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Why the FBI Is Planning to Investigate the George Floyd Protests

Why the FBI Is Planning to Investigate the George Floyd Protests
The Federal Burea of Investigation is "looking carefully" at the likelihood that foreign adversaries are influencing the George Floyd protests, which have sparked into full-on riots at times.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the agency "has over 2,000 active investigations that trace back to the government in China." That means there has been "about a 1,300 percent increase in terms of economic espionage investigations with the Chinese nexus from about a decade ago," Wray told Fox News' Bret Baier on Wednesday.

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No Holiday Created Will Erase The Past 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Juneteenth...a word now being bantered around by the Democrats, the media, some Republicans, and black Americans from all walks of life. Juneteenth...June 19, 1865 when a group of slaves in Galveston, Texas, learned after almost two and a half years that President Abraham Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing them from the whip and from the chains...freeing them from the bondage of slavery...freeing them to establish a “new relationship” between “former masters and slaves” as “employer and hired labor,” as per the message delivered by Union Army Major General Gordon Granger. 

And while the June 19th date is significant as also being the now being deemed “official end” of the Civil War, to many black Americans, Juneteenth is remembered as the day that true emancipation...true freedom...was slow in coming for the slaves in parts of the Deep South. And to other black Americans today they see Juneteenth as either America's Second Independence Day, as Freedom Day, or as Black Liberation Day. Take your pick as to what name you want to attach to June 19th for the name itself doesn't really matter...what matters is that legally all America's slaves became “free men and women” on that day.

So, while many Americans of all skin colors continue to herald June 19th as yet another great turning point for freedom in American history, other black Americans continue to see Juneteenth as a day when a modicum of freedom began but not as the day when actual freedom was achieved. And it's these folks who while agreeing that over the years some progress has been made on the racial front, still believe true and total freedom for black Americans has yet to in their minds the fight for that freedom must continue on. But while fighting for freedom is most always a noble cause, fighting for a self-perceived lack of freedom is anything but noble when said fight denies other American's their right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” let alone their very right to freedom itself.

And that is the very place that I and many others feel we as a country are in right now, for the majority is losing its freedom to appease a placate the malcontents if truth be told...and that does more harm to freedom that an actual battle itself would. And know that here the word “battle” does not necessarily mean a battle where blood must be shed for sometimes the best weapon in war is the simple written word. 

Sadly, our beloved America is now at war...a misplaced war within itself where once again Americans are pitted against their fellow vs. vs. the police and has now truly become that cut and dry. And today's weapons of war, for some, are out in the open for all to see...rioting, looting, murder, and mayhem being their excuses given...being their excuses shown...for they are trying to rewrite America's history. And it's these anything but noble warriors who remain ignorant to the fact that history is as it always was, as it always will be, for the past itself cannot ever be changed, especially by those who believe that the simple act of tearing down statues, changing a holiday's name or even creating a new holiday that is anything but will get that job won't. And why...because a nation's history remains trapped in time and time itself does not allow changes to be made. What was, was...but what will be done with lessons of the past hopefully learned is the only thing that can affect the future while leaving the past it should be.

And that brings me back to Junteenth, the day marking the final setting free of slaves here in America and the growing call to make said day, June 19th, a national holiday, being something I am against but not for the reasons most likely think. But before I tell you why I am against this let me begin by saying that I truly believe that slavery was indeed one of the saddest chapters in our nation's history. No man should ever be a slave of another, no man should ever be a taskmaster over another for we are all created equal in God's image. And yet it's in the make up of human nature to see one group of people holding sway over other groups of people with history itself giving many examples of that. Egypt ruled the world at one time, so did the Greeks and Romans, the Catholic Church held sway in the Middle Ages, and Hitler tried to not only conquer the world but exterminate the entirety of the world's Jews. Strong men with strong armies focused on war and tribulation...taskmasters in every sense of the word...with slavery itself being seen as a tribulation of sorts...a tribulation of the strong over the weak. 

