Friday, March 13, 2015

The Apple Sure Did NOT Fall Far 
from this Rotten Apple Tree
By: Diane Sori
Michael Brown's mother 'tweeted' this after learning that two Ferguson police officers had been shot while she was sleeping. Now we know why Michael turned out the way he did.

The interwebs are now, officially, considered a “public utility” according to the Federal Communication Commission. After two weeks, the FCC has finally released its 400 page plan to regulate the internet. (I’d say something snarky about this, but I honestly don’t know whether or not that’s still allowed… And, as a follow up: Do you really think it takes 400 pages to ensure an “open and free” internet?) Naturally, the next step would be for government to begin subsidizing internet service to potential Democrat voters low income citizens. According to the National Journal:

The Federal Communications Commission plans to soon begin working on a proposal to subsidize Internet service for low-income consumers by expanding its Lifeline program, which is mocked by conservatives as the "Obamaphone" program. 

Wait… I have an idea: We can set up some sort of a federal exchange or marketplace. Maybe some DC bureaucrats can determine what “adequate” internet service is, and mandate that every citizen purchase a minimum amount of broadband capability?

All three Democrats on the five-member commission have publicly said they want to use federal money to help ensure that all Americans can afford to get online. Lifeline—which despite the Obamaphone nickname was created during the Reagan administration—currently subsidizes only phone service.

Gosh, they make it sound so harmless. I mean, people are only getting iPhones and Androids through a federal subsidy program originally set up to facilitate landline accessibility for low income America. What’s the big deal? Oh, and by the way, this is why it’s called “Obamaphone”:

Even supporters of the $1.7 billion program admit that it has been plagued by fraud and abuse. The FCC and the Justice Department have tried to crack down in recent years on companies scamming the program.

Here’s the problem: The entire system works much like Hillary Clinton’s “voluntary” surrender of official emails… It’s on the honor system. Most companies (I’m looking your way, AT&T) basically get to determine for themselves whether or not someone is eligible for the subsidy. And, funny enough, the rest of us suckers who actually pay for our own iPhones get to fund this wonderful telephonic redistribution scheme through various fees and taxes on our phone bill.

But, that’s okay; because the FCC is confident they can suddenly expand this welfare program without expanding the burden consumers are already shouldering. After all, if government is good at anything it is expanding programs while restraining budget growth, right?

In all fairness, internet service is becoming more of a modern day necessity than a luxury.

But Republicans have already called for expanding low-income accessibility to the world-wide interwebs, while reducing the waste-plagued Obamaphone programs.

Of course with Net Neutrality being accepted, and internet service being deemed a ‘public utility’, it won’t take much for the FCC to suddenly decide that a couple of fines and fees are in order to fund their latest entitlement handout. So, for anyone who still seems to believe that 400 pages of FCC regulation are harmless and benevolent, go look at your latest cell phone bill. All those fees and taxes were not enacted overnight. As it turns out, regulating industries into the ground costs quite a bit of money, and government agencies have a penchant for raising capital from America’s middle class. Now the FCC has the authority to tax your internet connection for whatever charitable scheme they ultimately devise.

Although, if you’re one of the millions of newly impoverished Americans (thanks Obamanomics) there is a silver lining: You might soon be able to get your own “ObamaModem.”
Tom Cotton (R-AR) is the junior senator from Arkansas. In fact, Cotton has only been in the Senate for two months. He spent one term in the House of Representatives before making the leap to the upper house. Prior to his stint in elected politics, Cotton was a soldier in the Iraq War. He is now the most powerful man in Washington.

Cotton rounded up 46 other Republican senators in Washington to sign a letter to Iran. That letter announced that no deal between President Obama and Iran would ever make it through the United States Senate. The constitution requires a two-thirds vote for any treaty to be ratified. An Iranian deal would not get a majority vote, let alone a two-thirds vote.

The outrage from Democrats was immediate. On twitter, the hashtag "47traitors" exploded. More than 100,000 people signed a petition demanding the 47 senators be arrested for treason. Chris Matthews, the Walter Winchel of MSNBC, yelled at his viewers accusing the senators of violating the Logan Act.

The sound bite got picked up and parroted by talking heads who needed a point and had none of their own.

The Logan Act is a law enacted in 1799 by President John Adams. It prohibits citizens from engaging foreign powers in contravention of the United States. Not a single person has ever been convicted of violating the Logan Act. Only one person, in 1803, was ever indicted under the Logan Act. The government is exempt from the law, obviously, and the State Department determined in 1975 that Congress, as a branch of government, was exempt from the Logan Act.

The rhetoric of the left has been farcical. The late Sen. Ted Kennedy directly collaborated with the Soviet Union to undermine President Reagan's foreign policy. We only learned about that as a nation when the Soviet Union collapsed and old KGB archives were uncovered.

