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Walk of Shame: Democrats Hand Over Impeachment Articles to the Senate
The impeachment hoax is big on drama and short on substance. Earlier on Wednesday, Speaker Pelosi lied about what the president said during his July 25th phone call with the leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, and then she ripped a line from the mob movie "The Irishman" to vilify the president as some sort of mobster looking to hire a hit man. Later in the day, when the speaker signed two articles of impeachment, she was all smiles as she handed out ceremonial singing pins traditionally used to celebrate landmark policy victories, like President Trump's signing of the phase one trade deal with China earlier in the day. And we're supposed to believe Pelosi when she says this is a "sad day for America." Even a CNN panel couldn't ignore the "jarring" glee with which the speaker took in the supposedly sad and tragic moment for the country.
Mahmoud Abbas is “Livid” That European Donors Now Place a Condition on Their Aid

By Hugh Fitzgerald / Jihad Watch


Mahmoud Abbas is “Livid” That European Donors Now Place a Condition on Their Aid
The Palestinian Authority is thoroughly alarmed. It likes to get lots of money – billions and billions of dollars – from European and other Infidel donors. And it likes to spend it just as it wishes, without any conditions. Until now, that view seems to have been accepted by the E.U. But not any longer. […]

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Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency; Law Enforcement Agencies on High Alert
Because of a second amendment rally. Governor blackface and his totalitarian party hate “average” Americans and will do whatever it takes to silence and oppress us.

Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency; Law Enforcement Agencies on High AlertBreaking911, January 15, 2020:

RICHMOND — Governor Ralph Northam today declared a state of emergency in advance of expected pro-second amendment demonstrations on Capitol Square on Monday. Law enforcement intelligence analysts say they have identified ‘credible threats’ of violence surrounding the event, along with ‘white nationalist rhetoric’ and plans by out-of-state militia groups to attend.

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The Hidden Truths Behind Australia's Bushfires
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

The pictures are heartbreaking and the death toll is staggering with over a billion animal lives having already been lost as a a continent...burns with what seems like fires straight from the bowels of hell. Sadly, these fires will continue to burn for many months to come as the toll in animal and human lives lost increases. And yet it's hard to believe that the hand of man might very possibly have started or at least helped to fuel this latest round of what's being referred to as apocalyptic type fires.

And no, I'm not talking “climate change” for Australia is no stranger to fires at this time of year, as the country “down under” has a long documented history of fires going back centuries. Bushfires they're called...bushfires which officially started being recorded back in 1851, well before the “climate change” mantra became the liberals and globalists scare tactic phrase of the day. And from 1851 to date, bushfires have seen over 800 people dying in said fires along with billions of animal lives lost. And this devastation does not include the actual destruction of property, the loss of animal habitats, or the erosion and corresponding mudslides that would naturally occur until there's a significant regrowth of plant life and grasses.

So while these fires race through dried out woodlands, grasslands, brush and at times heavily forested areas, bushfires...which can and at times do happen year round...mostly are worrisome during times of naturally occurring cycles of drought and heat...translation: the spring and summer months. And yet for all the destruction they cause bushfires do play an important role in regards to Australia's ecosystem, in fact, in controlled situations...with controlled being the operative word...bushfires actually benefit said ecosystem. How so...very briefly...bushfires help to clear grasslands for hunting and agricultural plantings in addition to helping clear areas of overly dense vegetation and other naturally occurring debris laying on the forest floor. Bushfires also help by renewing animal habitats and by aiding certain native plants and trees with in those species which have evolved over time to a point where they actually rely on bushfires for the spreading of their seeds.

And while bushfires are usually ignited by natural causes like lightning strikes, sadly, in today's modern world bushfires tend to be ignited via “arcing” (sparks) from overhead power lines, accidental ignition in the course of agricultural clearing, outdoor machine grinding and welding activities, campfires not being completely snuffed out, carelessly dropped cigarettes and matches, and from what's called controlled “burn escapes. * And while bushfires spread based upon the type and quantity of fuel available, it's the wind itself that supplies said fires with additional oxygen...oxygen which in turn helps in spreading the fires across land along with wind-borne embers embedded within them.