Remember, America became a strong nation early on in its inception for all the right reasons, but even America had its faults with slavery being one of them. And while we tried to make amends for what we as a nation had done...for what we had allowed to transpire...those amends came at the cost of much blood lost...yet in the end we did remove the chains from a people who were like us in many ways but who at the same time were different than us. How I'm not talking about the color of one's skin but about the color of one's in good vs. in bodies being sold for trinkets...for the simple indisputable fact is that America did not forge the chains that first put black people in so many of the black malcontents want you to believe...their own tribal leaders did. 

And it's here that black Americans must accept the fact that the institution of slavery did begin with their own leaders having their hands out with black bodies being traded for “stuff,” and then seeing it all getting tied up (literally) in the game of worldwide economics. Are dare they not forget that the first slave holder in America was Anthony Johnson, himself a free black man. 

Black Americans must stop blaming our country for initiating slavery and accept that their very freedom itself was and still is the best reparation that could ever be paid. And with that freedom it was up to them to take advantage of all America had to offer, no matter that at times it has not been easy going what with segregation and such, yet what today's back population needs to understand is that the inequities and injustices of slavery were something they were not part and parcel to, and that the inequities and self-perceived injustices of today are truly of “their own doing.” And by “their own doing” I'm speaking of the minority within the 13.4% minority that comprises black America. This small faction is truly ruining it for the whole simply because their voices are louder and their antics speak even louder than their words while the majority of the black minority simply looks away.

Their very silence speaks louder than the miscreants words shouted with it outwardly appearing to signal condoning instead of their countering with shouts of condemning. The sum of anything is always comprised of its parts and the rioting, the looting, and the setting cities on fire is reason enough for why Juneteenth must never become a national holiday, that and the fact that celebrating Juneteenth on a yearly basis will not move our nation forward as some so seem to think, but will instead mire our consciousness in slavery's past never allowing our country to truly heal. 

And while some black folks think that creating a national holiday in honor of their ancestors emancipation is but part of a series of continuing reparations that must now be marked “paid in full,” other black folks of the miscreant kind believe that true freedom for black Americans can only and will only be won by their taking to the streets, causing mayhem, and bringing “whitey” to his or her knees. Now trying to hide behind the guise of creating a national holiday, what these folks forget, as do folks of all colors who not only want to appease the miscreants out of fear but to garner their votes, is that the fight for emancipation has already moved forward with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day becoming a national holiday. 

How so...this man of peace understood that violence was not the answer to black America's problems nor was one always having their hand out, but that problems were only solved via dialogue and by bettering oneself is. Dr. King strove for the betterment of his people through peaceful protests, and by using common sense not by wanting a holiday created to appease those with hate in their hearts and revenge in their souls.

And here I will say that I believe the creating of a national holiday for Junteenth is all about black revenge against white America for the sins of the past...sins that no one alive today ever experienced. And let's not forget that for reparations believed still owed these folks want would Juneteenth to be a paid holiday, and that in and of itself says quite a lot.

National holidays should only be in honor of those we as Americans deem American heroes, and those now screaming the loudest for a Juneteenth holiday are anything but heroes. It's also become political in nature and we all know that things done in the name of politics never make good bedfellows. What would better serve black America well is to rediscover the truth about Dr. King and his movement, put his ideas into action, and move on from the past for creating a holiday born of slavery does nothing but allow the past not to be put to rest.

So while Juneteenth is surely a day that must always be remembered in the annals of history for it was the day all slaves in America were finally set free, that day in no way should be given the same importance of having its own holiday as does such holidays as Independence Day, Memorial Day or Veterans Day, days when, I believe, true heroes were born or died.

And besides, until the majority of America's black community reigns in their own miscreants and thugs, until the majority of America's black community recognizes that the minority within itself is indeed part of the bigger problem, I believe they will remain tied to the past and no national holiday created will release the chains they still feel binds them. For that reason I think the creating of a Juneteenth holiday will become both a hindrance and a crutch towards true equality as appeasement only adds to a problem, it does not and never will solve it. Case closed.
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