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The Deafening Silence Within America's Black Community
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio 

I simply cannot believe what is happening to my beloved America today as I watch her imploding from within while few do anything to stop it. I see my country being turned first upside down then inside out as she becomes a country where right is wrong and wrong is right while baring witness everyday to the media thriving on conflicts that divide us even more instead of telling the truth. I see hatred for our president and for law enforcement reaching a boiling point that allows thug mentality to rule over both common sense and the law.  

I see our country’s leaders making excuses for and acquiescing to those “behaving badly” out of fear perhaps or maybe not, for more than times than not in righteous men fear spurs one to action while cowardliness seems more like the political order of this day.   

I grieve for all we as a nation have lost...I grieve for our history both good and bad for it's history that defines who we as Americans are. I grieve for the statues being taken down with some foolishly believing that, that alone, will rewrite our country’s history. But statutes are not the stuff of history nor is history subject to change for history is the stuff of memories and realities buried and unchangeable within our nation's collective soul. 
And while I grieve for all that is lost, “We the People” together must now face the tangible truth that what is wrong with our country today can be summed up in but one word...appeasement. Appeasement: the act or action of appeasing someone or something by making concessions often at the sacrifice of principles. 

Appeasement...a word that truly has now affected us all for what other word can there be to describe how our leaders throw our founding principals away as they cower in fear of those who continue to “act badly”...continue to perpetrate violence...continue to perpetrate insurrection.
Those continuing to “act badly” are both the obvious and the not so obvious, for not standing up to the obvious equates to silence on the part of the not so obvious. Silence is deemed golden, but sometimes silence itself becomes the enemy for with silence comes condoning, a very dangerous place to now be especially when it's the not so obvious folks who do hold the key to ending the ending the ongoing insurrection.   

So here let's start with the truth of who exactly those “behaving badly” are and who can, if not totally stop them, at least render them somewhat politically impotent, for another truth that must spoken of is that politics and a specific political agenda is at the bottom of it all. And with a sad heart I must say that the unrest we see today lies solely at the feet of a minority segment buried within America's minority black population...a minority segment instigated by the liberal media to act upon emotions instead of on facts and common sense while at the same time having their hands out for even more what they believe to be entitlement “free stuff.” And this black minority...miscreants I call them...could not do what what they do if it wasn't for their white liberal enablers who not only finance their actions but who at times join them in “acting badly.” 

And who alone can put a stop to all this...simply... the majority of America's black minority who have taken the opportunities America has afforded them and made successes of themselves. And here their success is gauged not by the dollar alone but more importantly by intact family units, education, hard work, respect for the law, faith, and becoming a part of what makes America great. Thugs and miscreants have no place in the hearts of these black folks yet fear of them is what seems to keep them silent...fear of them becoming victims of those whose very skin color they share. 

But what the majority of the minority of America's black population fail to see is that they are already the victims of these miscreants and thugs for there is more black on black crime in America today than there is white on black crime. If only these good, decent, hard working black folks would stand up to the troublemakers within their communities and say “NO MORE”...only then would even a dent be made into what is sadly becoming but should not ever become, the painting of all black folks as being a problem.

We as a country need these black voices to be heard loud and clear...”NO MORE”...should become their rallying cry for the simple fact is that in their silence they become condoners even if they don't mean to be...condoners inadvertently aiding the miscreants not only in their nefarious endeavors, but condoners who are allowing all black folks to erroneously now be painted as “acting badly.” And to me that itself is truly a crime that only they are guilty of for it's not up to us white folks to be the sole defenders of good, decent black's up to those black folks themselves to help stop the misconceptions now sadly gaining a foothold as more and more miscreants and thugs are attacking white folks simply for their being white. 

And this silence by the majority within the black minority is not something new as can be witnessed by this attack from June of last year when one Temar Bishop, a 23-year old black man already out on parole, was arrested for raping and beating a 20-year old white woman on the rooftop of the public housing building in the Bronx where he lived. According to court papers filed Bishop told someone who witnessed the bloodied 20-year old woman after said attack that she “deserved” the brutal attack because of slavery. “She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery,” Bishop said as per the criminal complaint. 

This story made headlines in New York after a Special Victims Division investigator described the attack as “one of the worst he’s ever seen,” what with the victim not only being raped but being kicked and punched in the head and body until she was rendered unconscious. 