But while all the above mentioned causes are truly accidental and unintended, it's the direct hand of man that has turned what are naturally occurring yearly fires into a deadly hellfire inferno. In fact, since November 2019, New South Wales police have questioned more than 180 individuals for fire-related offenses, including the most unspeakable action of actually starting some of the fires. Included in that number are 40 juveniles along with 24 individuals now having been charged with intentionally setting fires...a charge that can bring up to 21 years in prison. And with 27 innocent people and untold countless animals lives now lost can rightful murder charges be far behind for some. More on these numbers in a bit.

Arson has always been a serious problem in Australia especially, during the summer months. In fact, arson has been both partially and directly linked to some of the very worst of Australia’s bushfires including, in part, to the February “2009 Black Saturday Bushfires.” These fires, in Victoria state, resulted from a combination of lightening strikes, downed power lines and arson, and saw roughly 47 major bushfires killing more than one million wild and domestic animals as well as 173 people while injuring over 500 others. Also, 450,000 “hectares” ** were burned with 3,500 buildings, including more than 2000 private homes, being destroyed. And while recovery from the February 2009 fires...fires not contained until March 14th...included both an overhaul of Victoria's emergency warning system as well as its building codes...said recovery cost more than one billion dollars thereby making the “2009 Black Saturday Bushfires” the worst natural disaster in Australia’s modern history... until now that is.

And as I write this, to date, an estimated 5.9 million plus "hectares" (roughly 15+ million acres with some now upping that figure to 19.9 million acres) have burnt, with the estimated cost of recovery currently standing at two billion dollars and counting...that's in addition to the now upward of a billion plus animal lives lost, many species of which might now be facing possible extinction, and that includes koalas, possums, kangaroos and wallabies, as well as possibly changing Australia's ecosystem forever.

And while the “climate change” folks still continue to butt heads with those trying to dispel their myth, the fact is that the weather does indeed have something to do with the bushfires but said doing is not anything new, for it's naturally occurring weather cycles...“climate drivers” the Aussies call them...repeating themselves at the same time each year...repeating themselves as they always have and always will. Translation: these fires would be happening no matter the circumstances, arson of course not withstanding, for Australia has always been a continent riddled by major heat waves, including what some are now calling “unseasonably high temperatures” coupled with both short and long term droughts, both of which sees the expected drying out of vegetation adding fuel, if you will, to the fires.

In fact, Queensland's rural Fire Service Assistant Commissioner Tony Johnson recently stated that “the conditions sparking recent bushfires isn't unprecedented but has attracted more political and media attention than previously,” to which I add probably due to the record number of animal deaths and the heartbreaking photos and videos of animals being burned alive.

But also to be considered is the act of arson itself for the current fires would not have been so all-consuming if not for the fact that, as previously stated, arson has been proven to be a factor in some of the fires. In fact, again as previously stated, a number of individuals are now in custody and facing charges related to these still ongoing fires. And while those who commit arson do so for varied reason, the Aussie arsonists are a special kind of evil for even after the first horrific animal photos were made public said individuals continued to play with matches so to speak, thus leaving the New South Wales Police Department (NSWPD) to appeal to the greater community to “provide footage and/or images from phones, dashcams or other devices, that show any of the fires in their infancy, even if only from a distance."

And as I write this, the NSWPD have questioned and/or charged an additional 159 people including 53 people who failed to comply with the previously issued total fire ban, 47 people who so carelessly discarded lit cigarettes or matches onto the parched drought stricken land, as well as three disgusting individuals caught looting in bushfire affected areas. And to make matters worse, NSW Rural Fire Service Inspector Ben Shepherd told 'The Australian,' one of the country's leading newspapers, that most of the fires had indeed been lit and the flames exacerbated “by people disregarding the total fire bans.”

A special kind of stupid I'd say along with those who now define arson as “climate change.”

