what I  really want to know is how pray tell do two simple stone plaques make anyone feel “unwelcome.”

"Commemoration without contextualization" church leaders called it....honoring without all facts given especially the fact that George Washington never was comfortable with slavery and willed upon his death the freeing of all Mt. Vernon's slaves...freeing them 60 years before the Civil War was fought to do so...and now even that truth is lost to appeasement.

Have we as a nation sunk so low as to allow the clergy to now take part in rewriting our nation's history...sadly it appears so...shades of a theocracy trying to be born...shades of its birth being colored by those behaving badly.

"Some visitors and guests who worship with us choose not to return because they receive an unintended message from the prominent presence of the plaques,” say Christ Church's clergy and board yet they do not give a number as to how many parishioners were or continue to be it one, two, three, or more. And even if that number is 100 plus the fact remains that what should truly be offensive is that a new precedence has been set with this church now dictating public policy...with this church now trying to erase the memories of two great men of history. And when you add in that Christ Church is doing so in the name of appeasement or dare I say in the name of fear, for one has to wonder what threats were made towards the church's clergy and board by those who not only want to 'whitewash' America's history but by those who want to paint America's history black.

And now these vile sorts have a new ally in men of the cloth, and that can never be allowed for when religion teams up with true malcontents the outcome as witnessed by the pages of history never turns out to be pretty in the end. And by the way...if these plaques indeed are removed than Christ Church needs their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status removed post-haste.

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Today, Friday November 3rd from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss erasing America's history; going after the real Russian collusion; and important news of the day.

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