Was there an outcry within the black community... no...for the victim was white and the perpetrator was black. Protecting their own even knowing well that what Temar Bishop did was not just wrong but heinous and a hate crime to boot for long ago slavery was his excuse given, and to some folks in the 'hood' a small amount of reparations had just been paid in the shedding of one white woman's blood. It's attitudes like this...attitudes comprising not letting go of the past...which sully both the reputations and the lives of decent black folks who refuse to speak out least they somehow become the next victim.

Fear is a powerful deterrent but fear should not prevent folks...whether they be black, white, yellow, brown or red...from doing the right in outwardly condemning and calling to task those who “behave badly.” 

And while these same folks are especially quick to find their voices when a black man is killed by a white cop...voices that shout loudly for justice for the likes of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks for example...I have yet to hear the nation's majority of black voices demanding justice for this white man who was badly beaten outside a gas station convenience store simply because he asked five black thugs to please wait their turn in line and not cut in front of him.


This video has been shown on major television networks and shown on YouTube yet barely a word of condemnation screamed loud and clear from those who comprise the majority of the black community. And what was surely a racially motivated attack has been deemed not so by the mainstream media even though the fifth thug screamed “Black Lives Matter” while kicking the already downed man in the face. 

And sadly, once again it seems never to be deemed a “hate crime” no matter what the perpetrators scream when the victim is white, Hispanic or Asian for the media turns it around into being just another case of “black privilege” and excuses made. 

Black privilege” and excuses indeed even when it's black on black crime...especially when said crime is being perpetrated on a black cop considered by the “brothers and sisters” to be just not black enough... considered by them to be an “Uncle Tom”...a sellout to “whitey”...just for being a cop.

Take the recent case of former St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn who was gunned down while working security at a St. Louis pawn shop during the riots, looting, and mayhem that followed the George Floyd killing. Murdered in cold blood by one of his own...a 24-year old already convicted felon named Stephan Cannon... Captain Dorn was a well-respected man in the community and a 38-year veteran of the force. But where in the black community was the overwhelming outrage over his death...where was national non-stop media coverage demanding justice for him...simply, there was little to none as David Dorn's death did not fit the (faux) narrative of “systemic racism” like the death of thug George Floyd did. 

And while President Trump upon hearing of Captain Dorn's death posted this tweet, "Our highest respect to the family of David Dorn, a Great Police Captain from St. Louis, who was viciously shot and killed by despicable looters last night. We honor our police officers, perhaps more than ever before. Thank you!," that too was lost in the shuffle of hate as the liberal media again tried painting a picture that our white president is only concerned about black folks when the death in question is that of a former black cop killed by one who shares his skin color, but not when a white cop kills a black man.

It's all about politics and will remain so, after all when the Democrats threw black Americans under the bus in favor of the illegal vote, it was politics and the bought-and-paid for liberal media that allowed a crisis to be in the war against the police...simply in an attempt to try and get back the black vote. 

Remember, if George Floyd's killing was not the sole proprietor of the 24/7 news cycle, if it was allowed to stay a local issue as it always should have been, than the riots, the looting, and the destruction done in Floyd's name probably would not have started. And if the media had only reported the truth about the thug they instead decided to make into a saint... while Captain David Dorn in the 24/7 news cycle was relegated to being but a victim of boys in the 'hood' “behaving badly” thus giving little credence to the black-on-black nature of the crime...than the narrative of hate...especially the (faux) narrative that the police are out of being pushed on us also might not have taken place. 

And while this narrative has allowed racist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa to gain a stronghold in segments of America's minority black population, we come full circle back to the fact that only black folks themselves can put an end to this media fabricated what has become a race war, because if they don't it's they who will suffer the most. 

White America is sick and tired of this one segment of a minority population dictating to us what we can and cannot do, say, and think in regards to those whose ancestors...not they themselves...were slaves. White America is sick and tired of this segment of black folks being the ones who continue to “act badly” while at the same time having their hands out for and feeling they're entitled to more “free stuff.” And white America is sick of these folks not only thumbing their noses at authority...thumbing their noses at the police...but sick and tired of these folks trying to rewrite America's history to their liking. All peoples of all colors were slaves at one time...white folks have moved on from's time black folks do too.

And by the way, whether these miscreants and thugs want to hear it or not black lives will truly only matter when white, yellow, brown, red...and police...lives matter too. Case closed. 

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