In 2002, Congressmen John Bonior and Jim McDermott flew to Iraq to stand shoulder to shoulder with Saddam Hussein against George W. Bush. Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to Syria to stand with Bashar al-Assad against George W. Bush. But the most similar action to Tom Cotton's letter happened in 1984.

Iranian President: Diplomacy with U.S. is an active jihad

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

Iranian President: Diplomacy with U.S. is an active jihad 

“Rouhani’s comments echo those of foreign minister and lead nuclear negotiator Javad Zarif, who said Tuesday that Iran has emerged as ‘the winner‘ in talks with Western powers. Like Zarif, Rouhani boasted that Iran’s years-long diplomacy with Western nations over its nuclear program established the Islamic Republic as a global power.” Netanyahu tried to tell them. […]

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AFDI free speech victory: Philadelphia must run ad against Islamic antisemitism

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch 

AFDI free speech victory: Philadelphia must run ad against Islamic antisemitism
Ace lawyer David Yerushalmi’s parting words below are worth setting in stone: “A word of advice to government bureaucrats doing the Muslim Brotherhood’s bidding: we will sue you and you will lose. Act accordingly.” At AFDI, we are not just raising awarness of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat with our campaigns; we’re […]

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STILL USING FACEBOOK? Facebook deletes 1900 pages with content deemed ‘offensive to Islam’

Bare Naked Islam

Just last year, Turkey temporarily blocked access to Twitter and YouTube. Now Facebook is bowing because of an authoritarian threat from Turkey. It happened quite easily: all that was needed was a court decision in Ankara in order to block Facebook pages that insulted the paedophile prophet Mohammed.



PI News  Recently, around 70,000 quran followers protested again in Turkey against the drawing of Mohammed that is seen per se as blasphemy. Upon the behest of the attorney general, a court in Ankara has now ordered all Facebook pages that insult Mohammed to be blocked. Should Facebook not comply, then Turkey will totally block access to the social network, Dailymail reports.


Back at the beginning of the month, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed favor for new laws that should make it possible to ban temporarily networks such as Facebook or Twitter completely if there were hints of content insulting to Islam.

They Got Their Revenge for a Thug
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

"It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this great city and to serve with all of you...I will continue to assist the city in anyway I can in my capacity as [a] private citizen."
Ferguson P.D. Chief Tom Jackson, another white casualty of racist former AG Eric Holder's lynch mob style Justice Department Report

On Thursday night at 12:30am CST, two police officers standing next to each other were shot...shot they stood in front of the Ferguson Police Department...and yet another 'supposed' peaceful demonstration went sour...went sour even after the city's police chief resigned because of race-baiting, white-hating, former AG Eric Holder's (In)Justice Department issuing a report screaming racial bias within Ferguson's P.D.

And they did so after both the Grand Jury and a federal probe found NO cause to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year old black thug Michael Brown...a thug who had just robbed a convenience store, strong-armed the proprietor, and was attacking the officer. Basically debunking the entire 'hands-up don't shoot' scenario that became the battle-cry of sorts for excusing blacks behaving badly, this made Holder...the man who finds racism in everyone white and in everything they do or say...hopping-mad because his so-wanted civil rights charges against the white officer now completely fell flat on its face.

Losing what he thought would be his trophy 'white act of racism' prize led vindictive lowlife Holder to attack, via a Justice Department report, the entire Ferguson P.D., a department he said showed a "pattern of police bias and excessive force," (including yet to be proven excessive use of tasers and police dogs against black citizens), along with a widespread pattern of abuse, discrimination, and civil rights violations. And when all was said and done and the smoke had cleared, the result was that Police Chief Tom Jackson, Town Manager John Shaw (who said that he had "done everything in my power to work with countless groups to bring about positive change and strengthen our community"), and Ferguson Municipal Court Judge Ronald Brockmeyer (whom Holder's report claimed supported an abusive system that imposed unfair fees on black citizens) all resigned within the same week of the report's release.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles...tantamount into being blackmailed into resigning by this ridiculous report...rightfully still refuses to resign.

And the findings in Holder's100-page report that detailed the results of a months-long investigation into the Ferguson Police Department that caused these three much called for resignations were based primarily but NOT totally upon, of all things, laughable traffic stops and citations. Saying that “Data collected by the Ferguson Police Department from 2012 to 2014 shows that African-Americans account for 85 percent of vehicle stops, 90 percent of citations, and 93 percent of arrests made by FPD officers, despite comprising only 67 percent of Ferguson’s population,” is NOT only nonsensical but totally and outright completely ridiculous.