So who politically is shouldering the blame for the fires; where does Australia go from here; can anything be done to quell the spread of the fires; and what will the ultimate impact on Australia's wildlife be what with now over a billion mammals, birds and reptiles having perished?

To answer those questions it first must be understood that the worst of the bushfire crisis is yet to come since history has shown that many of Australia's worst bushfires occurred in the month of February. With that said, public discontent is growing over not only the cause of the fires but also, whether it be right or wrong, the seemingly inadequate official response from Australia's government officials especially in regards to power outages; food, fuel and water shortages; as well as media stories of local residents bringing water to families trapped in cars as they try to escape the they try to seek refuge on Australia's beaches.

And while just last week the authorities urged a quarter of a million people to evacuate their Victoria state homes ahead of a predicted renewed heatwave that had already caused two major fires to merge into what's known as a “megablaze,” *** politics as usual found a way to make it into the public discourse, and in this case maybe rightfully so. Australians of all political leanings have claimed that both Labor and Liberal-National governments have left fire services seriously under-resourced, under-staffed, and ignored the warnings about escalating fire dangers given by scientists, fire experts, and former firefighting chiefs.

In fact, last April and again in May, former Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner Greg Mullins wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison requesting an urgent meeting to discuss additional funding for firefighting and actions he felt were needed to address what many believed to be “climate change” along with a predicted upcoming dangerous fire season.

And while I'm not familiar with Australian politics per say nor with its business as usual political skullduggery, I do know that laying blame on the weather solves nothing and in fact helps no one for it's here and now tangibles that matter most. And to that affect Prime Minister Scott Morrison was at least man enough to admit in a recent interview that there were "things I could have handled on the ground much better." Also, rightfully acknowledging the tremendous pressure fire fighters and fire services were facing, Morrison went on to state that he would seek a royal commission review, which is a type of public inquiry, into the country's response to the current bushfire crisis but did so while defending his government's response to said fires, which he said took into account the supposed effect “climate change” has had on the bushfires.

As far as the actual logistics concerning the fires especially in regards to the people's call to reduce carbon emissions, the prime minister stated that his government was on track to "meet and beat" its designated targets...targets where under the 'Paris Climate Accord,' Australia had pledged to cut carbon emissions by 26% to 28% by 2030 compared to its 2005 levels. And while I personally believe that carbon emissions have more to do with pollution than it does with the weather, and while many in Australia are pressing the issue of doing away with fossil fuels almost in its entirety, at least Prime Minister Morrison knows that truly is not the answer nor is it feasible let alone wise.

So while Australia's understaffed and under equipped firefighters continue fighting fires that show no real sign of abating anytime soon, hundreds of U.S. firefighters are currently deployed or tasked to deploy to assist their Australian counterparts in battling the still raging bushfires. After all, the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council sent 139 firefighters to help with past wildfires in California so it's only right that we help them in return. And other countries are sending firefighting help as well including Canada, New Zealand, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. And Israel has sent direct aid in helping with the multitude of injured animals.

As for the animal population and Australia's ecosystem itself only time will tell how much or if any of it will recover in total let alone in part. And even before the start of the current round of fires Australia's indigenous animal population and its unique ecosystem were already threatened by invasive species, habitat destruction, and some say “climate change,” but never to the degree of seeing so much land being burnt at once along with the staggering animal death toll and ecosystem destruction. But with fire being a natural part of Australia's landscape, “Mother Nature” herself as she has in the past tends to heal time that is...just as she tends to set right man's wrongs. And maybe that alone will be Australia's eventual saving grace if only the wackos and the politicians let her do the job she was destined to do.
* A burn escape is a fire lit to clear an area of vegetation in the face of an approaching bushfire so that when the primary fire reaches the point where the “burn escape” fire started the primary fire cannot continue, as there is nothing there to burn.
** A hectare is a metric unit of square measure, equal to 100 acres (2.471 acres or 10,000 square meters).
*** A megablaze is a very large wildfire that typically covers more than 100,000 acres. 

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