And why...first, as of the newest statistics according to the U.S. Census American Fact Finder database, Ferguson is 68% black, 29% white (3% are Asian or Hispanic) NOT the 67% as the report claimed (and one point does indeed matter in a situation such as this) making Ferguson, Missouri, a black-majority town, therefore of course blacks will be pulled over more than whites...and of course they will be issued more arrest warrants...duh. And second, nowhere in Holder's report is an extremely important statistic even mentioned...that being whether people pay their fine or appear in court, which is paramount in deciding whether to issue a warrant or NOT.

So Holder can take his phony manipulated statistics and 'stick them where the sun don't shine' for these numbers have NOTHING to do with racism but everything to do with simple population numbers and racial demographics.

Gives new matter meaning to the mantra 'black lives matter' now doesn't it for in Holder's eyes a black criminal no-good thug who was responsible for his own demise matters more than the life of the innocent white officer defending his life against said thug. Showing now for the world to see that for Holder and his ilk...including those who chimed in to fuel the hate and violence like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Jesse Jackson, and the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton...blacks can do NO wrong and whites are always wrong...and now they have an obviously biased and stacked DOJ report to back up their delusional allegations.

Fortunately, the very actions seen over amateur live-streamed, real-time videos coming out of Ferguson...videos NOT edited by the in-the-pocket-of-Obama media and videos embedded by many of we bloggers before they get taken a sizable number (but obviously NOT all) of Ferguson's black majority exhibiting the very black thug mentality and actions (remember the rioting, looting, and calls for white officers deaths) that seems to have overtaken the town. (see raw footage video of Thursday's police shooting here:

But along with this obviously biased report some kumbaya sorts still might wonder if there is at least some validity to these charges, because why with Ferguson being a predominately black community are only three of the city's 53 officers black. Well here's something Holder's report and statistics do NOT even touch upon and the politically correct will NOT like, but if truth be told blacks are NOT a major part of Ferguson's P.D. because blacks who might have applied simply did NOT make the grade. And this folks had NOTHING to do with the color of their skin but had everything to do with their NOT passing the tests required to be a police officer. Translation: just being black when applying for a Ferguson P.D. position did NOT guarantee you said position...qualifications did. Too bad that does NOT apply to police departments everywhere...and do NOT for a moment think that police officers everywhere are qualified and NOT hired simply to meet racial quotas, because the fact is they are, especially in major cities with large black populations...major cities in 'blue' leaning states.

So thanks to the likes of Eric Holder...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the anything but Reverend Sharpton, and the collective quilt thrown upon the shoulders of lawmakers and policy makers who came before them, it is the color of your skin that remains for some the deciding factor for people applying for jobs, thus continuing to allow blacks to hold white employers 'hostage' if you will.

And as for the two officers seriously wounded by independent shots that appeared to come from a house on a hill across and about 125 yards away from the police department, remember too that just a week or so ago Holder said he was “prepared” to dismantle the Ferguson Police Department, and he said he would do so by any means (legally) possible...gee I thought he had stepped-down... and some might say that Thursday's shooting has begun that officer at a time. One officer at a time beginning with a 32-year-old officer from nearby Webster Groves who was shot in the face (with the bullet still lodged behind his right ear), and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County who was shot clean through the shoulder. Both were taken to a hospital, both were listed in serious condition, but both now having been released for safety reasons.

So Holder, thankfully, did NOT get his wish with this one.

And as a number of people have now been taken into custody...two men and one woman...for questioning in regards to that shooting but NOT officially charged yet as they have for now been released...and with police also having recovered shell casings that may or may NOT be tied to the has to wonder if anyone will ever be charged and if they are will justice be served...after all this was blacks shooting whites NOT whites shooting blacks. And we all know how the media seems to bury or simply NOT report at all black and white black on white crime...even when said crime is perpetrated on police officers...while making a fuss over any and seemingly all white on black crime.

And if truth be told blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than whites are to attack blacks. And blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and a whopping 136 times more likely to commit a robbery. Blacks also are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife. And as for violent crime in general, blacks who make up just 12% to 13% of the American population are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then whites against blacks, resulting in their rightfully going to jail more so than whites, but nary a word to this effect do you hear from the media. But dare a white officer have to shoot a black thug it becomes NOT just the story of the day, but the ongoing story that brings us full-circle to the actions of last night...actions aided and encouraged by the white-hating racists and instigators living amongst us...racists and instigators called Eric Holder, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the anything but Revered Al Sharpton, and their assorted ilk.

So while last night was what some thugs consider revenge of sorts for fellow thug Michael Brown, know there will be more of this my friends...much more...for the race-baiting instigators have only two more years to spew their hate and their calls for revenge for self-perceived crimes against blacks...and they intend to to use every minute of that time to do so.